I don't know anyone who needs an AK-47

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Hmmm...the perp used a pistol, yet the libtard feels compelled to insert the AK-47 image into the discussion to get the sheep to nod their heads: "That was a terrible tragedy..." Sheeple nod head. "I don't know anyone who needs an AK-47." Sheeple all nod in agreement...."They're baaaaaad."


    Using this logic, I don't know anyone who:
    • needs a house larger than what is needed to sustain them
    • needs a Porsche
    • needs cosmetic surgery
    • needs a personal jet
    • needs a yacht

    I could go on..........
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    Recent shooting at the Temple also brought forth the usual large mag subject in "automatic" pistols.

    Just maybe the writer got caught in his own words for (para phrased) he stated " The Springfield pistol is the auto of choice for such shootings" this was on the front page of Yahoo. Of course he was an anti group spokesperson. The article has been removed and maybe Springfield delivered a law suite to his address.
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    I like blueberries. I also like Barrett 50s. Need? No, of course not. Want? Of course. (Just picked bloobs day before yesterday. The Barrett has to wait until my boat ship comes in.)

    The Daily caller managed to lead Katie down the garden path, branching off the subject of bullying in schools. Nonetheless, I believe she's a libtard in a totally libtard state. I do NOT know how Fulton Armory survives in that place.
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    I see nothing wrong with ''rock'n'' F.Auto A K's
    No problem here...lol
    B-daybash12127 (800x533). Red Jacket 6-2-12 034 (800x600).
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    Silly libs, we will need them for hunting one day. I'll continue to practice my shooting, all the constitutional traitors should practice running in a zig zag manner.....
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    And now for some fake news... "Shooter kills 50 at Mickey Ds with a french fry." Bystanders interviewed by reporter Ima Deuce stated that he seemed distraught that they got his order wrong and from his disheveled looks, was reminiscent of a Vietnam era Vet that hates corporations. DA Weeble Wobble noted that the victim of this act was the children because the menu items make them fat. Mayor Notworth was on hand and stated that if the shooter had not had easy access to cruise missiles, this wouldn't have happened. More at 10 o'clock.

    See what I did there? Made my own article and blamed something that has nothing to do with anything. I'm a media professional now. Lol.
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    Hey tailormade, cnn just called for you with a job offer...interested?
  8. TailorMadeHell

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    Lol. They wouldn't want my point of view on the television for sure. I'm slightly off my rocker, no wait. Someone cut the rockers slap off my chair. Lol.
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