I doubt King Canute could prevent "rolling your own"

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by chelloveck, Dec 21, 2012.

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    With just a modest amount of skill in plumbing and sheet metal work; and some mundane raw materials obtainable from most hardware stores....some relatively simple home fabrication is doable....remember....the information gleaned from the website referenced is for academic educational and entertainment purposes only!

    The Home Gunsmith
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    Chell, you posted this in a public forum viewable in the USSA? What were you thinking? Now they will want to ban hacksaws,files,and screws.Darn you Chell,darn you![winkthumb]
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    good "reading"
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    The problem, as I keep pointing out, is NOT firearms, it is AMMO! Look at any prison where inmates make anything from zip-guns to working .50 cal. M2 machineguns (yes it HAS been done!). Now try making some .223 cases for your rifle at home. See the problem? Cases can NOT be made in the home workshop out of sheet metal, bar stock (OK, for a few straight cased low pressure black powder cartridges they can, but not for any modern high pressure rifle or handgun cartridge. If you don't believe me, try and see what happens!) or anything else. Don't worry about firearms, GET AMMO! With out AMMO your firearms has a name, it is CLUB!

    I now await the usual attacks about something I didn't say ("Making ammo in prison?! You lie! How are they making ammo there! You are a lier and I hate you!"), is taken wildly out of context (ie; "try it and see" becomes "OHMYGODYOUARETRYINGTOBLOWMYGUNUP!IHATEYOUYOUEVILSCUM!") or made up out of completely thin(er) air to attack me, as is the norm.
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    Yep, a Critical Supply Point Issue.... and exactly why I have a few very nice BP FireArms in the Weapons Locker.... One is a 50 Cal Hawkin, 28" Barrel, I built 30 years ago, and I have a Ted Fellows 50 Cal with a 36" Barrel, that Momma shoots.... Then there is our Trusty .44 Ruger Old Army in Stainless..... I can make EVERYTHING needed, to keep these weapons Firing, from make'ens, here at the place.... BP is very easy, and the Caps, and their Powder are nearly as easy....
    Lead comes from Old SeineNet LeadLine, that I have 100's of Feet of, stored under the Trading Post. .
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    IN WW 2 we air dropped a pistol called the Liberator into occupied territory. It was a single shot .45 that had instruction on how to load from the extra ammo in the butt. The instructions were sneak up on a German pop him in the head take his stuff give gun to your friend. A home built will work just fine for this.
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    I'm not sure what you are on about.....nor am I much interested. Your point about ammunition is taken, and the prudent person will put away for a rainy day as much ammo for their guns as is practicable. It would be also worth putting away a selection of ammo for calibres in the local area for firearms that you don't possess but which may feasibly come your way. It would also be worthwhile having a swag of reloading components for use in sub calibre adapters...e.g. .32 acp fired from a .308 adapter...good for small game, and training, uses less powder than a full load cartridge.

    Having supported the notion that a wise person keeps a more than adequate qty of ammo to feed the their bang sticks, In an emergency...a limited range of munition calibres and types could feasibly be manufactured from scratch using mundane materials available from a big box hardware store...or a specialist plumbing store. The link in the opening post will take you to a website that can explain how that may be done....naturally the information is offered for educational and entertainment purposes, and following the instructions may void your firearm manufacturer's warranty...and may possibly make for an interesting medical examiner's report...but, as my mother often says...
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    a hammer or knife gets you a pistol
    a pistol gets you a rifle
    a rifle gets you a humvee with m60 in the turret.
    And for extra credit, they might have grenades.

    simple math really.
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    PS, Rhetorical question (i.e. don't answer in public)

    have any of you joined WeaponsGuild or the Weaponeer websites yet? (hint, hint)

    If not, google 'em.
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