I Had To Remind Sweetie Of What Today Was :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, May 28, 2012.

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    OK, I'm not getting weird about this or anything. K?

    Today was Sweetie's and my 6th married anniversary, 11th anniversary since she and her son came down from Canada so we could be together.

    My thoughts are WOW! We've made it together 11 years! I look at my friends and coworkers that haven't managed to go more than 2-5 years with a partner and thank God for what Sweetie and I have!

    So, for the rest of ya'll, don't get weird if your SO doesn't remember. K? What counts is in ya'lls hearts, not just a day in your life.

    Oh, btw, I gave her a card in time for her to go out and get one for me. :) If it's lasted 11 years, I ain't gonna sweat it. Specially since she brought home Daddy Chocolates. LOL BTW, in case ya'll think I'm a one-way kinda guy, I got her some awesome Native America jewelry a couple of weeks ago during a NA ceremony we went to that she knows is her anniversary, birthday and Christmas present (yeah, right! I might get away with anniversary! LOLOL).

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    Congrats, the first 20 years are the hardest. You're just over half way to over the hump --
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