I Hate to Say I Told You So? U.C. Berkley Cover up of Fukushima Radiation Cloud Over US

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gopherman, Jul 10, 2015.

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    How about a short synopsis so I don't have to waste my limited bandwidth on what might be someone's rant?

    Thanks in advance....
  3. Yard Dart

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    Well if I am sitting in a radiation cloud here in the PNW....guess there is not much else to worry about. Maybe my kale is growing so well due to the rad's....nice!!
  4. HK_User

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    First time in years I have really green grass, thanks to the cows and the water.

    I have grass seeding out within days of coming up.

    Can't get no better than that.

    Fukushima, and the Feds aren't through with us yet.

    Lies and more lies.
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    Another BS Site preporting to "Spread the NEWS, to the People" however, REALLY "Spreading the BS, to the Illiterate Low Information Sheeple" who couldn't understand the Significance of what was read, if it hit them on the Head.........
    "Oh, Yea.... It MUST be TRUE, I read it on the Internet...." Horse Pucky, Piled Higher and Deeper.....
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  6. ghrit

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    Or saw it on TV news.
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  7. Motomom34

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    I couldn't open the article. Also, ENEnews does have questionable reporting. Yet, I do believe there has been radiation that has hit the US and I do believe we were not told the truth. Radiation network didn't report a huge uptick but I do recall some birth defect clusters last year.

    Unusual cluster of fatal birth defects in Eastern Washington prompts health officials to hold community Q&A | OregonLive.com

    They are trying to tie it to the nuke plant but I do not recall seeing that the nuke plant was to blame for this raise in birth defects. Also, they were finding radiation in milk.
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  8. Brokor

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  9. BTPost

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    Yep, I read all your Sites, above and NOT ONE, says ANYTHING about a "Radiation Cloud, over the USA" ALL the above information, is about Nucleotides of Pu in Marine Sediments, (That means Under Water, and out on the Ocean Floor) out to 45Km, from the Plant, and theorizing that this Slight Increase, over the Normal BackGround Radiation from all previous AirBurst Detonations, is the result of these Nucleotides of Pu, being distributed around the Plant, on Land, and then being washed into the Ocean, by Rain Water flowing in from the area around the Plant. It would be NICE, if the Idiot who wrote the Headline, actually read what the Research Papers SAID, and reported on THAT.....
  10. Ganado

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    @Gopherman. I couldn't get the link open and I'm not puking and I sill have all my hair so I think I'm ok. ;)
  11. Mountainman

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  12. ghrit

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    They have (thoughtfully) a disclaimer posted. Another thing to bear in mind is that the cpm record does not discriminate between gamma rays locally produced or from outer space, nor does it (in all likelihood) discriminate between gamma and other particulate radiations that the geiger instruments can't even detect. Nor will geiger instruments provide any indication of the energy of the gamma, it's either there or it ain't.

    Might be of academic interest, but not very useful on the ground. It's an odds on bet that something causing a notable increase will show up in the MSM before that map will update accurately.
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  13. Mountainman

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    Agreed ghrit, but it does show that there is not a "Massive Radiation Plume Over USA".
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  14. Brokor

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    I found the source...apparently, somebody thinks "elevation in meters" equals "Radiation levels"...


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  15. Brokor

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    Seriously, though. I like to think we all know the radiation levels are "bad", they are not "good", and in general, there's been and continues to be (at least at some level) a cover-up. Despite my assertions and generalization, it's safe to say we haven't seen the end of this, as the Fukishima disaster is just getting started. That's based on my very limited knowledge of the radiation and narrow band of dependable, non-biased reporting on the subject I have found.

    There's bound to be a plethora of fear associated with this kind of disaster.
  16. BTPost

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    Fear, generated by BS Idiots with an Agenda, picked up by the "Talking & Typing Heads" of the MSM, and spread like Fertilizer, for the consumption, of the Low, and No, Information Folks, of the World Population..... Talking Heads, that couldn't Understand, or wouldn't Know, a True Scientific Fact, if it fell on them, and Knocked the C**P out of them......

    and to be SPECIFIC, the SeaFood in Question. was Fish and Crustaceans, that either live, or Swim thru, the 45 Km effected Zone. around the Plant......
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  17. Brokor

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    1. I do not trust the "government", or any government for that matter.
    2. I rely mainly on independent studies, provided they are referenced by credible, experienced scientists.
    3. Essentially, #1 has the most scientists, but the data isn't always released in full detail, or it is sugar-coated. #2 can work, but the pay sucks.

    So what do we do? I would rather not call people names and say most people do not know how to read, because that's what it comes down to. Yes, advanced knowledge is needed at the work end, and it's best not to trust generic websites and extremist sources and expect an impartial, honest review. However, at the end of the day, we are truly screwed if we sit back and expect the ocean to clean up this mess all on its own and claim we are completely safe. This doesn't mean we take an alarmist's approach, either.

    There is plenty of information out there from independent studies -not much of it is entirely useful, but (in my opinion) it's better than the .Gov rationale.
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  18. Gopherman

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    All I was trying to point out by posting this, Is the willingness of those put in charge of guarding our safety, not flinching to cover up the truth when our safety is at risk!!
    Take it how you want, but when you look at the massive spike in thyroid disorders, as well as the massive spike in Cancer rates over the last 20 years, something is going on, and to ignore this fact is done at ones own Peril.
    Whether it is GMO Foods, Round-up Levels in Breast Milk, Hormones in our meat....... That list continues to grow. Now there are reports that Houston and Other Texas Counties are cooking the books on Radiation Levels in the public drinking water, Meanwhile Fukushima Plant continues to melt down and pour thousand of tons of Radioactive water into the ocean every day, the wildlife continues to die off in the Pacific and People are still standing here denying that anything is wrong.
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    I blame Rush Limbaugh. America just had way too much of his fat head. He was always droning on and on about how the Earth will always repair itself and it's the moronic Liberal tree huggers we should worry about. No. No. We have to worry about your fat head AND the Liberal tree huggers. Nobody is right! You're all working for the same corporate cartels at the end of the day.

    Humanity is doomed. All because of Limbaugh. Popping pills. Always chipper, Limbaugh. :cry:


    ...I'm okay now.
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  20. Gopherman

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