I Have a Right to A Bacon Sandwich

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Gov't regulation is a moot issue as I think the business owners right to run his business as he sees fit trumps your right to a bacon sammich. Would be a much more civilized world if everyone would wake up and realize that their rights end where another persons begin.
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    Rosa Parks disagrees.
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    I like my Bacon !!!

    Opp's sorry about the double post...Suerto has to be involved somehow...
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    No Rose Parks does NOT disagree.... Her "Right to any seat on the Bus" is the same as YOUR "Right to any seat on the Bus" and is only Mutually Exclusive, when it is the LAST Seat on the bus. Then you, as a Good Gentleman, should do the RIGHT Thing, and allow the Lady, to sit, in that last Seat. Anything else makes you out as a NOT So Good Gentleman, and that is what Rosa Parks was ALL ABOUT. Your "Rights" end, when they encounter someone else's "Rights" as does theirs.... This [AH] has no more "Right" to dictate to a Business Owner what he "MUST Carry" in his place of business, than anyone else has a "Right" to tell this [AH] where he can and can NOT shop, for his Bacon Sandwich. If he doesn't like what the guy serves he is free to take his business elsewhere, PERIOD. Yea, He can complain about it, but that just proves he is an [AH]....
    My Opinion..... YMMV.....
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    He was making a comparison between that deli and the government dictating to catholic universities that they must provide for birth control insurance. It is a bit of a reach but I understand where he is trying to go with it.
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    Well, if ya want to compare apples and...... uh..... bacon. I love my bacon as much as the next red-blooded Southern Gentleman - but I do NOT have a 'right' to it. Show me the Right enumerated in the Bill of Rights that I MUST be allowed my bacon!

    Excuse me..... time to craft a nice BLT...... ;)
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    The comparison in the comments below seems to be more suitable than the article itself.

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    Yes I think we all deserve the right to free BEvERages.
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    RR, When Little Jimmy signs "The Contract" to be educated at BYU, He stipulates, in writing, and signature, that he will follow, and be bound by, the Schools PUBLISHED Honor Code for Students and Professors. Violation of that Honor Code, has consequences, One of which may be dismissal (expulsion) from the School. Drinking Alcoholic Beverages is a violation of that Honor Code. Therefor Little Jimmy has NO CAUSE, or "Right" to require the school to provide his Beer, simply because he has violated the terms of his "Contract" with the school. ...... YMMV.....
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    Oh I know just thought it made a better parallel to the Catholic school than the Muslim Deli does. Not saying his cause was just... saying he's about as big an imbecile as someone who thinks that having made the CHOICE to attend or work for a Catholic institution that said Catholic institution should provide them with things they are against.

    Heck I've got the same problem with the local hospital. Only doc for quite some way that is approved by my insurance to perform a vasectomy won't freakin do it cuz he works for a Catholic hospital. Course I didn't call in Fox News and my congressman to raise hell bout it. I didn't even make a choice that caused me to be at the mercy of the church and here I am anyways.
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  14. hmmmmm Bacon...
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    I agree everyone should have bacon!!!! Come on guys it's bacon even the dog on tv bacon bacon ah bacon!!!![drooling] BACON[flag](LOL)

    Even as much as I love bacon, ham, pork chopps I see it like this I wouldn't sell what they wanted if it offended me so I don't ask them to cater to me. I just dont go to their deli's I go to the mom and pop southern BBQ shaks you know the one with the flies around the fan. Thats how you pick the best shacks if anit no flies the BBQ aint no good. But if you find one where some old cook with a stained apron cussing about the heat and some little old lady wiping the table with a peice of T-shirt flies around the ceiling fan you have found it. Some of the best damn Southern BBQ you will ever eat.
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    I think I been ,the one with the health inspectors grave marker out front !!!!
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    Thats it and some southern sweet ice tea or ice cold beer
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    "*I’ve actually never been to a Muslim deli. I know there are some Muslim owned stores that don’t sell items prohibited by the Koran though. If I ever do visit one, I’m cool with not getting a bacon sandwich. It’s their business and I can go to the Waffle House."

    My children didn't have a choice, in the first couple of years, to decline public education, and were mugged by knee grows for their lunch money then before I became aware of it. Later I was able to afford private schools, but so many of their friends' parents were not, and the unpleasant stories they told hurt my heart for these children.

    They couldn't go to Waffle House.

    Far reach, of course, hip shot, my comment, but just came to mind instantly about "choice."

    What does YMMV mean ?
  19. BTPost

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    YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
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    Everything tastes better with blt...beer and "the pill"

    I think that undergrad birth control measures help to prevent the unintended conception of idiots...undergrad beer consumption tends to have the opposite effect. The relative cost effectiveness of contraception vs beer consumption may favour contraception! ; ) But, having said that...everything tastes better with blt.
  21. the best contraceptive is to keep your legs closed... maybe I'm just old fashion or the fact that I knew my mom would whip my tail till it fell off ( then she would kick it around a few more times). Then make sure I Manned up and supported a lady if I got her pregnant. Considering the way people are today, I wish we could put a boot in America's duff sometimes. Sadly I don't think there is a foot big enough to do it :(


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