I have got a question for people with land

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by theojysofliving, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guy I got a question. is there anybody here that lives either in or near the sierra Nevada's or Mendocino that has a bit of land i could stay on the outskirts of? I could hunt food for you as rent :)
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    The silence is deafening ......
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Start with the game laws for that area. You will not be able to hunt for your rent. You can not buy or sell wild game meats, except as a business (such as a private deer farm) you will not be able to hunt year round either (you must follow existing bag limits and hunting seasons, if not, your journey will end in jail). You are offering nothing you can provide. And without lots of practice hunting in the first place, I doubt you could keep yourself fed, let alone have an excess. What you are proposing is both market hunting (outlawed) and poaching (again, breaking several game laws) and with a gun, you will have no way to even try to hide your poaching. With a bow, you might not get caught, (for a while) but you could not hit the side of a barn without learning the sport first.
  6. hmmmm. i mean like under the table

    im an under the table type guy. if anybody has some reasonable work they need done also i would fix some stuff or odd jobs for living on your border of property
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    You can't hide gunshots under the table. And game laws have a very big bite. Some of them would be felonies, which would remove your Right to own a gun. (Only exception would be black powder weapons). You would lose every gun you currently have.
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  8. not my cci quiet's!!!!
  9. out of a 23 incher
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    You really have no idea what you are proposing. And as an avid, ethical hunter, a citizen, and with half of my family in law inforcement, I'm not willing to argue the ethics of what you intend. It is not worth my time to try and educate you.
    Only an expert shot could drop large game with that round, and would most likely just maim it to die slowly, in pain from infection, and completely wasted. No animal lover would torture an animal in that fashion.
    I will not tollerate such waste in any hunt, or hunter. I'm done here.
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  11. big game i didn't say i was hunting big game?

    thank you for your time and thoughts, good day
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    While we're at it, I am willing to eat dinner at your table every night and entertain your women while you are at work. An if you need anybody to help you shoot up all that extra ammunition...
  13. hhahaha we don't eat dinner at the table. I'm not gonna be shooting all of it
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    Move to Texas, find some ranchers with wild boar problems and go danger hunting for free range bacon...

    Couple questions:

    1. Where you dropped on your head as a small child?
    2. Repeatedly?
    3. Did you honestly think you'd get a "Sure, come on over!" by posting this here?

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    Really??? @theojysofliving you are on a public website and you just broadcasted that you are an "under the table" kind of guy, i.e. into illegal activities. You can be a criminal all you want but your activities will NOT be condoned here. Stop baiting the members here to approve of your desire to be a criminal. No one here will be an accessory to your criminal ways. @kellory is correct regarding gaming laws. And if you think game wardens are guys that just drive around in green trucks scraping dead bunnies up off the road, you are sadly mistaken. You need to get a f***ing clue. I would make a few suggestions but every suggestion that has been made to you, you dismiss. If you just want attention, fantasy and lunacy than I can recommend some sites that maybe more appropriate for you. If you want learning, sage wisdom and to be serious then welcome to the monkey.
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    There's a fine line to be walked between admitting to doing illegal things and advocating them. Admitting is one thing, advocating them gets a ban.
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    What MG??? Like we don't have enough problems down here? you want to encourage him to come on down? Get him to come up to your AO. At least the snow will cover the body till spring!:lol:
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    [lolol][lolol][lolol] No further text needed
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    Is this guy for real or some kind of .gov troll trying to bait people into admitting illegal activities? Hey big guy, we are all above board on here and don't participate in illegal activities. We just gather here to talk about preparing for tough times, just like FEMA recommends on their website.
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    Where do yawl find these people at?
    Oklahoma perhaps?
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