I have my Own collection of Free E books

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by GrandpaDave, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. GrandpaDave

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    As a Retired Marine I have a rather large collection of E-books that are free ... most of them are of course field manuals... but there are a few other things there too... anyway here's the link...

    BTW if you dont see what you want ask... I still have my Senior enlisted access to the Training center so I might be able to get what you want... provided it's not Secret...
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  2. Nutpantz

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    Thank you for the post.
    I am always looking for new info.
    Or even better old info found again.
  3. GrandpaDave

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    Not all of them are old... like right now I'm uploading the Marine NBC Handbook... NBC stands for "Nuclear Biological and Chemical"... it may look old but it's still current issue... I should know I had a buddy of mine from Camp Lejeune send it to me:oops:
  4. Redneck Rebel

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    Thanks for uploading. A few of them there that I've been looking for and unable to locate.
  5. jafm

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    Is it possible to get the Medic's manual(s)? I was a Hospital Corpsman many, many years ago, but long ago lost my manuals/books in moving.
  6. barfife

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    Any way to down load the manuals without joining scribd? I wasn't comfortable with all the info and permissions they asked for. Thanks barfife
  7. Redneck Rebel

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    I downloaded several without joining. Just opened the one I wanted and clicked download.

    Edit: Looks like that might be because Firefox w/ Ad Block Plus stops it from asking me to log in. Tried it with IE9 and it asked me to signup.
  8. strunk

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    I have a number of my own to sort through. I expect at some point I will make them available easily via a Tor hidden service with no need for user accounts or anything like that. You'll be able to get to it without Tor from the public Internet using tor2web.
  9. sniper69

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    Thanks for sharing, now to try to remember my scribd password. ;)
  10. sfrd39

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    csot money to download. not cool
  11. sniper69

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    Not sure why scribd started doing that - it used to be free to join, download, etc.
  12. Gafarmboy

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    we want all your money..

    Google purchased Scribe over two years ago or so....Can you say data mining..I knew you could..[own2]
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  13. Gafarmboy

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  14. tc556guy

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    Barfife, I have an external drive making the rounds that have many FMs and TMs on it as well as many other files. If you'd liek to be included in the pass-around of the drive, email me an address to snail mail the drive to. I just ask that you throw any files on the drive that weren't already there and pass it along to the next guy or back to me if you're last in line. Let me know if you might be interested
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