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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by jash, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Hi Guys, I just have to get this gripe off of my chest. Last week our young republicans here on campus staged a discussion on whether concealed carry should be allowed on campus in wake of the Va. Tech./Illinois shootings. Though asked to speak, I didn't because even the die-hard republicans on campus don't believe we should be allowed (what's the point?). There was one student who kept saying that it was a constitutional right, period, and everyone kept saying he was a real jerk because he "refused to compromise". I kept saying that you should NEVER compromise your basic rights as outlined in the constitution (the original version!!). They decided he and I would get along fine because we are obviously rabid nuts.

    Our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and our right not to have unlawful searches have been eroded (along with so many other rights) and it seems to bother no one, at this supposed institution of higher learning. Nanny State U is in full swing, right there with Nanny State Government. Does this drive anyone else nuts?[rnt]
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    Of course, but intill TSHTF there is very little that you can do to change their perceptions. Just keep thinking for youself, for this put you well in front of "Moron Pack".
  3. ColtCarbine

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    Just remember they'll be crawling back begging for forgiveness when they realize they were wrong. They better hope you'll help out in their time of need, I have plenty of gun owning friends who think the same, they are everywhere. [beer]
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    Morons are everywhere it's just a sad fact of life. :sick: The gene poll needs some blech added to it badly. All that you can do is take care of you and do whats best for you.

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    people are never taught "the constitution is the contract between the people and the federal goobermint, it explains to the goobermint what it can and can't do.Rights are not derived from the goobermint other wise they would be priviledeges( once granted priviledges, can be revoked by the grantor.Rights cannot.)... I Highly recommend Michael Badnariks video "constitution 101 course."
  6. ghrit

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    I take sincere objection to the idea that the Constitution represents ANY sort of contract.

    It was developed by our forefathers, establishing a means by which standards for the governance of themselves (and subsequently us) would be carried out, as you say. It dictates those means, not agrees to them. A contract implies an agreement between equals, which is not the case. We the people are superior to the government. We are in substantial agreement there.

    Rights pre-existed the Constitution, as you indicate. The laughable part is how the government manages to grant us privileges. The reverse is true, we have in many cases granted the government privileges (via our representatives) that run contrary to the things we have told the government it must, and must not, do. Our elected representatives must be brought to heel.
  7. SLugomist

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    Well put Ghrit.

    Calling them morons and going back to your cave with out "checking" them will only allow those morons to enact restrictions on our rights in the future, because of their ignorance and fear. Keep fighting the good fight.
    Didn't a CCW stop the Va tech rampage?
  8. jash

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    Thanks guys-I needed that. I just get so frustrated at the uncaring attitude toward our freedoms. Patriot Act, gun bans, limited speech (read the book "Shadow University" about the loss of freedom of speech on college campus') they can't see the noose tightening. They don't even think about what they are giving up.
    These are kids (and adults) who are shocked I don't believe global warming is hard fact, I think multiculturalism is hurting us, and that you shouldn't get "A"s for showing up (you should see some of the stuff I see coming out of seniors-it is high school level at best and they end up with perfect grades-one of the students here had a final last quarter that was 50 points for showing up and then they played jeopardy the rest of the class-that was the final and wrong answers didn't count).

    A librarian at OSU Mansfield was houded out of his job for suggesting conservative reading material for the freshman reading list. Professors sued for harrassment saying that they were afraid to be on campus with him around (he was a luddite Quaker and didn't even drive) all over him suggesting they balance the extremely left wing reading list with conservative books. Luckily a conservative group that protects first amendment freedoms paid for an attorney. He kept his job and had the charges dismissed but he was frozen out. He left at the end of the year.

    SLugomist: Va. Tech had a few dozen died-it was at the law school in Grundy where 2 guys had CCW's and stopped it-I believe only 3 died there.

    I will keep on fighting but I have to tell you- this is a lonely lonely battle here and no one I know cares about this stuff. Thanks again guys!
  9. MbRodge

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    An unarmed majority CANNOT force their opinions on an armed minority, the only way the anti gunners can win is if we allow them to win.
  10. ColtCarbine

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    It happens in a lot of things legislatively, the minority has more voracity and doesn't quit when trying to implement laws and the majority doesn't get involved unless it pertains to them. Sad but true. The majority of Americans are spineless jellyfish. [beer]
  11. Mountainman

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    So true!!! Just look at all the BS laws that have happened and are still happening in Commiefornia!!! I moved out of there 8 years ago, never to return.
  12. monkeyman

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    Jash, is here a chapter of students for concealed carry on your campus? If not its something you might consider trying to start up. I would nearly guarantee that there are many more on your campus who feel much as you do on the matter but just like you feel they are alone in their thinking and simply are not willing to take the ridicule for standing out from the herd. They would likely not bother to participate in groups like the young republicans since if they believe in true fredom then would likely not find much in common with most in the group, they also likely would not agre with 'compromise' when it comes to rights. If there is a group that represents their idea however then many more might come out of the wood work.

    If your interested and need some advise let me know, I personaly dont know a lot about it but Im also a member a www.missouricarry.com and and I know there are a couple members there who are active in chapters here in MO and IIRC one of them heads his chapter so might be able to get you in touch with them.

    I know if I was to be headed of to collage at this point I would be working to get into a Utah school both for the safety (they legalized carry on campus) and to vote with the dollars which of coarse is what the administrators will recognize most.
  13. jash

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    Doesn't GOA have a chapeter of CCW on campus? I will have to look. This is considered a conservative campus-maybe there are more. I think I will try. Somebody has to do something sometime right? Thanks guys.
  14. Tracy

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    Good for you, jash!

    Far too many gripe about something yet do nothing to help change it. Searching out a group - or creating one - is a great step in the right direction to making your world a better place!
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