I just don't understand IRS...

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by bnmb, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I just saw this...2 months old, but...

    Irony alert: IRS fails government audit - Yahoo! News

    What I don't understand is why Americans keep paying IRS when they don't have to? I mean, if someone tried to force me to pay something that is not the law, but voluntary, I'd never pay!
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    OK...I can understand that...then...but why do people pay now? Imagine what SHTF gear you could buy with that money!...:D
    ...I wouldn't pay...maybe was good tradition once, but now?
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    Well, all "citizens" of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Washington D.C. along with the military and other federal employees must pay federal income taxes.

    The Citizens of the individual states, aside from D.C., do not.

    Getting these people to collectively stop paying is not an easy task. The IRS holds each employer accountable through the use of W-2 forms, which have become "necessary" for employment. The employer acts as a withholding agent for the IRS and can face heavy fines and penalties for not complying with their policy. The Citizen is also persuaded to file in order to collect the tax taken from the previous work year, which is automatically deducted from their payroll. If the Citizen works under the table, and can avoid paying tax (millions do this and more each year), it is only a matter of time until the IRS catches up with SOME of them. Then, the burden of defending ones self in a tax court under admiralty becomes a challenge. The IRS resorts to gestapo tactics, with its agents often times working in league with local law enforcement, fully armed in tactical assault gear, raid your home and seize the property, throwing you in jail for any number of "charges". Lawyers are all part of the system, as they must each take a BAR examination and be licensed, and they will have their license revoked and their ability to "practice law" suspended if they do not comply with court procedure. The IRS has a great deal of power, as judges themselves pay taxes and expect Citizens to do so as well, even if some judges do not have to. The system is corrupt from within, the IRS is an illegal extortion racket, privately owned and operated, and the Federal Government protects them.

    How would you go about fighting that?

    The link I provided to the We the People Foundation is one way the People have been fighting. The government still has not answered the redress for grievances, nor are they expected to. Again, like I always say --you can't protest tyrants and expect change.
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    I'll shut up now...
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    Seems like the only way to stop this cycle is to quit paying, home school the kids, and put the TV on the curb.
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