I just might be "seed time"

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by overbore, Dec 27, 2008.

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    It just might be "seed time"

    now that iron "thingies" are falling on Hamas terrorists who can not see why they are "victims" as they were only shooting rockets---[rofllmao]

    With winter cold and damp upon us, I just ordered our seeds for long term purposes from Shumway and Totaly Tomatoes. The Shumway products have always germinated and produced solid harvests for us in raised bed gardening. They are going into long term storage as this might be the opening round of serious conflicts with major potential for trouble here. Happy New Year; we are off to one super start--. Overbore
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    Overbore, thanks for the company info. I'm always looking for more places to get seeds from.

    And yes, something is brewing and I have been prepping.

    Thanks Again
  3. enough

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    This will be my first year of a full garden, I sure would like to get some seeds on the way. I'm looking for a general northern US mixture. I'll check out the companies above, but are there any other recommendations for heirloom seed companies?
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    Re: It just might be "seed time"

    Just so you know alot of Shumways seeds are hybrid and most of them they don't tell you if they are or aren't. Totaly tomatoes tells you which are hybrids and whic aren't.

  5. overbore

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    As th man said, you have to read the catalogs carefully. Park Seed is another place to look as is Lehmans. IF you are up against it, send me a pm and I will help. Cordially, Overbore
  6. enough

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    Thanks overbore. I've been looking at some kits from smaller companies. I don't have a good feel for pricing though. Perhaps I'll send a link over and see what you think.

    Thanks again.
  7. overbore

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    Here is a good link: http://rareseeds.com/. Shumway just delivered thier heirloom seeds. Burpee, Park, Shumway, Rare Seeds, Totally Tomatoes, Gurneys, Burgess are good starting points. I usually get my plants from Missouri.

    My suggestions for easy grow veggie plants: Heirloom or non-hybred only!!!

    Swiss Chard
    Egyptian Walking Onions
    Garlic ( fall plant only)
    tomatoes companion plant carrots
    collards ( southern )
    sun chokes
    Yukon potatoes
    bush and pole beans

    add to this list as your climate allows. I am in Zone 7 where the usual low temp is 0 ; but only for a day or two.

    For fast growing fruit bearing trees, in cold climates the Russian Mulberry and down here we have both red and black varieties to select from.

    We grow figs and pears for preserves, berries and are trying Kiwis with not much luck. Herbs are doing well.
    Best wishes, Overbore
  8. enough

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    Although it wasn't a preferred vendor, I ordered from Victory Seeds. http://www.victoryseeds.com/index.html I'll report back with a review after I get everything up and running. Most of the order was for basic veg needs, but there are a couple fun things in there. Anyone try to grow tobacco in the north? :) I doubt it would be any good, but it'll look good in the flower beds.
  9. ghrit

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    There is actually a flourishing tobacco industry in CT, MA, and southern VT. A lot of shade tobacco (cigar wrapper leaf) and high grade burly in the areas north and a bit west of Hartford.
  10. enough

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    care to school me on the burley stuff? I think I ordered "Russian Red". The Mrs. will like the flowers.
  11. ghrit

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    Can't help a lot with it, my ex BIL is the farmer. Takes up some serious space, about 30" sq per plant IIRC. Flowers don't last too long, either, at least the hybrid he is growing.
  12. enough

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    That's alright. I'll do a little research. Thanks.
  13. SLugomist

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    IIRC Tobacco "ravages" the soil , so to speak. Research crop rotation as well if planting tobacco.
    It makes a great survival plant, though. it'd make good barter, and it contains hundreds of trace chemicals naturally, that could be utilized with the right equipment.
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