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    According to The State of VT I'm disabled. I've been turned down several times for disablitiy. I lost alot of money in lawer fees. I have discoved I don't want to be labled disabled. I want to go to school. My family and I are very low income. People ask how can we get by on so little. I tell them Lil Love and Luck- Thanks Jimmy Buffett.
    Anyhoo know you know the back ground I have been bounced around to 9 different agency dept from the state, got the govt involved I was sent to DOL and once they found out I was "Disabaled" They sent me to another place. It seems for school I have around 4000 dollars. I need a hell of alt more plus a vehicle that will get me back and forth from NJ to VT several times.
    My question is does anyone know who to write a grant proposal to the feds?
    There are companies out there but very expensive.
    If anyone can point me in a direction please let me know.
    Many Thanks

    Sorry if spelling is off I have been up since yesterday
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    What are you interested in studying? There are lots of federal and state grants available for certain types of training. Try you VT Dept of Education, for trade training, try applicable union"s and trade associations, make friends with someone in your state Reps office, they might be able to direct you.

    Try looking at this Free Grant Search site http://www.freegrantsearch.com/default.asp?a=&b=&c=&d=&e=&f=&m=
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    Thanks for responding, I'vr tried 99% of the grant searches. Currently I'm working with the VT DOL and Voc/Rehab and they wil match each other at 1200 each. Don't get me wrong I'm happy I'm getting some money but it isn't enough. I want to be a commercial diver. Really. I later wanter to become a deep sea / tech diver. I have been darwn all my life to the ocean when I got maried it kinda blew my plans not that I don't mind. We would take out a loan but when you make 14,000 yr house hold income even the govt wount touch you.
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    Seacowboys might have some suggestions. This seems to be in his realm
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    Thank you
    I PM'd him
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    Its a little off the topic of the thread but in order to strech the dollars you have further take a look in back to basics, the butchering thread in particular will save TONS on the grocery bill while improveing the standard fare and there are a few others there. I have posted a few threads on the general topic of streching dollars since Im in a similar situation, family of 3 with income around 10-12k. Sorry cant help on the grant thing or navigating the system.
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    Yep, and Seacowboys is a commercial instuctor IIRC and needs help right now. Hands on with hazard pay while learning and gettin your cert. I think he was paying around $30ish a few months ago.

    Not sure how the situation is now but they are doing a lot of work in the Gulf after Katrina.
    He gets back here a few times a week.

    Good suggestion!
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    Thaks for the suggestions they are coming in quite useful
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