I know this is a long shot but i need help

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    So I am a 23 year old single mom of a wonderful 9 month old son. For quite some time I have followed forums and prepare websites about the coming crisis. I have wanted to make a move for a while, but my hands are completely tied financially. Before I became pregnant, I had planned to leave the country. Now there is no way I can go. I am just getting by as it is, and everyone in my life is in complete denial about what is happening all around us. They completely disregard anything I tell them or try to show them. I currently live on a small island in South Carolina that is centered around tourism. There are no preppers in my area that I know of. What I am wondering is if there are communities out there that need a helping hand. I know this sounds crazy, but I am getting scared that we will hit another recession soon and things are going to hit the fan. I am paranoid about food to feed my son and I can't even find natural grow food in our area. I am basically desperate to get us out of this area. I don't have much money, but I am willing to work or nanny children for other preppers. I have CPR certification and child care training. Also, when I was a kidI used to go hunting and fishing. I was raised by my Dad and I am not afraid to work hard.

    I am not looking for some weird situation with any kind of exchange for "affection" if you will. My hope is that there is some kind of community out there that is for families and is willing to work out some kind of deal exchanging labor for shelter. I am a very fast learner and I am willing to work hard. I will do anything to protect my son. He is my world and I just cannot sit here with my hands tied and do nothing to try and get us out of here before the SHTF. Please advise.
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    Hrm. Well, I am certain that your situation is not entirely hopeless, nor is it strange in any way. There are a lot of single parents who prep and are low on cash and resources. As for making contact, I can speak from experience that it's probably not gonna happen right away at a site like this, and you are most likely going to warm up to people a bit before they will stick their neck out and give out personal information or try to make contact.

    It's nothing personal, just a matter of personal security in this day and age we live in.

    As for what you can do, well I am sure out of all the folks we have here we can come up with a few suggestions. There's always something we can do to make our lives a little better. Being a single mother is not easy, and it's much tougher when you do not have a family support structure, too. I know my sister needed help when she was younger, and my parents stepped in to support her through her pregnancy.

    If you are in immediate need of assistance, I am not sure how anybody here can help, but it doesn't hurt to ask. We have a great group of members here who can at least try to help with their knowledge. Good luck to you, and keep us informed about your situation. Welcome to the Survivalmonkey!
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    Thanks for the response! I understand the whole security and safety thing. I am not in immediate need per say. Really what I am looking for is more of an idea of towns to move that would have more like minded people. For instance, I looked at farming places in Illinois. I could move myself out there and get my own place and work, but I would like to be in a small town where people generally are aimed to becoming self sufficient. Maybe I didn't write my initial post very well. The goal is to find an area or community of people that can see what's going on around us, because currently I live in a tourist trap and literally no one talks about anything except designer clothes and what happened at the Emmy's. One idea I had was to find paces where the town fought against water fluoridation, because those people obviously realize our water and food is poisoned. Currently, I try the best I can to keep a stash of canned goods and look into a UV water purifier, but the fact is, when the SHTF, being trapped on an island is the absolute worse place to be. Especially, as a single mom of an infant. There is no way I will be able to protect us.
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    Trapped on an island, Hmm, Since this is a tourist place and if and when TSHTF Do you know how to sail ? Do you know how to crab or catch fish, If you know any of these things then your halfway home. Perhaps your not as helpless as you think. Make a list of what you can do !
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    I guess I just feel like the area would become very dangerous. The same way I wouldn't want to be in a big city, I don't think being here would be very safe. I can sail, but I don't have a boat. My concern is going out of the house if things are crazy and if there is martial law in effect. There are wild hogs I could hunt, but I would not be able to take my son out with me. When TSHTF I will do my best to protect us and provide, but I don't think there would be a good chance of sustaining for very long.
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    Some suggestions...
    Set goals. Understand goals are meant to be realistic and attainable. Focus first on your immediate situation, and then set your sights on the future.

    Do not confuse dreams with goals. Believe it or not, it's a very common mistake.

    Local/immediate: Look for obtaining a boat that could carry you to the main land (if possible). Perhaps you could plan to stay where you are and evacuate to the main land if necessary. Believe it or not, an island can be a very strategic and defensible location. You could see this more as a blessing than a burden. Start to store up cash, sell off any stuff you really do not need. Plan to move to where you want, or strengthen your assets and defense on the island. Your choice.

    Long term: Plan to see yourself in the place you want to move. You should know that location isn't always going to determine how people are. Some places can be surprisingly troublesome.

    Ask questions, we have monkeys all over the country and abroad.
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    Welcome here. You are a wise woman. Knowing you're not in a great situation puts you ahead of the game.
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    Welcome to the monkey tree !

    First, take a deep breath and, as the t-shirt says "Keep calm and prep".

    As suggested, start with a list of what you can do. If you're on the outer banks the greatest threat you'll face is a hurricane and if it's big enough you'll need to bug out to a shelter.

    If you are serious about seeking out a community of like minded individuals try here. There was a post up here about an off grid community seeking members so have a look around here as well.

    I'd hazard a guess you're living in a small apartment and you'll be surprised at how much food you can store under or behind furniture, in closets and corners. Take things slowly and build your stores. You'll be fine, and remember eat what you store and store what you eat. Don't fall into the trap of buying boxes of "Emergency Food" thinking you'll be able to sit on them for the next 10 to 25 years.

    You can easily stash four months worth of food and other preps in a small space. We did it at one time and you can too.

    Best wishes. [coo]
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    An island. Accessed by bridge or ferry? Is it possible that if TSHTF many would abandon the island and if ferry service was disrupted, could it actually be a desirable location? Maybe not.

    Seems like you might need to assess what skills and capabilities you have and could offer a perspective employer, given you made no mention of those. Focus not on the things you have done but what core capabilities you have that could be applied to many job situations. Read "What Color Is My Parachute" and heed some of the job search wisdom contained within.

    I interview, place or hire a lot of engineering type people but none have the specific mix of experiences I actually need, and if did I would not be able to afford them. So I focus on how is the person's brain wired and does that fit with what we need. Within limits (I can't turn an art history major into an EE), we can fix ignorance but I can't change a person's brain wiring for what they thrive upon, what excites them, what they hate and avoid, etc. You need to get a good handle on what those things are and then look for an employer who gets it and sees how your capabilities (and not necessarily previously demonstrated job functions) is actually what they need and grasp you can fit the bill with their training. For example a couple years ago I needed a person to track a lot of detail engineering requirements. I didn't find an engineer to do that but rather a house wife former CPA who loved digging into details. We needed a consultant trainer for a requirements tracking database tool for systems level engineering work. We picked a physics/math major who taught a couple years in intercity Chicago. Our customer was skeptical and didn't want him. 4 months later after we trained him on the database tool and got him going, they love him and feel they couldn't live without him. Not all employers think this way but enough do. You need to identify you competencies and personality traits and work to find the boss who can see that light.

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    Ibillington, Knowing where you are and what your situation is puts you in a much better position than you think. I have a PM headed your way that may be of interest to you.
    We have a gathering next month at the gun sports 4-H camp Millstone near Rockingham, NC. You need to make it up if at all possible. Look for the PM.
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    Wow, thanks for all of the great feedback. I definitely have a lot to think about. The Island has a bridge to another Island which has a bridge to the mainland. Also, there are multiple surrounding islands that have no bridges at all. There are a few Islands that had a ferry service, but it closed during the last recession, so those islanders rely on their own boats to get to the main land.

    I will think very hard tonight about some goals and post them back here for feedback. After reading these replies, I feel more hopeful. I never considered the idea of using the island as an asset. I do have a canoe and could easily get to some smaller islands surrounding this Island, but they are small and completely wild. No one lives there. Which might be good if I took day trips for fun and picked one out to begin setting up some kind of camp. Not sure, though. Need to think some more.

    Also, thank you so much, AT and NotSoSneaky, for your posts. Good food for thought. I will definitely explore all you have written.
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    I understand the tourist town mentality very well. One benefit if SHTF is that the population would drop.

    As far as finding a secure place that you could trade room and board for work, I don't think that's such a long shot. There are a lot of retreats being set up and some are looking for caretakers while they continue to live remote.
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    What an amazing list
    @NotSoSneaky never realized there were so many communities springing up.

    @lbillington welcome to the monkey. You are taking the right steps, wanting to secure a future for your child. Since you are in a resort town things are automatically expensive. I always stress use coupons. Look at sale flyers and use a coupon, this will allow you to put a few things away each month. Little by little a stockpile will build.
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    Okay, so, I did some thinking and wrote out a few lists:

    Short Term Goals
    -Figure out a bug out location/rally point and evac route
    -Cultivate skill set
    -Begin collecting items on supply list (see supply list below)

    Long Term Goals
    -Research more communities or place to move
    -Save up for old RV or trailer

    Supply List
    -emergency food packs
    -guns/ammo (my son's father has multiple guns that I would be able to use but he lives down in FL-we do visit occasionally)
    -water filtration
    -sleeping bag
    -rain gear
    -fishing gear
    -first aid kit
    -can opener
    -flash light
    -emergency radio
    -sewing kit
    -herb garden
    -antibiotics and ointments
    -kid stuff (this includes old school books, homeschooling program, games like chess, other educational entertainment for children)
    -more secure child harness (I have one now, but it isn't one that I would trust to really run with... I want something to strap my son to my chest so we can move quickly if necessary)
    *note: I do have access to a motorcycle (it is not mine) and my uncle's boat and a canoe and kayak

    Skill Set
    -In college I studied Social Work. In community living this may be useful to have someone trained for counseling, but in the immediate crisis when TSHTF, this skill is not very helpful as I doubt people will want to talk things out before they decide to kill me and take my supplies.
    -I have studied a lot about holistic medicine. I think is this my best skill to continue to cultivate and to grow herbs. Also, I am not a pro, but I am comfortable working as a beekeeper and honey is liquid gold (honestly honey can heal so many things).
    -I am CPR and first aid certified for both infants and adults (I plan to study more about first aid.. I have a good friend who is an EMT)
    -I can sew and make my own clothes... I don't normally do this anymore, but I got a sewing machine for my 16th birthday and took classes. I can sew by hand too.
    -This may be weird, but I am pretty good at squirrel hunting. My Dad took me all the time and taught me how to skin them and cook them. For some reason, I always found this more exciting than deer hunting. I am a pretty good shot, but I am out of practice and I have NO idea about gun maintenance.
    -I plan to read What Color Is Your Parachute?, but some things I can do well include: playing chess, spotting a slight difference in detail (by this I mean I am very detail oriented and I can walk into any environment and tell if something has been changed even slightly), very good at spotting things in general which is good for hunting, patience (especially with children-I have worked in a day care and very capable with kids ranging from newborn through age 12), and in school I was always good at reading a large amount of info and summarizing it quickly.

    -Should I bug out or bug in?
    -Will cash be useful?
    -Advice for protection.
    -How to learn more about guns.
    -Are gun shows a good idea?
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    Two more skills I forgot to include:
    -I studied with a doula for over a year about natural child birth and would be useful for pregnant women
    -I am physically fit and very active. (I bike, run, and take my son on some adventure every day whether it is the park or beach or hiking)
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    The most significant question you have yet to answer is just what are you preparing for? If your goal is to be able to make your way thru anything that comes up, you are likely to fall short in all aspects. Make one more list setting out the things that can happen in order of probability, starting with something simple like a brush fire, working up thru the house burning, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, whatever. Prep for the most likely first, then on up to the unlikely. Stepwise, you can get there. Trying for worst case as a starter will get you caught short for the higher probability messes.

    As far as finding a "community" is concerned, you have to be very circumspect when it comes to joining. There are some really bad situations that you can get into innocently. OPSEC rules, never forget that.
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    You've got more going on than you think !

    Depends, as noted in the event of SHTF your resort area's population will drop.
    Cash is always useful. I can't imagine trying to convince the check out clerk at a Piggly Wiggly that the silver coins you are attempting to use are really worth ten times their face value. Not. Gonna. Happen.
    Next three: Lawfully purchase a concealable handgun, IIRC your state requires some kind of permit for carry so get one.

    Edited to add: Get a safe or lockbox !
    Babies become toddlers and are very curious.
    Lock up the ammo as you would any chocking hazard for little ones.

    TELL NO ONE YOU CARRY A GUN ! Why ? You want your neighbor to turn to you when you both are in the convenience store when it gets robbed and say :"You got a gun, do something !" ?
    Practice drawing from concealment and dry fireing (this means unloaded !) when confident, start using ammo and practice at a range.

    Learn more about guns, find a local NRA course in your area.

    Gun shows? Not really prices tend to be higher at least where I am.

    You're better off then you think you are from what I've read.

    Keep calm and prep.
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  18. kellory

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    My brother used to lose a lot of sleep, worrying about things he could do nothing about. (Nuclear war was a big one) until it was effecting his health.
    Relax, take a breath, and start with one thing at a time.
    Water filtration and storage is my current project. I'm building a filter system for rainwater off the roof. Collection is simple. And the filter is coming along (will need cartridges soon) and it will nest in itself until needed. After that may be shelving or can goods, may find a used canner and learn that.
    Point I'm making is always keep learning, and working toward being self reliant, and smaller steps will work just as well, and maybe even faster. Keep an eye open for used, or duel use items that can help. I just found a source for free food grade 5gal. buckets, with sealing lids. It can be done cheaply, if you keep your eyes open, and keep thinking "what could I do with this, and do I need it?" Plastic soda bottles are free, and will store grains long term nicely. Reuse, repurpose, recycle. Scrap metals are worth money. (Tax free) cans are everywhere. So don't panic, and good luck.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree @lbillington. There are some really great folks here to help you prepare!
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