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  1. hank2222

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    I have a good friend who thinks that my personal library has grow to a point where i need to get rid of some of the books in the library ..She asked if i had read all of them and i explained to her that i was saveing them for the socalled after the event and she give me this look like i need to get a life ..

    So have you had anyone tell your book library is getting to big
  2. tacmotusn

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    Yes. I have no problem telling them that it is MY house and I will do as I please. I would be tempted to show the lady the door. But, then that could be why I am presently living alone. LOL
    My personal library consists of 3000 plus bound books I can actually hold in my hands.
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  3. hank2222

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    i can not show her the door because her beening my daughter but we did have the talk about who house it was ..She knows that it a loseing battle with me over books and why i like them over alot of things..
  4. tc556guy

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    My wife insists that my collection of TEOTWAWKI fiction is too big because it overflows the bookcase I have dedicated to it.
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  5. BTPost

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    Somewhere, I have the complete collection of Johnstones "Out of the Ashes" series.. that I collected, and read, on my trips around bush alaska, back in the day.... they did get a bit boring after the 7th or 8th book though....
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  6. Siskiyoumom

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    I too love to read.
    And just cannot seem to get the hang of reading long posts at forum or the fiction.
    So I print it out to read.
    Especially long read and informational articles.
    I would love to find an economical way to print out what I want to keep.
    I have too many books, getting close to 500.
    So I am winnowing out the duplicates, and redundant and narrowing my focus.
    As I get older, I feel that less is more in many areas of my collecting.
    Then on the other hand I do have duplicate tools and resources that I use on a seasonal or regular basis.
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  7. Brokor

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    If I actually read a few thousand books, I could claim to be quite a proficient speller.

    Alas, this dastardly keyeboarde has been my undoing.
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  8. Byte

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    I'm with you, Brokor. It's not that I can't spell...I just can't type worth a damn! All blame goes to my keyboard of course. ;)

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  9. hank2222

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    my kid thinks it funny that i'm greenly type person for she would never thought of me her dad as one ..Dureing one dinner with some of her friends the subect of green liveing was bought up and we talked for about four hours at the table talking about diff ideas for basic household to cut the cord on public services and her friends where like my god i never knew that your dad was that into the green liveing and she goes he is out there when it comes to some of the things that we have had talks on ..

    I have books on many diff subects from roman warfare to modern day warfare to diff ways to heal a person to subects of how to deal with diff animal problems to modern homesteading to the classical works of Kipling and Friedrich Nietzsche to the works of Shakespeare to how to build homes and cabins and everything inbetween on the book case to save for the future for someone else to have so not to lose the knowage that inside those books
  10. shelly.legate

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    I love to read all of the time. I just tell my friends that if they quit watching tv they would have a lot of time for books.
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  11. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have an extensive library of books i've read my earliest is a 1722 copy of The life strife and rise and increase of a people called Quakers (replace all of the s's with f's for accurate spelling) a number of psalmistrys, on to a 1st edition Alice's adventures in wonderland... several old (pre1845) brass bound bibles and assorted cook books, science fiction, military histories, classics, swords and socery, magic, survival manuals, etc and then there are my wife's books (english teacher)... we have a massive library....

    When my daughter was in kindergarten her teacher gave them an assignment to count the books in their homes... my daughter broke out in tears.... the teacher could not understand it... when I arrived to pick her up she mentioned it to me.... I explained the number of books in the house whereupon my daughter sobbed... and said "and I can only count to 100"... The teacher agreed that my daughter could count those in her book case... 132... unfortunately more than many of her classmates had in their homes....
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  12. sarawolf

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    I also love to read, survival, sci-fi, historical fiction you name it lol. Dh once told me I had to many books but he stopped many years ago as he knows I love books.
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  13. AKM.

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    I love reading; used to have huge amounts of books, but when I met the wife, I had to cull some to make room for hers; then when each of the three kids came; I had to cull a bit more- until now all I have out on shelves is my reference stuff in the garage, along with my post apocalyptic collection; plus another shelf of downloaded printed stuff.
    And about 10 - 15 boxes of books up in the roof as insulation....lol

    Probably why I scour the net for free e-books and PDF's....
  14. hank2222

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    when i was in the military i was stationed in a few place's were the tv was limited and i got tired of it very quickly so reading became a proper past time for alot of the people there ..Most of the sat night's where spent with drink's in hand talking about the diff people who wrote some of the classical works and then where modern day arthur's people like and was talked about over a get togerther with food and drink's that night

    Once's when the Base Commander stop by for one of our get togerther book talks's and bought a couple bottle's of jack and we talked long into the night that night..We found out monday morning that he was getting stationed back to the state's and that was his way of saying good bye to us for doing good job there

    As one person who was a teacher on the base there said it was very stange at time to see people who where as his friend's called us natural born killer's sitting arounding talking about some of the great classical work's of our time and it was funny when he would write home to his friend's that they found it hard to belive him intill he showed them some picture's of the book club meeting in our formal dress for one dinner we had ..

    The sat night before we would pick a book out and read it from the host library and then at the dinner table we would talk about it after dinner we would out to the outside patio with drink's in hand and sit down and talk about the diff arthur's we where reading at the time or the diff book's we had on the list to read..

    There at the host house was allmost every one from the outside the base and it was fun time by all who went to this dinner's at the teacher house ..Most of the outside the base people would bring food's and local drink to the house and it was good time by all and it made the time go by very fast there..
  15. tc556guy

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    And to think that some elements of American society claim that people are only in the military because they are uneducated and have no options available to them...
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