I made a chest rig.

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    I am a firm believer that one should have a set of web gear for every long gun that they own. One of firearms that I did not have a set of web gear for was my SAS12.

    The chest rig started out with a what’sit from the thrift store for $1.49. It looked like some kind of a weight belt that was sand filled. Other then the two end ones the pockets were not wide enough to fit the mags in and it only had a waist belt. To be a proper chest rig it needed a some kind of shoulder straps and a way to get it on and off somewhat quickly. To do this it needs clips on the front of the shoulder straps but the problem is that clips create a week spot. I had to come up with a way that if a clip was to break that the strap would still hold. That is the reason there are unneeded adjusters on the front straps, if the clip was to break the webbing can be threaded in a way that will bypass the clip.
    There are 4 5 round mags in it and 2 3 round mags so with the 26 rounds in the rig and 5 more in the shotgun gives me 36, + 2 more mags stuffed in my web gear brings it up to 46 and 54 loose rounds makes it 100. 00 9 pellet load X 100 rounds = 900 33 cal balls [gun]. The shot gun is of little use for the field for I have found it not to fond of dirt or being dirty but for garrison use it should be ok. The back side is black so if need for night use it can be reversed.
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    Ya gotta love innovation.

    I never thought of having a rig for each rifle I own, but subconsciously I've been doing just that.

    Surplus GI gas mask bags work well for magazines, and drop pouches are great for shotguns, except when you want to carry more than 75 rounds- it can get kind of spot heavy...
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    This entire rig is mad from recycled material, all of buckles, clips, webbing and shoulder pads were salvaged from junk unusable backpacks. It is common in PAW stories for the hero of the day to claim the spoils of war from the remains of the MBZs. The one thing that is all ways over looked are the plastic clips, zippers and buckles, with a sharp knife it only takes a few moments to salvage these items that may very well never be manufacture again.

    When answering the newly awoken’s question what rifle should I buy and I only have $500.00 to spend. Invariably a bunch of well meaning whatevers will say “hay you have $500.00 to spend, go blow it all on some wiz bang AR“. What they fail to understand is the rifle is worthless without ammo, sling, mags, spare parts, web gear, cleaning kit and the knowledge to use all of it. It is a very real possibility that when the SHTF that even if you have a full set of gear those you take in will not have anything. If you have a fullest of gear for each of your weapons you can hand them a weapon and a set of gear. The web gear does not have to be the best or most expensive there is it only has to be able to get the job done, it could be a few purses strung on a belt. There is more to being prepared that having a few months of food, some water and a first aid kit, it is the little bits and pieces that could very well make the deference.

    This one reason that I said for garrison use when you add the weight of the mags it cut down on the number of rounds that can be carried. In the field I would be more likely to carry a pump.

    If anyone wondering about the big type I am not shouting my eyesight is getting worse.
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    100% with you on that westpoint
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    I have a Blackhawk Patrol vest system and I added these. They fit on pretty much any Alice or Molle system and will hold an AK47 drum or about (6) 5.56/AK magazines, They will hold 7.62 NATO mags too

    For shotties I use a slightly modified SKS chest pouch. Holds about 80 12 GA shells and they are $10

    Cope's Distributing

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    I generally have a supply of ammunition in a cheap fanny pack with a labeled colored tag on it. The spots in my gun safe are also coordinated to the colored tags. If needed I can grab a bag and a firearm and hit the fence. these fanny packs sit near my BOB, so depending on which firearm i grab i can grab my BOB and the corresponding ammo pack and roll.
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    Anyone out there with M-1 carbines... check into the SKS chest rigs... each pouch will hild 2 15 round mags and the larger pocket will hold a 50 round box.... you have an old one? cut two pouches off and attach to your butt stock and carry 4 extra mags with one in the weapon... thatys a box and a half on your weapon... works pretty well...
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    Another idea for shotgun shells is to buy the newer style double grenade pouches...they will hold 20 rounds of 12ga.(10 per pocket) and they use Mollie gear fasteners...:D
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    good to know...I prefer my 870 for home defense and since I have had a shotgun in my hands for over 30 years it just feels natural :D
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