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    I know it's not directly survival related, but lots of us have rabbits, and this makes keeping and improving your rabbit bloodlines a lot easier. We've been able to reduce our average time to butcher by several weeks with proper records and performance tracking.

    We have had rabbits for over a decade, mostly for meat and fur production. We kept rabbit records on paper, just like most of the books tell you to. After several years, the paper started mounting up and it was difficult to get information to compare rabbits at a glance. For a while, we entered things into excel to get charts for growth and production rates, but we were still have to record everything on paper, and it was a real pain. We knew there had to be a better way, and none of the existing programs really did what we needed.

    So, we decided to build a rabbit app, something that works well on all devices (phones, desktops, tablets, etc) where we could input rabbit weights and other data right at the cage with no paper needed. It's been a great project, and we've had lots of users try the app out and give us feedback to make it better. We've been developing Hutch for over 6 months, now, and it has come a long way.

    Hutch has become a full-blown rabbit system with scheduling, pedigrees, cost/expense tracking, breeder management, litter tracking, reports and much more. We now have over 1200 users and over 20,000 rabbits in the system. Hutch is the fastest growing rabbit app on the web!

    Our users still give us feedback and we are still developing new features all the time. The system continues to improve according to what users want and need.

    If you need something like this, you can try the app for free here: No More Rabbit Paperwork! Meet the new Rabbit App.

    Here's what it looks like:


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    Welcome back @velacreations I have read you blog in the past. Always learned something.
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    I prefer my bunnies to be chocolate, but you've done a great job.
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    I only eat the Ears off GrandKids Chocolate BUNNIES... It is called GrandPa Tax.... and I collect every Easter....
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    Great job. That will help a lot of people immensely over the next few years.
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    you can TRY the app for free here:

    BUT B4 I waste my time (hours spent putting in time ), WHAT IS the TOTAL COST BILLey Gates ?
    I have spent hours , & found out time wasted on extortion .
    Post the cost first , and then , they who can afford might try.

    This should be under commercial accounts , as its a selling item .

    JFI 4 those who didn't catch the wording
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    Noted. Fixed.
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    the cost is shown on the link above, there are different costs depending on what features you want/need.
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    We just weighed our oldest litter at 10 weeks, the average weight was over 5 pounds.

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    Hutch has added the ability to sync your schedule with external calendar programs/apps. Just click the export button and enter your sync URL in your calendar.

    Sync your Hutch Schedule with your phone's calendar app and get text notifications for Rabbitry tasks and upcoming events. Works with Google Calendar, Apple/iPhone Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and more!

    More info: Schedule Sync with Calendar Programs
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