I made Greenland wax and waxed my Swedish backpack

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Ive been seeing various threads on these packs and waxing them,i found a very simple recipe for Greenland wax on another forum by a guy called MrEd.

    I cleaned both packs and let them dry before i waxed them,i could not get all the marks out of the packs as they have been used quite a bit.

    The recipe is very basic and is 90% paraffin wax and 10% pure bees wax.

    I put 180g of paraffin wax and 20g of pure bees wax in a pyrex bowl and put that in a pan of water on the hob and let it slowly melt and mix together.

    When the wax had melted i left it in the pan of water and sponged it on to my backpack and let it dry,i then heated it with a hair dryer which melted the wax on the pack and evened it out.

    I did two coats on the back pack and only had a little wax left so i made a second smaller batch for the gas mask bag..





    Im really happy with the way they turned out,i think with a little use and they will look very old school,i like how dark they have gone and the waxy look to them.

    All in all the swedish backpack has cost me less than £20 to buy the pack,replace the cord with para cord and wax it.
    I also treated all the leather with dubbing.

    I had a little of the wax left over so i moulded it for future used.
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  2. hog

    hog Drinking Mampoer.

    When I can drum up the courage I will give this a go Bru.
    Already wrecked one hair drier here (my Daughters) so I would not be popular.
    My Swedish pack could do with it.
  3. sticks65

    sticks65 Monkey++

    As the Nike advert says ''Just do it'' LOL:D
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