I mean - how bad can it get - really?

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    You have likely heard this or something close, when the subject of having a bit of food and water put away comes up. For these times it may help to provide some real-world information - an example, so as to speak.

    Like this:

    In Venezuela, hungry child gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage

    The headline is instructive, to say the least...

    It has happened in the US before, and I have no doubt **it** will happen again. The real questions is - do you want to play in that game or would you be happier sitting on the sidelines watching?

    **It** = List of recessions in the United States - Wikipedia


    The History of U.S. Recessions and Banking Crises

    You know, for the skeptics.....
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    Sounds like socialist paradise to me.
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    But the left knows how to prevent that from happening if they are in charge and will continue to believe it just need tweaking as everything falls apart. They are true believers and refuse to be confused by facts. Everyone knows that outlawing drugs solved all our addiction problems, now they believe just outlawing guns will solve all of our violence problems. Most of the murders are committed by individuals who can not now legally buy firearms due to mental or criminal histories and the belief that we can remove all the firearms and thus prevent them from accessing them is naive.

    Still the old adage exists, if you are our of work it is a recession, if I am out of work it is a depression. In my lifetime I have seen very serious problems for individuals who needed to sell property during economic downturns. If your health, job, martial situation, etc requires you to sell your house now, you do not have the ability to wait it out and sell when the prices return to their old levels and may lose it or suffer major losses.
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    I was reading today about Venezuela and their tuberculosis out break and now measles is no the rise.
    ‘We’re Losing the Fight’: Tuberculosis Batters a Venezuela in Crisis

    Looking at the pictures in @DKR's article and the one linked about, you can see that people are not getting the nutrition that they need. And now disease is spreading also. What stuck out was how dirty everything is. When things are that bad, staying clean is really hard. These people are in a full circle- lack of supplies and food, lack of cleanliness leads to germs with leads to disease because people do not have the supplies and food to stay healthy. Please note, these people are leaving Venezuela and going to other South American countries.
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    I have some really good friends in Venezuela that I haven't heard from in several years. The last I heard, one that I worked with in the D.R. had been sent back to Caracas and his wife had been executed. This has been more than ten years ago and I can't imagine how bad it has gotten by now.
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    Well I am not for interfering in their affairs when people screw up they should feel the pain many have yet to repent of the socialistic path even those most effected are not yet divorcing socialism they think another leader could fix it, As it is president Maduro's fault. removing Maduro, that is like saying the tents on fire but if we keep whats left of the burnt poles we can fix it

    I sure do not want them here as they bring that old dead cat out of socialism and parade it around preaching to us that socialism is perfect it is just those that abuse it that gives it a bad name. If we want socialism we got Bernie the fact he has two million dollar homes and lives like he's wealthy or if we really want a socialist how about Al the world is going to burn up, I invented the Internet Gore. We don't need to import morons we have plenty to go around, in fact we can send them Bernie and Al to show them how to run a government if they can turn it around we will gladly hire them here.

    There is a antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis and many other nasty diseases that we were told we killed out with vaccines if we allow them here expect a high death toll.
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    A large part of our original method of immigration was to AVOID disease from other locations getting started here...

    it was called quarantine... it had a purpose... by entering illegally quarantine is bypassed...

    who pays the price?

    sadly there are some that don't have a clue and think we can cure anything... so they say let em in...
  8. Motomom34

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    We already have a TB issue in San Fransisco that no one talks about.

    But back to Venezuela. This country has been slowly declining for years. The rich getting richer and the middle class has been reduced to eating garbage. The gov't officials keep the news coming out of the country to a minimum. For a while one couldn't find any news. All that aside, when one looks at their situation and slow decline then ask yourself, is there a way to prepare for that? The gov't over there is confiscating vegetables. So how does one prepare to survive a situation like Venezuela?
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  9. BTPost

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    That is easy, you either MOVE, SUBMIT, OR DIE.... Your choice.... No t making a choice is also a choice...
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  10. duane

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    First day of basic training it was explained that doing nothing was a decision and that the military would punish you for doing so. If you do something, it has in most cases at least a 50 % chance of being right. I always remind those that do not vote as they feel it is meaningless that in the long run they may lose the right to even have that choice if they do not participate. Most people in the past, Jews in Germany, small land holders in USSR, non Nazi's in Germany, middle class in much of South America, etc, waited until they could no longer leave and then many died. Problem always is when to move and to where, I haven't figured that one out, but several states are on my do not resuscitate list and I hesitate to even drive thru them.

  11. DKR

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    Sadly, those that thought to flee, sold everything they couldn't carry and hauled ass out. Those that were gone early got away, the ones that waited, were trapped. Much like the situation in South Africa today. The smart ones booked out over a decade ago.
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    WE think we are so superior, were not we have the exact draconian rules here any deep reading of the FEM A rules they can confiscate your vegetables and anything else. Hurricane Rita there were confiscations of weapons from old women ho had no younger male in the household. not that a younger male is able to do any more to defend. what I liked was that they had AR or M16 rifles. This feeds into the notion that if we give up our weapons then will the police turn in theirs because if here are no more out there then they don't need them.
    We are Venezuela, more population our economy is more diverse, but we have to much debt and it is not what we are told the extended debt for all of our benefits is many trillions beyond. it is a matter of time.

    As far as preparedness notice what the Venezuelans complain most for and it is partially their domestic diet but these do have all the nutrients and building blocks of life cooking oil, beans. rice, flour then you need salt and baking powder.
    Medications OTC over the counter Aspirin Tylenol cold and flu cough antibiotics in ointment and tablets, benedryl, rubs for aches and pains these are also good for chest rubs for decongestants simple saline contact solution for eyes ears nose and throat,
    Alcohol, don't waste your time buying Methanol it's poison buy neutral spirits like vodka it can be used for cleaning wounds but it can also be used as a for a pain remedy, sold or traded there are flavorings to make it taste like Scotch, bourbon, brandy and many others.
    Bandages band-aids. basic first aids supplies the other gripe is sanitary feminine products, toilet paper, bleach I would imagine soap of all kinds.a note on soap if it is not rinsed out or off well rashes burns and very painful skin problems.

    So the old maxim of beans bullets bandages still holds true.
  13. DKR

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    You may think ya got everything ya need to survive, but remember

    Rodney king in LA

    Its happened before, it will happen again-

    1943 - yes in WWII.

    you, just say'n
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  14. DKR

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    (source) Nextrush Free

    "Today #MaduroRegime killed unarmed citizens of their own country to keep food & medicine from entering

    They they celebrated murder & burning of trucks carrying aid as a victory

    The world & those inside #Venezuela will reflect on what happened today & it will give rise to action"

    US Senator Marco Rubio On Twitter 2/23/2019

    Yeah. The Dictators will kill to stay in power.....until the .mil turns on them. Deserters are growing each day. Hunger and desperation will do that,
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  15. arleigh

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    If it were possible to alter the government of venezuela with the ideals of conservative values, no more socialism, and getting people back to work and end the to conflicts they have with the world trade , would the people accept the change ?
    So long as people depend on being on the dole from the government this will never change . Receiving aid ,though noble, does not fix the problem. it perpetuates it .
    At least countries like England do something to encourage trade with other countries for manufacturing and other goods .
    Exploiting one resource (oil) and not even maintaining it responsibly is really poor management .
    The company i worked for had tried to bring manufacturing to south america but the work ethic is too poor to make a business work. a wasted investment .
    It is interesting that mexico offered these refuges work but didn't accept it , they want the hand outs america offers. not work.
    This is a culture socialism creates .
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    Go Gorilla with your gardening.
  17. Gator 45/70

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    Aww hell,All you need to do is shoot a moose off your front porch or catch a halibut out your back door!!!
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    Wrong Abbreviation ,, not TB but HIV

    SO is Canada a socialism country ? I pay for fuel,house,income ,carbon,BS tax and MEDICAL ?? vote every 4 years
    and we have length terms for ALL.
    You have old RBG still sleeping , plus others who are scary old .(we need to sign it before we can read it = PURE BS OLD LADY)
    Our idiot needs to be flushed away ,,Many do..
    You have WIC plus ,, our welfare is monitored well .
    you can't trade or use it for non food stuff.
    Plus down in WA winco if you get a can of WIC tuna that sells for 60 cents , it's mostly water , the NON wic one for 98 cents is almost all fish !!

    Another scam ..
  19. Cruisin Sloth

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    he is a yank
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    I'd like to weigh in on this but ,
    It's too disappointing .
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