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  1. Alanaana

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    The first tree I ever planted here in Hawai'i was a dwarf apple banana tree. I named her Appellonia.
    Now I think, Dwarf? You could have fooled me!

    I chopped, pruned, and mulched a few weeks ago and we just got a new rack of bananas! I want to get some Blue Java bananas.

    Which bananas are on your wish-list?
    67146904_379541109418938_5370646493847879680_n. 79039515_462969324409449_2393983314449924096_n. 273670613_928522464520797_8734861536690752161_n. 321276670_1317465482320713_2586371823774392602_n.
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  2. Alanaana

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    The title is supposed to say "Monkey at heart", but it didn't allow me to post a heart emoji.
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    As a Member you are a Monkey other than a neophyte…. No longer a Noob
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  4. natshare

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    Well, dwarf is more of a wish, sometimes, than a reality. Especially with a banana tree! Then again, seeing as most are 20-40 feet high, you're not doing so bad! (y)
  5. Gator 45/70

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  6. Gray Wolf

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  7. Kamp Krap

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    I don't know anything about nanner trees beyond what my friends in Kenya have told me and fed me. They do some weird but tasty things with nanners over there :) That is all, carry on ;)
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  8. johnbb

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    That' an impressive banana tree. I was watching a cooking show and they sowed how you can eat the flower bud that big purple thing hanging down. Have you ever eaten that. My son in the pan handle of Florida has a banana tree has gotten small bananas good tasting. Freeze this year got them.
  9. 3M-TA3

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    When I was backpacking in Nepal while my back could still pack, they had these amazing small red bananas growing in the villages in the tropical sections. They made the typical grocery store bananas here taste like stale cardboard. So yummy, but I do not know the name of the variety.
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  10. Alanaana

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    I feel proud to be a monkey now!
  11. Alanaana

    Alanaana Monkey

    Yes, you're right about that. Wishful thinking I don't think it will be a skyscraper like one of the 40 footers. They are majestic trees!
  12. Alanaana

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  13. Alanaana

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    I have learned a lot about nanabans out here :) (oh yay! I just figured out how to use the emojis on this site). There are so many different varieties and flavors. I'll be in trouble if I move to a cooler place because grocery store bananas aren't the same.
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  14. Alanaana

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    Thank you! Banana blossoms are beautiful and kind of remind me of an artichoke when you cut it open. It has a mild, semi floral flavor and can take on the flavor of the dish you are cooking. It kind of reminds me of jackfruit. It's really cool that your son has gotten some bananas on his tree. Bummer about the freeze though. The weather has been so wacky. When you mentioned freeze, it reminded me of how good bananas are when you peel and freeze them (like ice cream). Thank you for reminding me!
    215840231_803891990317179_4826693772081602510_n (1).
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  15. Alanaana

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    It's so cool that you've gone backpacking in Nepal! I'm hoping to travel soon at some point. I've had Cuban red bananas before, but I cooked them like plantains. The small ones you're talking about sound amazing! I agree. It would be hard to go back to the grocery variety after living in the tropics.
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