I support Marraige between man and woman (sic)

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    Dern... for a second I thought I had a re-direct to a LGBT forum... then I realized Chello was still on line pushing his agenda.

    Sorry, I am not buying what is being sold.... nor am I interested in old George Takei and his B.S........ wrong forum IMO
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    I prefer my women... to be uhh, women...
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    And here I edited the darn title until I realized (sic) and changed it back.
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    I thought of moving it to the inferno.... but then realized the thread was a 'joke" and left it here as it stood.... ;)
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    Of course it's humor, it's Chello! ;)
    But, I do see it being rather on the edge of a firestorm approaching...for instance, I support gay marriage, heck I support people marrying pets and rocks if it makes them happy. However, I do NOT support state sponsored marriage (the only kind we have these days) of any kind -straight, gay or whatever. I like the old way, man and woman going to a church, saying "I Do" before their chosen God and witnesses, and honoring tradition. I would support any marriage which does not come with a license, and if gays want to jump in on this, more power to them! Of course, the marriage license as we know came about post Civil War, when those "pesky black slaves" were gonna grab all the white women (sarcasm) and reproduce. Who knew one could pick up a copy of Black's Law Dictionary and search the term "Miscogeny" and be enlightened so? Naturally, I have done my research, and I know for a fact that it doesn't matter WHO you are, religious, atheist, nihilist, communist, white, black, gay or straight -we are all slaves to the STATE.

    And that's me basically turning a smile upside down for the day.
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    I honestly do not give a rip about civil unions between you and your pet rock... or what have you. I am all for gays suffering the legal ramifications of being married, divorced and supporting their partner through life. But marriage IMO is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, before God and witness as you said Brokor.

    And I really dislike the gay agenda being jammed down my throat, as if I were the one that has to accept their lifestyle.... not my problem... yet, it is a free country and I will share my disdain freely as long as I have the right to free speech...... [winkthumb]
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    Oh my....no, not my personal sexual orientation agenda, (I am just as happy supporting transgender and intersex folk as well) nor a redirect to a LBGT forum. (Just crediting the site the images are referenced from). I find spelling howlers and the channeling of what some theist's deities supposedly like, or dislike to sometimes be vastly amusing....I understand that it's a taste that may not be universally shared on this site, but then again, I don't find absolutely everything posted on this site worthy of a chuckle either.
  11. chelloveck

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    It seems like a discussion for a different forum....
  12. Mindgrinder

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    Too much time in the mil...
    U.S. Military Hit With Bestiality, Sodomy Controversy After 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

    I think mayb they gave you one of them brain eating vaccines....cuz I don't think it's fair if you try to claim a rock as a dependent on your taxes....


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  13. Brokor

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    It is an agenda because marriage is licensed by the State. The government holds the power in this matter (insofar as the public is concerned) and the gay/bi/tranny movement is growing in numbers. Therefore, it is politically wise to attempt to influence them. Mind control 101: learn what your target WANTS and create the NEED, then FEED.

    All of this, every bit of it is a created instance. Of course, the religious are opposed, it threatens their perception of normalcy and challenges their ideals. But, if this were not a case of the State (i.e. "Government") granting rights, which by the way is CRAZY -then, what would be the problem? If Steve and Mike want to get hitched, what makes it a MARRIAGE besides the license? I would say, the ring, the commitment, the promise. Well, two people, no matter their sexual preference should be able to do that without the approval of government, right? YES. However, it's not about that. It's not about gay MARRIAGE. It's about creating the illusion of controversy to gain power. It's about establishing the idea that government can issue a RIGHT. It's about the master feeding the slave rotten food and making the slave believe it's a fresh chicken pot pie.

    Religion aside, I think two dudes hooking up is AWESOME because that's more single women for guys like ME. It's a numbers game, really. Sure hope they're not lesbians. Wait! What am I saying? :)
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  14. Kingfish

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    Broker, I agree that the state should have no power to define Marriage or to license it. Marriage was defined by God as one man and one woman . How ever God did not impose his will on man. He said these are my laws and you have free will to follow them or not. The joining of two men or two women is not accepted by God so let it be accepted by man. Call it what it is . A union. A contract or what ever . Just dont call it Marriage. Any state or government that passes a law making marriage between same sex couples has redefined Marriage. Any state that recognizes same sex civil unions has not. This type of law has already brought about a law suit against a church for refusing to marry two men. This is where it is going and we all know it. It was never about equal rights at all, it has always been about destroying the church and Gods law. We must keep a separation of church and state. The state should stay out of redefining church doctrine regarding Marriage and the Church should stay out of civil unions.
  15. Brokor

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    No disrespect, but this isn't about God. It's about controlling people, and the religious people make it even easier. As for the church and marriage, it has NOTHING to do with marriage today. All marriages are licensed by the STATE. This is about government and the power it alleges to have, and those who empower it by choosing to believe marriage is some sanctified ritual -IT MAY HAVE BEEN AT ONE TIME, but it isn't now, and never will be again, my friend! I wish it were JUST a beautiful, holy union between a man and a woman, with a Priest or whatever saying cool stuff -but that's all show. Nothing real any more. No God, nothing. Just THE STATE. The way they trick you is to have folks certified to conduct marriages -seems official, right? Well, I can get a certificate to marry people online in no time. The marriage license is issued by the government. There's your devil -in the details.

    You're a good soul, Kingfish. I know you get what I am saying, but you're also a well grounded, God fearing, salt of the Earth guy. I am sorry to say that there's no religion in marriage any more, man. None. Smoke and mirrors.
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  16. Pax Mentis

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    Then you must also hate the fact that my wife and I (both confirmed non-believers and recovered Catholics) were very happily married for 30 years...and nobody's god had a thing to do with it.
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    Back to the original post - George Takei can be pretty funny at times, but snarky putdowns of other people's values is definitely not humorous. It's a mean personal attack that avoids the actual argument. It's also a standard Progressive/Liberal tactic that due to their own ignorance and lack of understanding makes them feel superior. It's something they resort to when the argument is weak to cover their insecurity .
  18. Tully Mars

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    But in all fairness, both sides use those tactics at times.
  19. 3M-TA3

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    At times, yes, but it's the predominate method used by the left while the right keeps trying the logical fact based technique that only work with people already on the right. I'll use it at times simply because I know how much it gets under the skins of liberals since I understand why they use it, and that it's not just Alinsky at work.. It's human nature that people will attack someone else with the thing they fear the most as that is what they believe will cause the most damage.

    George Takei grew into adulthood at a time when gay men were frequently and visciously ridiculed without any kind of thought or understanding. It likely left a painful emotional mark and his fear of being ridiculed (also why he takes great pains to not take himself seriously) make this an obvious way to "hurt" others.
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    Then again if i was going to post a picture of myself online to make a politcal statement I'd make darn sure my spelling and grammar were correct.
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