I think I found the ultimate G.O.O.D lap gun

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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    Ok, you need to get out of dodge in a hurry.
    with this on your lap you drive out of town with the hoards storming your vehicle at the intersections.

    No worries you have got the Serbu Super Shorty barrel pointing through the gunport.

    Super Shorty

    Yeah, not really practical but damn would be nice to have.
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  3. Cephus

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    Somebody,Please put the kid back in the playpen
    so adults can discuss things .
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  4. VisuTrac

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    aintit, Ok, are you old enough to remember the LA riots and Rodney King? How about the Detroit riots in the summer of 67?

    Most persons were not carrying anything more than bricks , bats and clubs.

    Granted now detroit you are more likely to confront an semi-auto pistol or semi AK but those folks are going to be grabbing big screen TV's and beer and liquor.

    this is just a tool albeit one with a big bark.
    with this tool one could fire 36 third inch projectiles at nearly twice pistol speed.
    granted this is not a precision tool but for crowd dispersal it is going to be very effective.

    It's compact and could be used one handed. Unlike a full size or combat shot gun. This one has a 16" OAL

    I just want to get out of dodge to my BOL. When the SHTF, I intend to be out of dodge, drinking mint juleps on my front porch with my AR on my lap and the 1911 on my hip.

    in close quarters, I'd take this over a full sized shotgun.
  5. wags_01

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    I don't think "straw man" means what you think it means...
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    aintit, is misnamed, should be itaint.

    for all his hyperbole, you get the sense he thinks the BG are going to win, even though it was pointed out to him, the BG's aren't going to be prepared and aren't going to know what hit them.

    the super shorty is a novelty, but I'll take a side arm and full size shotgun with maybe as many as 8 rounds is a better choice. The effective range to the super shorty couldn't be more than 15 - 20 yards, whereas a 28" barrel gets you out to forty, maybe eighty with slug.
  7. Seacowboys

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    It always amused me that in Alabama, where sawed-off shotguns could not be registered, the Surbu is perfectly legal to own.
  8. -06

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    If caught with that in NC you would be in jail. Barrels have to be at least 18" and (?) overall. You can buy a permit to carry it -- I think.
  9. Cephus

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    Fed says it has to be 26"
    Don't know if NC is dif !

    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    Full Size Shotgun-

    It's Compact and could be used one handed.
    Please give me a break. The recoil of a full size/heavy shot gun is enough to deal with.I have seen people firing "The Judge" which is only a .410.The recoil would be more that you could deal with and still maintain control and accuracy. It is just a high price toy for folks who like toys that go "Bang"
    PS: A large can of Raid Wasp/Hornet spray with a spray nozzle for getting under the eves or your house works well dispersing crowds.
    No White Flags Above My Door

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    Alabama-Gun Laws

    So is a Cannon. Go figure. I have a retired Navy friend that has 4 of the small deck cannons the type that was monted on the railings of the ship, 2 on his front deck and 2 on his back deck of his house. I thought they were just decorative till he loaded one on his back deck and fired it.
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  12. chelloveck

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    Well, blow me down! It's a deck cleaner

    Avast me hearty....that there be a swivel gun, matey....an' a mighty fine bit o' ironmongery it be!!! A charge of powder, a bucket o' grape...and a bit of waddin'....and your pesky nextdoor neighbour'll be as holey as a bleed'n colander or a Jack Chick dealin' street preacher gone to his maker....or my name's not Jack Sparrow!!

    Google Image Result for http://www.schonbok.net/joe/images/Endeavour_Swivel_Gun.jpg
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  13. ghrit

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    Worth checking, but I believe 18" barrel AND 26" overall minimums unless there's a tax paid.

    They classify the Serbu as an "Any Other Weapon" a whole different flavor of jambalaya than a handgun or long gun.
  14. Hispeedal2

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    AOW is a hefty $5 tax BTW. Last I heard, BATFE was about 4 months behind in processing.

    The only thing I learned from this is I NEED a deck cannon. :)
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  15. Tikka

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  16. VisuTrac

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    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    Swivel Gun-Cannon

    All I sure of is that he loaded it the same way that as I saw cannons being loaded at Cival-War re-enactment and when it fired it was louder than any rifle/shotgun that I had ever heard. I know what grape shot is and he had some.But he fired what looked to be a small cannon ball.He said they were made from hollowed out cast iron and could be loaded with black powder and steel balls and would make for a nasty surprise to any-one on the receiving end. Was he right? or B.Sing
  18. beast

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    guy called me up a few years back
    wanted to know if i could melt down used shell casings
    and cast him a 1 inch bore swivel mount canon
    i gave him a price, he never called back
  19. goinpostal

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    The only realistic use I can see for a shotty that size,would be as a door breacher that was undermounted on an MBR.For a lap gun,my choices would be:Krinkov,Scorpion,Draco, Mac,Uzi,Mini Ar,Tech-9,or Glock18c.
  20. Tikka

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    Breaching weapons have a different type brake on them.
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