I think I'm addicted!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by DLConcepts, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Not sure about being non harmful though.
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    Whew! Thanks for posting that! Now, I know what to avoid, so I can hold on to my being jaded, anal, and murderous rage. :D
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    LOL! golf is not nature. ha ha...
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    Oh my word, that gave me a chuckle.
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    Oh yes, NPR was complaining that only 21 % of the land in New Hampshire was protected from development and how they had just added 1200 acres to the nature area, an old hilltop blueberry patch near where I live and how great it was. The first thing they did was outlaw motor access to the area, destroying a major section of our snowmobile trail system by blocking passage through the area, and outlawed hunting and trapping, my recreation, and set up a path system and trails and bike trails and advertised them as this great new resource in the Boston area, only a 60 mile drive one way, and of course it is a nonprofit preservation society so they pay no taxes. Meanwhile our children finish school and leave as they can not afford to buy a house on the local pay rates and there are few jobs other than low pay service jobs. They show the beautiful woods and lakes, but always want someone else to pay for them. The standoff out west in the wildlife refuge, that used to be someones ranch and in an area where one of the large sawmills used to be. 6,000 people left in a large county, but it is so beautiful to the people from the coast when they come up to visit nature in the wilderness and we have to get rid of those old roads and cellar holes as they spoil the wilderness view.
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    Rant ON
    Aw, Quit whining..... You FlatLanders, have been doing that to my WHOLE State, ever since we became a State.... You have been Legislating, this kind of BS, from the Federal .GOV, on us, every other day. "We must save the wilderness of Alaska, for our Grandchildren" Horse Hocky.... You save your own Wilderness, and leave ours to us.... Oh that's Right, You don't have any wilderness left, as you already exploited yours, TO DEATH.... Nothing NEW about City Folks, telling Country Folks, how to live, and run, their lives.... The trick is ignore them, or vote their compatriots out of Office, and elect Regular Country Folks in their place.....
    Rant OFF

    and now back to our Regular Programming....
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    Was raised in Minnesota and still can't get over Palin's accent. Sounded like most of the girls in our Sunday school class. Cousin was stationed in Alaska during the Korean war and never came back except to visit and for funerals. Found a little place about 10 miles off the closest road and worked construction there the rest of his life. Said that Alaska in the 80's was like Minnesota in the 40's and that he preferred to live that way. Was in Alaska a few times, but never got off the air base so can't say anything about it other than from the air it is some of the most beautiful land I ever saw, especially if coming back from the USSR side. Even from a plane it seemed like you had to look up at Mt Mckinley and the mountains went on forever. Was always nervous about the islands off the coast though, the water didn't look to good for swimming and a lot of times you could only see them on radar.
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