I wake to no power and discovered a problem i missed.

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Quigley_Sharps, Oct 9, 2010.

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    This morning at 4:00 am my dog woke me by pushing me with his nose and sitting staring at me,

    I woke up, I'm thinking WTF hunter? then I noticed the power was out, great dog!
    So I let him out and the he's running around looking at the darkness, still a 6 month pup and as I'm standing there watching him ...or trying too ( he's mostly black) I thought hey time to get out the night vision goggles and give they a try on hunter see what he looks like !

    My Gen III run on AA Batteries and they are dead .
    I had stored them in the case not in the unit.

    So my dilemma is... I need to set up a solar charger for Batteries I had totally missed that while setting up my supplies.
    so this brings me to my Question does anyone have any real experiences using a portable solar charger?
    I am looking for something like this one:
    Brunton F Solaris 26 cheap portable solar panels battery charger camping power battery charger solar 12v batteries charging
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    That is offley expensive I have been using a small one from China for a couple years now, and it seems to work ok. If I remember right, I only paid about 25.00 for it. Will charge aaa, aa, d, and c. There are much cheaper units around that will do pretty much the same job if those are the only batteries you need to charge. Unless you want to spend that much money
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    I want it to roll up or fold up and be portable, and be able to charge all of my electronic equipment and have the anti back feed feature if i am unable to disconnect at night.

    • Brunton Solaris 26 Will Charge:
    • Laptop - Charge 4 - 8 Hours
    • Portable DVD Player Charge 1 - 3 Hours
    • Cell Phone Charge 1 Hour
    • Digital Camera Charge 1 - 2 Hours
    • PDA / MP3 Player Charge 1 - 2 Hours
    • Satellite Phone Charge 1 - 2 Hours
    • Portable Game Console Charge 1 - 2 Hours
    • Digital Camcorder Charge 1 - 2 Hours
    • RV/Car/Marine/Snowmobile Battery Charge - 12 Hours
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    dont go cheap on a item this important. buy 3 of the best
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    If for mobile use - maybe - but DANG they are expensive!

    For home use, use a HF 45-watt panel set and get a more versatile unit. Keeps a couple deep cycle 12V batteries charged, and you can use a 12V auto plug-in charger for cell phones and laptops, and use one of the cheaper units for charging AA, AAA and D-cells.

    And maybe not a bad idea to keep a couple packs of the old non-rechargeable AA around for this type emergency.
    I use them so much, they will never sit long enough to lose charge - cycling them through the use-cycle is not a problem!
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    This needs to be able to fit in a pack and be highly portable.
    26watts min.
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    When you find and buy what your looking for, how about passing it along for us. We all use the same batteries for a lot of the same things. Nadja
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