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    Did not work the last time for the Nazi's.

    Colorado sheriff blasts colleagues over refusal to enforce gun laws - U.S. News

    To many lawyers helped get us into this mess. I'm pretty sure most Sheriff's are competent enough to read the drivel and double talk in most "laws" and make a judgment on its constitutionality. I pray to God enough people see the light and have the balls to say NO at all levels of government.

    I just wish a few of these dumb ass journalists had paid attention in American history and Civics class. I'm tired of hearing about the second amendment and hunting rifles.

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    So I guess if der Kommissar tells pansy sheriff that Mr. Jones and his wife are enemies of the state and need to be executed, he'd have no problems with that?

    This is the kind of guy who needs to be sheriff of some place like L.A. county or Kings county, NY.

    Let's keep an eye on what happens to this slug after the next election.
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    If this Yahoo Sheriff thinks this will NOT come back and bit him in the A$$, his Voters need to make it PLAIN to him, next Election Cycle...
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    Amusing this guy is criticizing the other sheriffs for stating they would not enforce proposed laws if enacted yet he supports a President that issued a directive to his law enforcement officers AND. prosecutors to specifically not enforce existing immigration and deportation laws under a number of cases. And so it goes...

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    I LOVE this part..
    Hmm.. if you can read English.. you have cred. WTF do we "laywers" to understand some of the most basic statements in English that ever existed.
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    Yes! man how do they not get it, if you can read english you don't need a lawyer to tell you what it means. This guy is just a robot.
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    Who is this BITCH to tell me that I cannot give my weapons to my heirs upon my death, that if I need some cash I cannot sell my weapon to the buyer of my choice; this bitch can kiss my ass.
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    Who the hell is ANYONE to tell me what i can and cannot do with my possessions..
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    Leaving "it" limited to gun control, as gun control is forbidden the whole situation is hokey bs. The Sheriffs who refuse are following the law; this maverick big mouth is braking the law.

    There was a law passed, it is the Dick Act of 1902.

    Ain't that a kick in the pants? ;)

    Liberals always claim they are more educated and more intelligent than others. So the educated intelligent ones are too stupid to know the laws of the nation.
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    You should have heard them yesterday during the press conference on CSPAN-3. (up)Chuck Schummer was talking about all of the "reasonable" restrictions that needed to be placed on our freedoms...it was making me sick and I had to turn it off or hit something.

    They are going to eventually overturn/abolish the founding document. It's going to happen. It may ultimately happen by force and it may take a lot longer than they are hoping but eventually there will be more takers than makers and more people who just "want to get along" and don't want to fight it. We, the oath-keepers, (even those of us who never formally took the oath) need to make sure that there are unadulterated copies of the documents for future generations to use when the time comes to put things back to rights.
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    I like this:

    I have long known about the Dick Act, but have never read it, just photocopied it once and added it to my files long ago. I have always cross referenced it from the USC.
    The modern National Guard was specifically intended to avoid status as the constitutional militia, a distinction recognized by 10 U.S.C. Sec. 311(a).

    This is a great read: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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    The Dick Act is aptly named..
  13. UGRev

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