I wonder what words drill sergeants use now

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    ClubOrlov: A Thousand Balls of Flame

    an interesting read of the west from the east

    “…….. And now, with the addition of LGBTQ people to the ranks, the US military is on its way to becoming an international laughing stock. Previously, terms like “faggot” and “pussy” were in widespread use in the US military’s basic training. Drill sergeants used such terminology to exhort the “numb-nuts” placed in their charge to start acting like men. I wonder what words drill sergeants use now that they’ve been tasked with training those they previously referred to as “faggots” and “pussies”? The comedic potential of this nuance isn’t lost on Russia’s military men………….”
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    So glad I retired from the Army in 2009............
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    And that is why I left in 83.. Could not in good conscious go along with the woosification (a kinder term than what sprung to mind) of my beloved Corpe..
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    Same it's always been, " OK ladies, listen up..."
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    Cellphones in boot camp. Enough said.

    When I went through Benning in 1993, every two to three weeks (if we were lucky) we were marched down to the PX for a couple hours for a haircut, and this was the time to use the payphones. No such thing as cellphones, really. We were made to low crawl through ants and sharp rocks for hours. We were kicked in the head, screamed at, berated, pushed to our limits emotionally and physically. We were marched all day and we ran all morning, and lights went out early to start all over again. That's the way it's supposed to be, because that is how soldiers are made. Today, however...?

    Not soldiers. Civilians dressed in uniforms.
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    Uggggggg...........you guys had to bring this up!!!! Back in 88 when I joined up, there was no dumbing down of the D.I.'s, you f'ed up, you got cussed good and loud, you got punched and kicked and endless push ups ( or later in AIT, lots and lots of laps in the pool) we went through what was called crawl, walk, run, run your ass off, then swim, and swim your as off! If you made it that far, then the bleeding started! You had to stick two a day and get stuck two a day ( for 2 years) and had to be able to do it in a moving van or duce 1/2 until your flight quals, then had to do it in the air! Fun times!!!! I went back for a few months to help with newb trianing, and the changes were astonshing! There was a mosque on base with calls to prayer, there were guys with a card in the breast pocket that would get pulled and shown to the D.I. to let them know you couldn't take it any more, they were not allowed to touch you, were not allowed to cuss you and had to use creative words in reference to your f'up Words like"sports fan" or to get a little more personal "SOX Fan" if you were a sox fan, SeaHawks Fan if you were a 'Hawk's fan and so forth! And the really funny ones were obvious refrences to Gay Celebs and other people of ill repute! You were in bad shape if you got called Elton John, or Billy Klinton! Yea, our armed forces are a laughing stock these days, and we would get endless ribbing from our Nato allies when cross training, which all ways ended up in a nice all out brawl, followed by beers in the club after to lick the wounds and make nice! I have never been one the throw the first punch, but when we would meet up, I was the first guy to go toe to toe with any one, no matter how big and strong or fit he looked, he all ways ended up in a ball on the floor while his buddies were left to wonder if they finallly bit off more then they could handle! Most times we proved that correct! Cept for the Spetsnaz guys, those guys are just plain evil in a fight, they don't ever loose until there all dead, not a good fight to have, although some of them are my best friends now days! Bunch of merry's!!!
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    I left in '85 , Right before the Klinton era . EAS never felt so good . Semper Fi
    A boy that used to work for me just got out of the Corps in August . Hearing his stories now , sure makes me wonder if we could repel a serious attack from some of our cold war adversaries .
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    When I left the Corpe, I was sad to think of what it might become, then I wandered about all those old Corpe vet's that had come before me and may have thought the same of my time in the Corpe... I came to the Corpe with no expectations, took what they gave me, and left with the pride in all those that had come before.. God bless every one of them!
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    I read this 'ClubOrlov: A Thousand Balls of Fire' and while it is written extremely well about 75% of it is pure horse dung or out-in-out lies. I then went to Amazon and tried to find out about this 'Dimtry Orlov' as most authors have a bio about themselves when they are selling books on Amazon. There was nothing about him. All-in-all my take on this guy is he's writing pure propaganda crap, probably even being paid by the Russian FSB. Who knows? Who cares?

    Russia is much more fragile than he or their government wants anyone to think. And, they have worked to ensure that all of us fear the 'great Russian bear' and their super soldiers (just like the invincible Nazis years ago) but in truth there is nothing there to fear except their nukes. Yes, they are on a war footing (you heard me correctly) but completely rearming a military doesn't happen overnight and economically they are hurting big time. And, when Russians normally start dousing me with this crap I ask them "Why the USA didn't kick the rug from out under them when they had their financial crisis and their own military even tried a coup?" They normally will say "We have nukes!" Yeah. But, we're the bad guys, right?

    As far as political correct speech in our military...who knows how this will work out. Frankly, I don't think it will work out but I would point out that we have been fighting wars for almost past 15 years and our soldiers seem to do pretty well. How well they would do against Russian soldiers is anybody's guess but I bet they would do alright. Actually, my money would be on the Yanks. I think we would slaughter them.

    I am not trying to defend our Politically correctness or even many of the bad things that are wrong with our country but Russia has a lot of serious problems also but you never hear about them mostly due to state controlled media and why should you because we have enough problems of our own, as Dimity Orlov pointed out. Besides, if you are so worried about your own country's problems you will not see theirs. Anyway, I had to say that the majority of this propaganda essay is pure 100% horseshit.
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    It's not worth reading to me if it has this crap. I suppose it is good for those folks who haven't been throughout the world and/or want to believe the Russians are super-duper heroes or just want good old anti-American spew. He's point of view is completely bias and nothing more than fear mongering. Russia under Czar Putin is one-step away from classical fascism, maybe even closer now that I think about it. And, for him being a US citizen - well - maybe he should consider returning because I assume he is naturalizes (and if not, go anyway!) as he spouts how everyone is returning to Russia...which is a load of tripe because they're are going there from all the dirt poor countries in the Former Soviet Union to work and work period because Russia gives them free access (no work visa is needed) so they can get the cheap labor (really cheap!) which he didn't mention nor that they are despised by locals or that the majority of their money leaves Russia and goes back to their own country. And, he forgot to mention how the Russians went completely insane when the anti-missile base opened in Romania and the proposed Poland one finally got the go ahead even though the agreement was signed to do so years ago but was put on hold...until they invaded Ukraine and it came back into play...but why are they so concern about it if Russia is so strong and invincible? Because it neutralizes their land missiles (hopefully and by their reaction one would assume it's true) and if anyone tells you that their navy's submarines are a threat because they carry nukes - well - they're blowing more smoke, not a Russia sub leaves port that we do not have an Attack sub following her and track her every minute; their navy barely exists. Anyway...it angers me when I see tripe like this and angers me more when ill informed people believe it but believe it they do.

    And, if you think I stretching things a bit by saying they fall into the realm of classical fascism just stop and think a second... ultra-nationalism, suppression of society in general and their dissidents, control of the economy by the state, control of the media by the state, military action against neighboring countries and good old fashion autocracy where power is controlled by a small oligarchy answering to one man.

    But, there is 25% of the essay that could be considered valid. For example, I speak about their ability to purchase more weaponry because it costs less. This is a valid point but it takes more than a weapon to make a soldier, sailor or an airman. Any military person can tell you the tail on any weapon is very, very long (training, logistics, communications, maintenance, etc.) and the days of throwing waves of ill-trained conscripts at the Nazi hordes are over. Hell, they don't even have the numbers anymore!

    Anyway, I had my little rant. We have our own problems here at home which are in many ways the same but in many ways different. But, while I really don't understand many locals problems (Hell, I still don't read local news, only International! I need to change that...) since I spent my life outside the USA; nevertheless, I am well versed in International affairs, not all but some, and with many I have first hand knowledge which is the case here...
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