I Won't Let You Blemish The Sanctity Of Marriage!

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    tac....I know you to be a good man...and I don't hold it your earliest post against you. We all make mistakes from time to time...self included. The OP was, I thought a wry commentary on one aspect of contemporary social justice.

    Quite likely in 50 years time, monkeys much younger than you and I will wonder what all the fuss was about, not quite comprehending the depth of feelings of some in the present marriage equality debate: Much the same as many people would presently be scratching their heads with wonderment that folk like Andrea Perez and Sylvester Davis[​IMG] ;

    and Mildred and Richard Loving[​IMG] were denied the fundamental right of marriage, simply because they were of different "races".

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    In a spirit of reconciliation,I am happy for the moderators to delete in their entirety, posts #2 ,#3 and #4 in this thread as being irrelevant to posts #1 and #5. I hope that you will agree to this arrangement also.
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    lol .... did you threaten me with a baseball bat?
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    I did also...no...not at all. I was just concerned at the way in which the thread may appear to be escalating.
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