IBM To Buy Red Hat, the Top Linux Distributor, For $34 Billion

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. sec_monkey

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    It appears IBM is buying Red Hat for $34 Billion

    :eek: [eek3]
  2. DKR

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    I guess if you can't do any better, buy the competition - sorta kinda like Microsoft.
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  3. sec_monkey

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  4. Grandpa Patch

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    IBM and Red Hat? hmm....? Could IBM be looking to get back into the PC arena?
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  5. sec_monkey

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  6. Brokor

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    Satan wants to shore up the loose ends and control the cloud technology before it becomes standardized.
    Business Partners - Red Hat and IBM

    In the future, virtually everything will be cloud based tech, and only bandwidth holds them back at the moment (hardware issues via human interfacing), but once they figure out how to fix the human part of the equation (such as cerebral microchips) they can push forward. Think of your smart phone as an ancient form of communication compared to instant access to all information stored in cloud based data centers globally. The tech we would use to interface is the only question at the moment, but it would be matched to link up with every device we use, including ATM's, computing devices, phones, automobiles and other forms of transportation. They would probably (just my guess based on the trend) offer implants as a method to link people with tech, and AI will function the same as a butler of sorts, a tool to anticipate your needs and come as standard or premium with certain components. For example, you could have the basic implant which can be easily upgraded to support access to wider ranges of products and can be custom tailored to your needs. A smart phone or computer could then be accessed remotely via cerebral chip with unique identifier creating a secure hyper conduit for the user to interface, and would appear much like a virtual HUD in front of your face, controlled by your eye movement and recognized by brain patterns.
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  7. sec_monkey

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  8. duane

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    What could possibly go wrong in running down the hill as fast as you can on a dark night with all your eggs in one basket called the cloud? :( Right up there with all car, truck, aircraft, etc. engines controlled by a microchip computer, all banking records stored in computers, smart electric grid controlled by computers, using one companies patented seed with a terminator gene preventing reusing seed and dominating the food production. Jerry Young's story " The Hermit" is looking ever more likely. Maybe the Amish were just a little ahead of the curve instead of being outmoded in their acceptance of technology.
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  9. Dont

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    EMP could be a bit rough on someone with one of those implants..
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