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    Coaching my monkey's soccer team while my plantar faciitis is flared up AND with a swollen knee is painful.

    We didn't have enough parents volunteer to referee the game after ours, damn it. My wife and I are both certified referees as are a couple of the other parents on the team. But it seems like every season, my wife referees every game. I tell the parents that since I coach, I won't referee. But I am always an emergency back up. Every season, both my wife and I end up on the referee team together at least once or twice.

    Normally not a big deal if it is for a game after ours is already done. But after refereeing, my plantar faciitis is really sore.

    So after I get home, it's a little stretching and some roller massage. And then an ice bath to soak. The whole point of my post and rambling is... The ice bath is FRICKIN COLD!!!

    After I melted about half the ice, I had the monkey try. She lasted maybe 15 seconds. Then did a couple of two second in and out deals. Now she's taking a hot shower.

    I soaked just a little bit more after her. I had a cup of tea, which was nice. My hot shower is next.

    Frickin cold....

    There was a gym here that I was a member of for a couple of decades before they shut down. They would recommend a steam bath or sauna after working out, shower and jump into the ice plunge. Very brisk.

    I would typically come out of the ice water and jump in the pool and swim for 15-30 minutes. Felt so good. Then a hot tub soak and maybe repeat the process from the sauna on. Those gym sessions used to be 3-4 hours long. An hour or two in the gym followed by an hour or two in the sauna and pool.

    An unrelated story talking about hot tubs reminded me of. Years ago, I was a member of this upscale club. After working out on day, I felt the need to soak in one of the hot tubs. They have one in each locker room and a coed one on the roof. So I go to the locker room and there is one guy in the hot tub. No problem you say? Problem! He was standing smack dab in the middle with his legs spread, totally naked. His legs were spread just so, so that his uh, tip was dipping into the water. I ended up outside in the coed one. Much MUCH more pleasant! But some things you cannot unsee. DAMN IT!
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    I am reading your post picturing it as i read enjoying it as usual then BAMM. Holy cow i hear you about not being able to unsee things even things you are seeing with your minds eye. Lol. Some peoples kids lol
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    Probably would have liked that after passing out on Kaneohe Beach and sleeping through mid day before my "friends" woke me up to drive them back to Pearl. But, that was 42 years ago.... :eek:
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    You talking about the ice bath or the hot tub? [emoji33]
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    Bellows had the best beaches for the R&R and away from the crowds, but times change and the crowds move in.
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    The Ice Bath, of course! :D
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    Indeed!! I hesitate to go back to The Islands because I know they have been built up and see many more tourists than when I was there in the early 70's. Paradise lost.....
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    Not bad as you might think. New roads and tunnels help a lot and knowing that a lot of the North Shore is still 2 lane means you just set aside more time.

    Left there in 70, been back a few times and enjoyed each visit. KMC on the Big Isle is a good place to stay if you can work it out.
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    Still have quiet places to go to.
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    I imagine the ridge trails can still be a pleasant place to go, my choice anyway.
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    Very good ridge trails!

    I guess my post could have been more colorful if I said I was all busted up from my sparring with @Bear...
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