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    Our day started off with mom heading off to work and the baby sitter picking up the youngest one for the day which left myself and our 4 year old enough room to get in trouble. We cleaned out gutters, checked on the animals, did an inventory of items needed from the lumber store and headed off to town to pick up my trailer that I had left my sister when doing her bathroom renovation correctly. ( my parents had the bathroom redone at least 3 other times and with a few short years it would be back the way it was, so I done it right and left them to finish the details and let's just say it's going on 5 months and still in the making at least it's usable with great structure). So to continue, we went to pick up the trailer and headed over to get some lumber to repair some of the fencing that couldn't hold its own weight much less keep an animal in. Ran into a customer that had some questions and of course we headed to check out his job site to educate or offer input on installing a good foundation for a house slab (I am sort of a concrete engineer). Finished up there and headed to the best eatery in town next to my mother in laws restaurant and got my son a double stack of Mickey Mouse pancakes!!! Yes they make him special pancakes that look like Mickey Mouse. I got soft taco with shredded beef, fresh guacamole and other toppings. It was great. Had a nice conversation with a retired but what some would say still had enough fight in her to possibly do it another 20 years. I was not surprised as to why she retired but was intrigued by the fact that she suggested that I home school my two boys in an order to protect them from the poison in our education system. GOT ME THINKING even more. So we left and headed back to the house to work on fencing, replacing boards and screwing a few loose ones that the nails had started to back out of. We finished that and picked the garden of fresh veggies tied up mater plants and trained the cucumbers. We got us a nice big glass of water and cleaned up for a much needed nap, I didn't realize I was as tired as he was. So after a good hour nap the sitter shows up with the baby and I set him up and get the 4 year old ready to jump in the pool. Shortly mom comes home and allows me the freedom to spend more time with our oldest boy the 4 year old. I join him in the pool and coach him as we swim. He wants to play and I am trying to teach him, he joins the effort when I tell him I want him to be able to save people one day, I was surprised that he at 4 understood this. We swam awhile and went onto diving lessons, in the shallow end, I have to help him to the bottom but he's getting it. We soon get out and mom has dinner. My son mentions he would like some ice cream, and since we haven't had any since blue bell recalled theirs. So I think, well we have everything we need lets whip some up. Condensed milk from 2009 won't work so off to the store to replace that and you know I bought double what I needed because I need to replace what I had to dispose of. So I finish the ice cream and while I'm sitting there I get something in my eye, tears of joy. I was able to spend the whole day teaching my son and sharing my day with him, when all the while I was learning something as well. Cherish the little moments, they will be gone tomorrow. Take time to teach the younger, because they too will teach someday. Don't forget to pay attention, because you will miss something. And if you do it right maybe you to can end your day with a fresh homemade bowl of ice cream!!! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1432444253.840659. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1432444330.218543.
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    Awesome! Good words and advice.... Thanks for sharing...

    Take care and God Bless!

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    You spent the day with your son plus you were teaching him, these are the important things in life. Thank you for sharing @Pineknot.
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    It's probably the longest post I will make, I used the tree to recollect the day and share. Children are sponges, we just have to be careful what they absorb
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    No reason to be shy or quiet. Post away, and share your progress in teaching skills.
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    Mmmm, home made ice cream. Mama did some brownies and vanilla about mid day yesterday.
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