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    We are finally we are getting ready to build it.. an ICF Norman Keep. Thanks to the great info i received here we will start on grid and gradually get off it.. but the entire house will be pre wired for every contingency, from ethernet to intercoms and full 12 V systems
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    That's fantastic, good luck with the build!!! We built an ICF home as well and are coming up on 1 year since moving in. So far we have found few drawbacks, but they were mostly due to the contractors used- nothing specific to ICF construction. I can tell you the energy savings is insane. I'd say our home is within 5% sq ft of our neighbors who have a stick framed house with spray foam everywhere and our bills are literally half of theirs (last winter we never touched $200 for natural gas, they peaked over $400 a couple times), not sure about summer cooling bills yet, we moved in towards the end of August. I installed all the utilities and did pretty much the same thing, wiring for everything I can think of. I can tell you once you are in the house, there will still be things that will come up where you will wish you moved an outlet, or ran another ethernet cable. One smart thing that I've already used was running empty 2" conduits from the basement utility room to the attic for future needs. I did the same thing from the utility room to the shop and used one over the weekend to run a Cat6 cable over.

    I don't know the area you are building in, but we are relatively close to a freight train line with a screaming whistle- we really love how much quieter it is inside.
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    My general is a pretty savvy guy and we are going to overwire it for everything, including 12 systems and intercoms, ethernet and flat TV screen hookups. Former computer tech here so the off grid is right up my alley

    Also will heat with a basement log burner, so no heating costs.. with 8 inch cores and PNW weather no cooling required. It's on a rural 40 acres of heavy timber with an aquifer in the hill and hydro potential [woot]

    Only regular noise out there excepting critters is the air traffic for a small airport

    Will try to attach an initial 3 D picture of the front, my design buddy just got started on the design, but I already knew what I wanted. There will be a full basement with a parking bay, my new biz's workshop and dungeons (lockers for booze and other high value items) and a basement arms/reloading/range room

    Here's the first rendering.. main body is 28 x 50, battlement height of that is 25 feet. Towers are 22 x 22 and 3 story (plus full basement) That front opening will get a steel portcullis and the inner door will be AR500 armor plate, 1 inch riveted with steel straps over a 4 inch maple door

    vp7vt.jpg at Free Image Hosting
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    Nice Max, Glad to see you here, again.....
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    any updates, links or pics of the icf construction and or completion
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    Here's a website I found and am not affiliated with in any way selling ICF building blocks.

    There's an interesting materials needed calculator there.

    Clicky the free quote link. The above mentioned calculator only shows what's needed and that's as far as I took things. I'd think you'd need to give up some personal info if you were interested in costs.

    Fun site to play around with.
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    @NotSoSneaky , that is the best system, in my opinion, to you in my idea of what i want. I am a Concrete Manufacturer and have alot of experience with concrete and specialty pours. I am trying to get more definitive information from folks who have used icf systems such as moisture problems and such. I will be stating a thread to cover my build design and construction. With the increasing high cost of insurance, utilities and maintenance it only makes sense to look at a structure that will last for 500+ years and with stand 300+ mph winds, hail and fire.
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    @Maxflax any update or pics of your build
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    below are a few drawings supplied by the manufacturer Quad Lock. I have no affiliation with them, i am just a curious potential customer

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    I've seen and supervised a few thousand yards of concrete placed (placed a few myself) and can see potential difficulties with ICF. One, I can't see how internal vibratory compaction won't damage the insulated panels, nor how voids can be avoided without compaction. Secondly, it isn't obvious how rebar will be kept centered. Solve those problems and the idea is sound.
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    @ghrit i have developed along with others, a self consolidating concrete mixture, which takes cares of the compaction process. The forms have hard plastic ribs embedded in the forms to maintain their integrity. There is also a place designed to retain the structural rebar. I am very confident in the idea and construction. My concern is that we live in a very humid area, South Louisiana, so my concerns are mainly to do with moisture. I have found few people that have actually kept up with any data related to such information. I will be looking at quite a cost on building a new home so i want to cover all the avenues. I have several suppliers and manufacturers gathering information as well as some architects and engineers. I will plan on starting construction sometime in the next 12 to 18 months.

    I do plan on cataloging the information as i go so that it may be helpful to others. Most info i have received from the internet are pretty vague on the details, everybody trying to make a sell.
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    the attachments are details on the blocks that i am thinking about. Along with the r- value of typical design.

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    Pineknot, I watched two homes built up in ND with this system 2 summers ago. Looked to be quite a system. Went up VERY quickly.
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    Old style rebar is nearly obsolete now, this stuff has just been approved for WA State builds

    Helix: Micro-Rebar | Helix Steel

    Also, the concrete is shaken with a shaker power tool to eliminate voids. It's the strongest building design possible.. bracing is required for the forms at pour time to avoid blowouts. If this interests anyone, subscribe to ICF Magazine, lots of info and product ads there
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