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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Southbound, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Southbound

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    Just curious if anyone owns or has used an ICOM 5100a and what your thoughts about it are. Thanks
  2. William Warren

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  3. techsar

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    The only thing I’ve heard from local hams about it is the poor contrast on the screen.
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  4. Tempstar

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    Friend has one in his fly away kit. I don't care for it, but then again I dislike DStar too. Just seemed way too complicated for my taste.
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  5. BTPost

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    I am using the kenwood tm-d710 series dual-band radios around here... I really like the Remote Control Head and GPS/APRS features... Have no need for DV, as there are no DV repeaters anywhere around here...The best part is being able to program multiple Radio Services, in the 1000 Memories available... Yea, they cost a bit more, but they are indestructible.... I have programmed some standard messages in the APRS so a single burst can give location, as well as a simple message like “On my way” and time of transmission, so AlaskaChick doesn’t have to be in the cabin when the message comes in, but can read it when she gets back inside... Both Base Stations have AvMap6 Displays, that allow us to see where the messages were Tx’d from, as well as being able to be installed in the White Toyota 4X4 Pickup Truck for. Road-trip Navigation...
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  6. Altoidfishfins

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    Always been partial to Kenwood myself. But then I worked for years in a radio shop in an open pit mining operation that used nothing but Kenwoods.We were an authorized repair station for Land Mobile.
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  7. sheen_estevez

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    I have two 5100's one in the shack and one in the vehicle, great radio, hears like no others I have/had, currently in my shack is a Kenwood TM-V71 (which is used for echolink) for out local club repeater. a Kenwood P25 and Moto Astro for P25, and a Icom 9700. Out of all of those rigs the 5100 hears way more, on the Kenwood someone on simplex 10 miles or so have to turn the squelch all the way down, on the 5100 pick up with no adjustment. Even if you are not going to use D-Star the other features of the radio make it worth while. Repeater book loaded on the SD card, I travel and never have to touch the radio to change scan list, it follows as you go picking the repeaters within 25 miles (have to use the DR function of the radio) I have not had any issues with the screen, some don't like that it's black and white, something I got use to, VS the Kenwood yellowish/orange of my D710 or TMV71 you can set the display to dim down at a set time so at night it's not in your face.. great rig
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  8. BTPost

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    I bought a refurbished Dell Laptop for $129.95US to use as a radio programmer... I got real tired of using one of my MacBooks running a Virtual XP just to run PC WinDoz software that most OEMs use for programming their radios... It came with 8Gig of Core, a 256Gig SSD, AND WinDoz10... Oh, how I hateWin Doz10... Way to much fluff and they hid all the important stuff behind BS Wizards, and more fluff... But it is what must happen, so I am living with it... Fortunately, I have a BlueRay/DVD/CD Drive in a USB Case, so getting stuff on isn’t to bad... I am trying to not have to connect this box to the Internet, because I do NOT know how to protect it from Downloaded BS... This rig also has an SDHD Slot, to facilitate transfers from my other computers...So far I have all my Kenwood, TechNet, Maxon , and Ritron software transferred over and running.... Going to look for Chirp, and a few obscure hunks of software, tomorrow, and get them loaded and tested... One cool thing is Silex wrote a WinDoz 10 Driver for their Networked USB Server devices...All my radios are connected to my LAN, for Control, BiDirectional Audio, and Programming, via Serial to USB Cables where there is not a direct USB connection... Then the Silex USBServers bring all that on to the LAN, so I can get to all that stuff from any Computer on the LAN, as well as any of my mobile devices thru a VPN Tunnel from the Internet...
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