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    I have edited the iDen/ISM Secure Comms blog, An Interesting, SECURE, Comm's Device, for your CN-AoO | Page 8 with the latest information on Extended Range Antennas and test results, on using the Private Conversation Mode. I have also put in the latest Range, and Operations data that I have received to date. More information is expected in a week or two, but this is a significant step forward, for our Monkey Testers and Users. So, If you are interested in this technology, you might just want to reread the blog and get caught up to date, on where we are.
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    Excellent updates! Thanks again!
  3. BTPost

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    This is a BUMP/Update.

    Got a few non-Monkeys, going to do some Field Testing, of this System, for "Me". Professional Field Operatives that will give them a REAL Field Workout, and compare them with Tactical Team Comms Units, they normally Use. Data back in a month or two. Still no resolution on the External Antenna Cable issue. Private Unit to Unit Mode is now Well Tested, and well understood. Has No effect on Range at all. Range Data for WET, Dense, Rain Forest, and Hilly Terrain is 1.5 Miles, non-LOS, with OEM Built-In Antennas. Extended Range Replacement Antennas still have NOT arrived. Maybe in next weeks Mail......
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    I can't wait for the feedback and the antenna report.
  5. BTPost

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    The Extended Range Antennas FINALLY showed up in yesterdays mail. That only took a MONTH, mostly due to sellers lack of communications, but Hey, there ARE HERE. I have swapped out the OEM Antennas on five of my local Test Units, and from the preliminary tests we are seeing 50 - 100% range increase, in my local AoO. I have the Secure, Private, single Unit to Unit Mode, well tested and well understood, now. It would seem that we haven't even dented the eBay, availability, yet as I have been watching the average prices of sold Auctions, and they are still in the same range. The next ACCESSORY that I will be testing is the Remote EarBud/Mic with PTT, for silent operations.
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    Thanks for the information

    Thanks for the updates and the bumps...Some how I missed the Original.

  7. BTPost

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    Well, I am a bit disappointed that the External Antenna Jack has proved to be Non-functional in the MotoTalk Mode. I haven't done much more than confirm that FACT, and still need to understand what the internal ISSUE is. On a more positive note, the Extended Range Antennas have proven out to be a worth while investment. I am seeing 25% improvement in Range when compared to the OEM Antennas, in the Extended Position, and a 50% improvement when compared to the OEM Antennas in the unextended position. I have also tested out the Remote Audio EarBud/Mic with PTT Switch, that came in the mail today. It is fully functional, in Mototalk Mode, and does allow for semi-silent Comms and solid Comms in High Noise Areas. Both these upgrades, are available on eBay, for around $8US each. I just scored another lot of 7 Phones w/AC Chargers, AND Sim Cards, for less than $10US each including shipping, so the Price Point is still at the same place, for folks who would like to get setup with SECURE Local AoO Comms.

    We have learned, and VERIFIED, that a Simm Card is NOT REQUIRED, to use these in Group, or Squad Comms Mode. The Key Sequence to Boot the phone into this mode is:
    1. Turn ON the Phone with the ON Button. The phone will show "No Sim"
    2. Dial "911" and then hit the the Green Call Key. Then Hit the Hangup Key.
    3. Dial "112" and hit the Green Call Key. Then Hit the Hangup Key.
    The unit will then Boot into DirecTalk Group, or Squad Comms Mode, with the ability to edit the Channel and Spreading Code setup, just like regular mode. There is one ISSUE, when booted in this Mode. The Private Unit to Unit Mode is no longer available, as there is no Sim, and this is where the Contact List, and the Private 10 Digit Number, (DT ID) is stored.

    This was information was supplied, by one of our Monkey Friends, (adaptivesurvivor) who has a pair, and is in the process of completing a complete evaluation, of these units as "The Poor Mans SECURE Comms Device" The blog has been updated as well, with the latest Range and Operational data.
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    Sweet find, BTPost! Thanks for the information! Adding this to my operations manual! Again, many thanks!
  9. melbo

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    Alas, BTPost. I have not had a chance to fully put my pair to a test yet. That's what I get for moving quicker than I can find friends or network over the past 3.5 years...

    I'll keep trying and this is good information to have.

  10. BTPost

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    No fear MELBO, I have a few other pairs out as well. This a long term project, and we are just getting started.


    Here is typical LOT of i335 iDen/ISM SECURE Phones that I found on eBay.
    No bidders yet...

    Lot of 12 phones, with AC Chargers
    Starting bid is $50US... that is $4.50US ea.

    3 days left on auction.

    Motorola i355 Nextel Cell Phones **Lot of 12** | eBay

    If you are interested in getting into SECURE Local AoO Comms.... this just might be a cheap ticket..... .... YMMV....

    Bump/Update: This was added to the Blog, this afternoon.......

    One of our Monkey Friends, has graciously sent me three of the i560 Motorola Units, for testing. These are a FlipPhone version of the i355, with DirecTalk capability, JUST LIKE the i355 Motorola Units. The i560 uses the SAME Chargers as the i355s, and also the SAME EarBud/Mic with External PTT switch has been tested, and is KNOWN to work, as well. I have NOT conducted and Extended Range testing yet, but the i560 does have an OEM PullUp Antenna similar to the OEM PullUp Antenna of the i355 Units, and seems to be of the, either ALL the way UP, or ALL the way Down, for operation, type as the i355s have. On preliminary Inspection, there does NOT seem to be ANY External Antenna Port, or a way to replace the OEM Antenna with a High Gain, or Extended Range Antenna, as the i355 has, but that is just after a preliminary look. I found that the unit will Receive and Transmit in DirecTalk Mode in either the Open or Closed condition. This means that these would make a dandy Stealth Squad Comms Unit for Local AoO, when matched with a Remote Audio EarBud/Mic/PTT, and carried on a Head, or Shoulder Carried mounting with One EarBud in, and the PTT wire, run down the inside sleeve, with the switch at your Hand, along with the other EarBud used as the Mic. The version of Remote Audio Setup that I have seems to work, in this fashion, and leaving one ear open to the Terrain, is prudent OPSec Patrol Operations. Having the unit on a Head, or Shoulder Mount, with the OEM Antenna in locked in the UP Position with a drop of glue, would Maximize the Antennas availability and Range, for Operations. All the features and controls for the i560s seem to be the same as the i355s, except the i560s have two push buttons on the Top of the units, the I have NOT Identified, as of yet. The firmware and Tools provided by Motorola seem to all work the same, as well. I would say that they run the same firmware in in both, and speculate that it is the same, or very similar, thru the whole Family of iDEN/ISM Motorola Units. As more REAL World Range and Operational Data comes in from our Testers, on the i560s, I will update this section, so keep a lookout if you are interested, or have some of these.

    Read more: An Interesting, SECURE, Comm's Device, for your CN-AoO - Survival Monkey Forums
  11. Kingfish

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    I have three i355s now. Im checking out a few more on ebay. KF
  12. BTPost

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  13. Epa

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    got a question found some old 64k sims on this one site for 4 bucks i was woundering if the sims have to be programed before using if so is taht program required
  14. BTPost

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    Simms need to have the NexTel/Sprint format in them when you install them into the phone. One of the issues we have yet to solve is Cloning of Simms, so that blank Simms can be turned into working Simms, on the iDen/ISM Phones. So far this capability has eluded the Group, but it is being investigated. Programmed Simms for these phones can be found on eBay. Usually in the $5US, each, range.
  15. Epa

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  16. VisuTrac

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    The Dekart Software didn't work with my FX-033 card reader. Not surprising because there are a lot of them (readers and drivers) that purport to work, alas they come up short.
  17. Epa

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    i noticed when looking at that it offers the program and the reader/writer for like 38 bucks
  18. BTPost

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    Bump Update......

    We now have significant Range and Operational Data on the Motorola i560s...

    Range is shown to be very similar to the i355s using the OEM Antennas, when in the same position, (either totally UP, or totally down) Operations have shown no significant difference between the i560s, and the i355s, except the i560s can be used in the closed Mode, with an External Speaker/Mic/Ptt setup. One of our Test Groups has made Velcro Holders for them, that mounts them, with Antenna pulled up, on Helmets, or Shoulder, Velcro Attachment points, and external audio setups, to make them VERY Quite, SECURE, Comms. These are being used in ACTIVE Deployments, in real Field Conditions, and are proving very effective for SECURE Squad Comms, in local AoO situations. Battery life is 12+ solid Hours... in normal Tx/Rx operations. One Spare Battery seems to be good for most 24 hours Actions.... and they can be recharged in 1.5 hours from a vehicle based charging system.
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  19. Alpha Dog

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    Thanks for the info Im going to try and pick up four of them on E-bay, I also have a friend that works for Nex-Tel Im going to see if he can snag me some extra sims
  20. Ken_C

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    I was surprised at the lack of truly encrypted communications devices for use by private individuals in the world, let alone this country. a search brought up many hits for mototalk. i never new it was illegal to encrypt traffic over the air. my search was brought about because my brother and a friend were deer hunting and using FRS/GMRS radios for comms between deer blinds and were just talking back n forth about what kind of action they were seeing. well it turns out the local Department of Natural Resources officer was listening in with a scanner. the guy pulls up on the road and walks right up the middle of a bedding area with an AR style rifle and walks right up to my brother. they had gotten up at 330 and drove an hour and a half to get there before dawn and this turd ruined their hunt in a few minutes just so he could check their licenses. well he told my brother that he wants to see his friend so my bro gets on the radio and is talking to his friend who is just cussing this guy out (he thought that because they were using ear bud/remote mikes that their comms would be private) calling him every name in the book for ruining their hunt well the DNR officer was listening to every word through his own ear bud attached to a scanner on his belt. I though what a piece of crap this guy is for doing that just to check their tags? that was the reason for searching for secure comms. I remember in the army we used some kind of scrambling device that worked with a little paper punch card. i thought that maybe by now the technology would have been declassified and maybe i coulde find some surplus. NO. so Im thinking about getting a lot of i355s with earbud/mikes for hunting. but this site interests me in other ways as well i have always been interested in prepping for a survival situation or as you say SHTF scenario. lots of good stuff here I will recomend to my like minded friends. yes I know, way to revive an old thread. but i thought I'd share my story for those who think their FRS radios are soooo cool.
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