Iden phones connected to AREDN

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by bumpshadow, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. bumpshadow

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    Soooooooo, I've been fiddling around with AREDN, and I had a cool idea but I need input and how to do it. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to connect this too systems? I like the untractability of IDEN but would like to get more range. I suppose bridging these two networks could be the job of a Comms officer, at its simplest, but being able to use AREDN as a repeater like system would be way more fun and useful. Thoughts?
  2. Bandit99

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    Yes, an interesting concept... To state the obvious, on the digital side, the bridge would have to convert the actually digital frame of the mobile phone to a OpenWRT standard among other things... How would one get connectivity to the AREDN needs some thought...does one simply use a gateway - meaning - when you want access to AREDN you call a specific number for the gateway? This would seem to me to truly be a limitation since if the gateway is down then so are you where as if is a Cell site is down the phone will simply pick up another site and I am sure AREDN sites are not that common... Anyway, I am just thinking out loud here... Interesting idea...
  3. bumpshadow

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    Well, one idea i had was to use voip on the AREDN side. I was thinking hard wire a iden phone to a phone hooked to AREDN through voip. Maybe even something as simple as a speaker to mic interface of the two phones with a vox switch for the iden phone. Just kind of brain storming right now.
  4. Dunerunner

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    So, Jents...

    For the tech ignorant, what are we talking about here?
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  5. BTPost

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    The protocol issue is the main stumbling block in any conversion between IDEN DirecTalk and the AREDN network... The IDEN Phones use a proprietary protocol for their A/D and D/A Voice transmissions, over the DirecTalk scheme.... However if one brings just the analog voice In/out out of the IDEN Phone, then use that to covert to some standard VoIP over TCPIP protocol, and with Vox signaling, in both directions, it should be possible to make a Gateway interface. that would look like a AREDN Node on one end, and a DirecTalk T/R Unit on the other end...
    This would be similar to the DirecTalk Repeater a fellow in Aridzonia built 5 years ago, and put on a hilltop, with Solar Power.... Used two different sections of the ISM 902-928Mhz Band for each DirecTalk unit, and a different Spreading Code, as well to keep any close in interference to a minimum... He also seperated the two units, vertically, on a pole, to add to the isolation, between the two units...
  6. Merkun

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    Basically, it has to do with getting one comms system to piggyback on another. Tricky business, but doable. As with all such things, it's another path for errors to creep in with complexity increases. Off my radar entirely, I'll use both systems in preference. Might take two sets of hardware, but 2 is 1 and so forth.
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  7. bumpshadow

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    Ok. So my idea has merit and there is some consensus that my gateway solutions is possible, at least in theory. Well that's good to hear. Long way to go yet but still.
  8. Bandit99

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    It's always good to think about these things and if nothing else it stimulates the grey matter...
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  9. azrancher

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    Is he still publishing anything on IDEN? As I am in aridzona, I suggest you all stay away from the desert and 120 degree days, no trees and no water...

  10. BTPost

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    I haven’t seen anything in the last two years, about that stuff....
  11. hitchcock4

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    So VoIP is definitely the way to go. Watch this which I recalled seeing a few months ago and I looked it up again.
    If you can find wireless VoIP phones (I know they exist) then maybe that would help as well.
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