IDF Soldiers told to "Grin and Wear it!"

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    An article worthy of The Duffel Blog biglaff
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    this post useless without pics and a scratch and sniff strip
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    tac...I tried very hard to find you some pics of IDF hunks wearing frilly undergarments.....I really did.


    The best I could do was a pic of some American doughboys wearing underwear a tad more modest than the IDF fellows.

    Scratch and sniff?? You are a man with strange tastes! :eek:
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    At least they were New, at first I thought....!biglaff
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    Commanders, busy with battle plans had other things on their minds than what lay below their soldiers’ belts. However, in an effort to keep up morale they tried to get into the spirit of things.
    “One of my men got a full set of undies with the days of the week on them,” said Lieutenant Aharon Golding, a line of pink lace showing over the top of his fatigue pants. “I caught him wearing ‘Wednesday’ when it was only Tuesday and ordered him to change them. After all, an army needs to maintain order.”

    You dont have anything if you dont have discipline.
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