Idiots angry over Will Smith's "Hitler" comments

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Dec 25, 2007.

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    News story here

    I'll summarize:

    Will Smith (who I kinda like), says during an interview that he believes most people are basically good. And he goes on to say that even Hitler didn't wake up in the morning trying to do evil, that Hitler thought he was doing the right thing.

    Which, of course, is true.

    Now people are calling him pro-Hitler.......

    So my question is:
    Are people really that stupid, that over-sensitive, or just out to get someone? Maybe all 3.

    It reminds me of Bill Mohr losing his show because he said the 9-11 terrorists weren't cowards. Well of course they weren't cowards, they gave their lives for their cause.... evil, misguided, stupid, many things, but not cowards. Yet people got so upset about it that he lost his show.

    It's moments like this that make me lose all hope that this country will ever find it's way.... the masses are just too stupid and easily misled.
  2. ghrit

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    +1 or 2
  3. Evenglischatiest

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    It's amazing how "love thy neighbor" can be twisted into "hate anyone who doesn't love his neighbor."

    With all the lunatics in Hollywood, Will Smith seems to be remarkably sane. It's sad to see people trying to take him down with such a pointless attack. Ironically, those same people would probably argue that Hitler was just a product of his childhood, and we need to try to understand the environmental factors that make people do such things.

    I, for one, know exactly what Hitler was. He was an otherwise brilliant, incredibly charismatic man, who had a defect in his brain. Somewhere in those billions of neural connections, he had a few wires crossed. That defect left him unable to recognize some of the values most fundamental to humanity. In other words, just what Smith said.
  4. Minuteman

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    Your conclusion is pretty accurate. People are stupid in that they are easily conditioned. Perhaps by design?
    This is a trend that may go back generations, I don't know, but I have seen it in my generation. People are conditioned to accept the status quo and anyone who dares to question it is anathema.
    If I say that some of the details and "facts" of the holocaust story just don't add up I am labeled a, gulp.., holocaust denier! Or a supremacist or racist or whatever. If we question why we are at war and occupying a country that didn't attack us we are labeled, un-American, or un-patriotic. If we decry the loss of our civil liberties in the name of fighting "terror" we are alarmists, conspiracy theorists.

    I know it has gotten much worse in my generation. To question authority or the official party line is to expose yourself to ridicule and scorn from most people, and even arrest. In places of this world today it is against the law to do so. And I am not talking about in communist countries. How about Canada, Germany, Holland, France. You can go to prison for daring to question holy grail topics such as the holocaust, or Germanys motives for invading other countries etc. And right here in our "free" society we are passing hate speech laws, with little protest from the sheeple.

    Pavlov would be proud of the manipulations being foisted upon the citizenry of the world today.
  5. hartage

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    Much like lableing a way to vote as "Christian" or "unchristian". Your way is wrong my way is right. We go wrong when we impose our own on others.
  6. Blackjack

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    I think that's what bothers me so much about this one. With all the attention whores and nutjobs in Hollywood, Will Smith seems like a very grounded guy that's handled his success very well, the kinda guy I like having a beer with.

    I've never heard any scandals about him, he protects his kids as best he can from all the "star" bullshit.

    Never know though, I could be wrong.
  7. BigO01

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    The biggest thing they have against Hitler was he had the Gonads to do whatever "in his mind" it took to destroy his enemies no matter how vile that may have been .

    What he did was set out to Completely destroy the Jews who he saw as traitors to his country in WW I , and he didn't give a damn about public "or the worlds opinion" on how he did it .

    To a degree in a world ruled with back door deals and backstabbing galore all for personal gain no matter who you hurt or how badly you hurt them , to me this is a rather admirable trait .

    It is easy to say "The son of my enemy will one day become my enemy" putting a gun to a 5 YO's head and pulling the trigger is however one thing most would balk at and Hitler didn't .

    It is much more acceptable to the masses and those in power to make an entire region live in poverty and have many die from things like malnutrition and lack of decent medical care while they contribute 1/1000th of what they need yet totally controlling their destiny and lie to themselves that they are really saving people .

    No doubt that much of Smith's criticism is coming from ignorant cowardly far left types that if a Modern day Hitler were to rise to power today wouldn't even consider going to war to stop him , even if all they had to do were to cross their street .
  8. Brokor

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    I won't say the same about his wife, but Mr. Smith is A#1 in my book. The problem is found in working in Hollywood, where the business itself is predominantly controlled by Jewish Zionists. Nevertheless, his take on Hitler is spot on. Adolf Hitler belonged to the Thule Society, which later branched off and currently sponsors members like Bush and Kerry, as Bones Brothers. Hitler had some very interesting advisors, some were deeply involved with the occult and prophecy. My studies have concluded that Hitler was directed well, and every action he took, with exception to his final days was well calculated and hinged upon certain prophecies about the future...foretellings that would later become a reality. It was only a few key Nazi leaders that were dedicated to the holocaust, and they had an agenda as well. Just like any secret infiltration, all that is needed to control a large entity is to influence from the top branches, as the rest will simply be inclined to obey.

    In America, there are many repititous similarities, starting from our ties with Germany (banking families and even the Bush's with Nazi's), to hiring their scientists and war criminals at the conclusion of the war, and our current society has adopted many of the same fascist principles of Nazi Germany...only named slightly different and offered to the people in a different manner- "fatherland security" vs. "Homeland Security" is among the most prevalent.

    Too many people confuse the issue, and have adhered to ad hominem jecture and false dogma as a means to placate the truth. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Communist/Socialist, and is on record as claiming that one of his "closest friends" was none other than Stalin himself. Our own media at the time worked overtime to blatantly lie about the atrocities being carried out in Soviet Russia, and still do to this day. FDR was schooled and tutored by Col. Mandell House, who wrote a book entitled "Philip Dru, Administrator", which outlined plans for a World Order and advocated its adoption.

    The pot cannot call the kettle black, in this instance. Yes, America really is the new Deutschland of old...only this time, the planners have gone further with subversion and infiltration, rather than assault in the open as Hitler did. I suppose some may call this tactic cowardly, but few could even grasp the concept of creating dual campaigns to conquer the world -one in the open for all to see, and one hidden carefully in disguise and offered to the starving masses as the savior to their needful pleas.

    (On another note...I recently purchased the PC game "The Witcher", and it appears as though the US version is censored and doesn't include any nudity, as the European version does. This is a prime example of textbook BS, and it suits the minds of typified American psychosis, where we can view endless hours of axe-blood murder, but the human body in its natural nakedness is taboo and off limits. Puritans make me sick.)
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