IF, How to know IF what you Posted is the start of a discussion or an argument.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HK_User, May 12, 2016.

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    you have to always go back and explain yourself then you did not present your position fully.

    IF you need to make excuses why a Reader does not understand you then you did not present your position fully.

    IF you feel you must read the Readers mind to understand their reply then they did not present their position fully.

    IF you must justify your post after the fact "I'm good at this I've been doing all my life.." then you did not present your position fully.

    It is the job of the Writer to provide all the information in the most clear and concise way possible .

    It is not the Readers Job to figure out what the Writer "said", "meant", "might have meant" or "what the writer might have been thinking", nor is it customary to assume the Reader has an in depth understanding about the Writers "extended experiences."

    Anything less then you did not present your position fully.

    The above is the basic needs, in writing, to advance in life if you are involved in more than Dumpster Diving.

    None of this is to suggest that a POST should be verbose, prolix, diffuse to mean using more words than necessary to express thought. This wordy way may also imply loquaciousness or garrulity <a wordy speech>.

    I will guarantee that reading for content before posting, as if you are the Reader, will provide a greater satisfaction on the Forum as well as at Work.

    You cannot orchestrate the Beginning, The Middle and the End of a thought/post. To think you can is to insult the Reader and a belief within you that you are of a superior intellect than the Reader.

    To do so you might as well use the worst case comment of "I didn't mean to confuse you.> to the Reader." When in fact the Post was incomplete due to your plans to control it.

    The above statement "I didn't mean to confuse you." is good way, in a real world, to get your lights punched out, this by insulting a co-worker or a boss so much that you need to seek other work.

    How's it been working so far with your way?

    Laying traps and having pat answers to control the direction of a post is a never ending failure.

    State your case and go on, to continue to argue or change the subject, and redirect the POST so that you might cause yet another conflict or misunderstanding is more in the way of a Troll than a person who wants an honest discussion that might help other Monkey Forum Readers.

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    Thanks @HK_User love this post! So true about communication and saying passive/aggressive crap like "I didn't mean to confuse you..." is so disrespectful of other people.

    we all have a 'lens' that we view the world from. The 'lens' is based on our raising, beliefs and experiences and opinions. When we don't allow other people their opinions and have to be 'right' or 'righteous' on a post, it creates unnecessary problems in the monkey tree.

    I predict that if we do have a SHFT, that people who communicate like the above example, won't live long.
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    They would best be described as Targets.
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    Can you explain the OP to me....I just didn't get it.

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    /\ /\ /\ [LMAO]
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    I apologias if my thoughts happen to get ahead of my fingers, you can't trust spell check ,,and I do reread before I post but there are days...
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    Not to imply anything, hands get stiff but that happens to all of us.

    As many will notice, I often go back and edit mistakes.
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    And learning (touse), to use a tablet.. RRR!!

    A very good post @HK_User , I can say I find reading a post after it was posted and noting that I had not clearly stated my intent well, is to late to clarify it.. Just tuck tale and scurry away.. No explaining.. It would only lead to an argument.. And, no one likes that.. Thanks HK..
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    Or an Iphone>
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    To tell the truth, the ill considered responses start more arguments than poorly constructed original posts.
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    What is a post? Providing information on a subject or pointing out were information can be found to someone requires all of the mentioned factors and you may spend hours on writing on a subject and get so involved in it if it is your area of expertise, that it gets to be meaningless. Most masters thesis in college seem to achieve that goal. A simple comment, using your information to correct or add to a post may only take a minute. In a recent post I referred to blood spots on eggs as a sign that they were fertilized, I have thought that to be true for 70 years, but it isn't true. Maybe didn't mean much to anyone else, but I liked the comment that corrected that belief.. The next time it could be correcting a belief that could get me killed. Another type of post is the simple attaboy. If an author has spent many hours writing a story I have enjoyed, I like to tell him so, or if someone has found an post . pdf or e book and puts in the resource area or a news event on another forum, I like to thank them. Sometimes it is much more liked, than hitting the like button. Some posts are simple comments on observations on life, politics etc and to me change the forum from a sterile source of information to a group of individuals. We do not all think alike and some posts may degenerate into a conflict over views, but if we all had the same views and sources of information, we wouldn't need to join this forum. I have read some poorly written SHTF fiction stories in the technical writing sense that had a profound effect on my thinking and that I greatly enjoyed. I hope the English Nazis never prevent us from communicating on the practical level.
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    I am so confused........ ;)

    Well said HK!! [winkthumb]
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