If only more Americans thought this way.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Big Ron, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Well worth watching. Don't know about the rest of the country, but Memorial Day and the 4 th of July were cancelled in our town due to the virus and any attempt to complain about it was crushed. Town Offices closed, virtual Town Board meetings, Vet groups not allowed to have in person meetings, parades, civic groups meeting at cemetery were forbidden, church services cancelled, on and on, and enforced by the police under the Order of the State officials.

    As she pointed out in her talk, the State does allow protests, group meetings to support BLM, etc. While no political comment is intended, it would seem that the response to the crisis has been somewhat biased and flawed. It used to be said that you could never trust a used car salesman, they are now almost godly compared to most of our politicians, mass media, state officials, and many of our most visible spokesmen.
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    This woman knows what's up. Mostly.
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    I can say I helped a Vet who was there.
    FWIW. this means on the ground and lasing targets.
    Really good guy when I read a write up for his work it said in great big letters>
    Before you stands a HERO Of course those text where not visible but the meaning of his award and the fact it was Hand Written and who signed it left no doubt about the unassuming man sitting at attention and what he saw and did.
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    She's pretty much spot-on...except she didn't go into much of the hate and distrust in Yugo dated back to the Hapsburgs, Tito and WW2 but in truth it really wasn't important as they turned it into religion (Christian vs. Muslim). And, what she didn't go into was that the playbook that was used in former Yugoslavia and now America is exactly the same one used in post-war Germany when the Nazis came to power - almost a 100% the same.

    I was in Yugoslavia prior to the war (I vacationed in beautiful Dubrovnik) and right after the war (went in with Dayton Accords) and spent 3-4 years there and Kosovo. It's hard to explain the devastation (think WW2 bombed out cities) and especially the insanity on both sides...unless you realize that in every Civil War it's always the same (America, Russia, Spain, etc.)...and an atrocity begets more atrocities...just like on the Eastern Front or the Pacific Islands (WW2), Vietnam...

    But, yeah, she's spot-on about most of it...and that's what's coming to America. I have started to believe that no matter if Trump wins the election or not this will happen...if he wins, they will push us over the edge. If he loses, they will regulate and rewrite laws clamping down with their foot on our throats and push us over the edge.

    EDIT: One thing she said I think has an amazing amount of importance and insight and that is 'as goes America goes the Free World'... Should America splinter the world will look very different the following day...
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