if u could buy one fixed blade knife,one axe?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by joeowens47@yahoo.com, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. im wanting to buy 1 fixed blade knife ,i axe .what would yall recamend? id want to be able to count on them when needed .last a LIFE TIME ?
  2. CBMS

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    talk to our local blademan. Valk. His blades are possibly the prettiest and most durable hunks of metal I have ever used. As for an axe I would go ask the local ranger post what they use for axes. up here I would ask a bush Fire fighter. depends on if the axe is gonna be for hiking or long term use.
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    I use an ax for serious cutting, although I do have a small trail/camp ax that stays with my truck. I prefer a double-bit with a hickory handle because I am somewhat of a traditionalist and the one I have, I don't have a clue who made it (it used to belong to my grandfather) but I still use it and my son will use it when I die. One knife? Don made me a pair of beautiful little skinners that are really handy but I think something with a bit more blade would serve general purposes better; I carry a Benchmade nimvarius most of the time.
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    One of my favorites is a Bush Camp knife from Knives of Alaska (6", D2 steel). I gave that one to my first son-in-law, and now I just use a Buck Vanguard for general purpose.

    My favorite hatchet is an all stainless steel Estwing

    My favorite full size axe is the double bit (USA made) axes I used in the US Forest Service. They sharpened well and kept an edge. You can easily chop down a 2-3 ft. diameter tree with one of these well sharpened axes. We just used a flat file in the field to keep them sharp. My favorite used to be sold by National Fire equipment but their web page no longer shows it. Here might be a similar one, but usually a premium quality US made axe with US hickory handle will be $60 or more. Don't waste money on the cheap-ass Chinese made axes at Home Depot or Lowes. Horrible steel and blade geometry.
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    I'm having another group buy on Fighters so you might consider those and read what monkeyman has put his through. $235 gets you a 154CM knife, black Kydex w/Tek-lok and you'll be set!
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