If you "Opt out", you go on the list...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, Nov 23, 2010.

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  2. RightHand

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    Well, I've always been on someone's "list" and it's usually a pretty stinky one.
  3. Brokor

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    source: Northeast Intelligence Network » DHS & TSA: making a list, checking it twice

    Like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and the vast number of growing dissenters numbering around 20 million...

    source: Northeast Intelligence Network » DHS & TSA: making a list, checking it twice

    Of course. We can't have slaves exercising rights to dissent, we would lose the upper hand as rulers.

    source: Northeast Intelligence Network » DHS & TSA: making a list, checking it twice

    Well, if you say so -IT MUST BE TRUE! We love the government! We love enslavement! We love mercury in our vaccines! We love radioactive water! We love GMO foods! We love torture! We love hypnotic news broadcasts! We love shopping for stuff we don't really need! We love taxes! We love death! We love sacrificing our children! We love security!

    Just another brick in the wall, folks.
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    I love Jesse's new show.. btw.. It's awesome! I watch it when my wife is around so she can get a glimpse of some of the more "main stream", tangible, conspiracies. I even got a "wtf" out of her on one of the episodes. Can't recall which.. I was just shocked she responded ..lol.
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    YouTube - TSA Tactics Find Ominous Parallel in Nazi Germany - Alex Jones Tv Sunday Edition 1/5
    There's one of the latest bits from Alex with some critical info everybody needs to digest. Once the body scanners and the strip searches at airports gains momentum, and as these pat-downs continue, it's just a step away from doing it on the streets. The scanner trucks already exist, the plan is set. FEAR tactics, you WILL SUBMIT or you will be DETAINED, INTERROGATED, and TORTURED.

    Wilkommen am Deutschland, 1933! EIn Land, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!
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    Well, I'm opting out .... of flying altogether. So, maybe I'll be on the list? Maybe forums discussing this issue will also be on the list ....
  7. Joseph Thomas

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    I've opted out since 2004 when they made me take my shoes off and patted me down. If Americans put up with this violation of their 4th Amendment rights, The terrorists truly have accomplished their aims.
  8. ghrit

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    Put me on the list ASAP. There are enough folks that legitimately fondled me for medical (and other reasons) that any others might be more than I want. And taking the chance that the pictures in the booth might be saved (in spite of assurances to the contrary) means I go the pat down route.
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    This whole thing with the TSA is simply crap. All these so called safety measures are all a smoke screen. If they really wanted to make the airways safe, they would handle the whole situation like Israel does. When your very existence depends on getting it right from the very beginning, you tend to get it right real fast. What's wrong with duplicating something that already works.

    If people weren't in such a hurry all the time anyway, they wouldn't need to fly so much. I gave up flying over 30 years ago. The only flying I plan on doing is when the good Lord gives me wings. If I can't drive there or get there by train, horse or mule or wagon, I'm not going. Any way, nobody ever fell 30,000 feet out of a Ford.
  12. BAT1

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    While the borders are wide open. put TSA on the Border!!!!
  13. azprospector

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    Heaven forbid. They can't do what they are doing now the right way. Put them on the border and they would spend the next 6 months putting up WELCOME - COME ON IN signs every 25 feet along the border. I know the TSA people in the airports are just doing what they are told but that is what worries me. If the powers to be that oversee these line people can't see what's going on, could you imagine what would happen if they had some influence over boarder issues.
  14. Brokor

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    I just wish somebody would start up an airline that encourages open carry on board and refuses to submit to these federal fear mongers. I would like to see the people with turbans and burkas profiled and held out of line, while children and parents with six-shooters strapped to their sides are allowed to pass through without being harassed. The only check necessary is to ensure the guns are unloaded and re-loaded with airline safe ammunition...but this is only a dream.
  15. azprospector

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    Well I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. First of all it makes sense and secondly, it's practical. Two things the government knows nothing about.
  16. Disciple

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    Well I do not like to fly and that gives me just one more reason not to along with one more reason to distrust the government, and another reason to particuraly hate this regime.
  17. Seawolf1090

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    More brilliant leadership from the Dot.Guv......... When the airlines are on the brink of failure and get their bailout of obamabucks, will the Liberals blame THAT on Bush as well....? :rolleyes:
  18. azurevirus

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    I think AZprospector hit on more truth than he knows..the TSA ppl do what they are told..as soon as they get the eonomy to tank..what ppl that will survive that..will do as they are told ..or starve or something
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