If You See A ‘Child’ Sitting In The Road

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    Police Warn, If You See A ‘Child’ Sitting In The Road While Driving, Keep Your Doors Locked

    When it comes to earning things, there are two different types of people. There are those who work day and night to get what they want. They don’t cut corners, they don’t sleep, and most importantly, they don’t break the rules. With the good, there is always the bad. In this case the bad are criminals. They will go to great lengths to get what they ultimately don’t deserve. With that said, police have issued a warning for people to keep your doors locked if you drive by a child sitting on the road.


    Criminals try to take advantage of people in vulnerable situations. They steal identities and credit card information because it’s easy and creative. People let their guards down and trust mankind too much, which plays into the hands of criminals.

    The reason why police are issuing a warning for people to keep their doors locked is because of an incident that occurred to a woman in Beaufort, North Carolina. The woman is 33 years old and she was driving home from work at around 1:30 am. She noticed an object sitting in the middle of the road that looked to be a small child.

    Because it was dark outside, she couldn’t really make out the object. So she carefully slowed down as she approached it. As she got closer to the object, she realized that it was not a child, but a dummy that was dressed like a child. She smartly stayed in the car and it was a good thing that she did. Because moments later, she saw individuals approaching her car with black hoodies.


    The two individuals attempted to get into her car by opening the handles. The car happened to be locked, thankfully, so the woman was able to get away quickly. Once she was at a safe distance, she informed authorities of what had happened.


    Carteret County Deputies arrived at the scene and found the dummy. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the two individuals who attempted to break into the woman’s car. One of the officers, Major Jason A. Wank, explains to the public that the best thing to do in a scenario like this is to drive away. If the woman had gotten out of the car, she could have been carjacked or something much worse. After scoping out the scene and hearing the woman’s statement, police issued a warning for people to keep your doors locked while driving on the road.

    The good news is that the deputies were able to find the people behind this incident thanks to a tip. The individuals were three children, ages 10, 14 and 17. One of the kids informed police that the whole thing was just a prank. It’s still unclear why the three kids approached the vehicle, but it goes to show that you need to protect yourself and your car.

    Police Warn: If You See A “Child” Sitting In The Road While Driving, Keep Your Doors Locked
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    I wonder how these wayward pranksters would have felt if one of their number caught a 9mm HP in the chest as that person wearing a hoodie, was obviously attempting to intimidate and scare the occupant of the car at the very least! Their true intent is unknown thanks to a simple door lock. Yes it was very lucky for all involved. It would have been a traumatic but justified shooting in my opinion.
    Never forget, if you shoot, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Nothing you say to the police will be used to exonerate you, but instead if used will be for an attempted conviction of wrong doing. It is the world we live in. Say no more than, I was in fear for my life and I am too upset to say more until I have conferred with an attorney.
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    A 10,14,17 year old can kill you just as easily as a 21 year old.
    Prank my azz!
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    Not anywhere at that level, but many years ago I worked in a downtown location in a major southwestern border city. The building was a few blocks from the border and surrounded by an area where the police did not go into alone after dark. Several times my car was vandalized in the parking lot, company paid all damages, a couple times it was damaged by thrown objects as I drove thru the streets to get to work or go home, one time by children as young as 4 or 5. None of the adults watching knew anything about it and of course none spoke English, The police basically did nothing as it was only a minor property crime, no injuries, etc, and they didn't want to make trouble in the neighborhood. Had planned on working there, was a good paying job and I enjoyed it, quit after 4 years and moved on. Not worth the trouble. The rot is spreading and so is the used to be sub culture of race, violence, disrespect of others and their belongings and the sense of entitlement that seems to go with it. It is no longer limited to the "hood" nor even to a particular racial group. The area is now mostly parking lots, streets, green zones, etc. As the buildings were burned down or torn down as the owners could not or did not want to maintain them, no new buildings were built to replace them. In this particular area recolonization or as the politer term gentrification has not occurred. It is also seemingly spreading at an increasing rate and it is getting ever harder to avoid such areas as some, Detroit, Cleveland, and Baltimore , come to mind, now surround the major traffic routes, and as the inner areas collapse, their residents move ever farther afield.
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    My general operating standard is no good deed goes unpunished.
    So I would keep on trucking.
    Not my money, not my circus, kind of thing.
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    Had it been a child? What then? Evil knows no bounds and some would place a child in harms way to get what they want?
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  8. Seawolf1090

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    In sunny Florida, we can protect ourselves against carjacking with deadly force. These "kids" are playing a very dangerous game. This could go so seriously wrong.
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    Just think the potential reward for doing the right thing, best case scenario is probably nothing.

    Lets say you do find a kid sitting in the road and it is just a kid sitting in the road. The parent of the year who allowed the situation could say "that's the person who took my baby" just to save their own ass.
    Now you are arrested for kidnapping.

    Or its a trap, the "kid" is doll or is a real kid used as bait. Either way it's a trap. Stopping to help doesn't improve the situation at all.

    No positive outcome for doing the right thing.
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    Love your tag lines: I write and teach a lot of highly technical training material, and the tech writers we farm out the raw material to are notorious for cruddy grammar, and trust spell-check or auto-correct far too much. I get so distracted proofing stuff, I forget the content...
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    I have no problem if it's a doll, but if not, it would not be the first unattended kid that wondered into the street.

    PPD: Pensacola woman was asleep as two young kids wandered into street
    There are hundreds of examples.

    I would have to stop, park the car in the road to protect the child from traffic or do something. Since I am always armed I would take my chances.
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  12. tacmotusn

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    I like the way you think. I would probably stop well short of the child, lock doors, dial 911, make my ccw completely unimpeded available, back up 75 to 100 yards with 4 way flashers on. Observing the situation and awaiting local Leos.
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    My guess is things in this country and the world will get worse and worse. I suppose one could make a case of over population being the root cause but there are a multitude of reasons adding fuel to the fire: ideology, religion, poor education... Anyone that has lived or work overseas will tell you that children are as dangerous as adults, especially if in packs, and, that danger is now in America. An individual must change with the times, adapt, and sometimes that means even going against our own good nature.
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  14. UncleMorgan

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    Just for perspective: After Berlin was occupied by the Allies in WWII, American GIs had to be given some very specific warnings about the orphaned children that were still living in the rubble.

    Apparently several battle-hardened combat veterans had been killed by wolf-packs of feral children, many of whom were only five or six years old.

    The children robbed them, of course, for whatever they could get for barter.

    And then they ate them.

    There are a lot of places in the world right now where a child with a weapon is at least as dangerous, if not more, than the most hard-core of adults.

    Those kids could very well have been three killers looking for their version of fun.

    I think they definitely crossed the line when they tried to get the car doors open.
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  15. DKR

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    This happened at 01:30 AM. If I'm out after midnight, I ain't stopping. Period. Happy to call and report "what looks like a kid sitting in the street" - but stop? Not a chance. I have my own family to worry about. And being dead or injured doesn't help them one bit.

    Has the US hit 3rd world status yet? Yes, in many areas, it has. Some places have never gotten out of 3rd world status
  16. tacmotusn

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    I just recently saw a video clip of San Francisco today where the refugees, illegal aliens, homeless, have set up tent cities covering the sidewalks and into the streets and alley ways. Trash, feces, puke, piss, and garbage, used condoms, rotting food, rats, syringes open fires, and more. The city council recently rescinded city laws allowing these folks the right to piss or defecate where ever they deemed appropriate because they couldn't help it that they were poor. With regard to that one law, it is my understanding that the kind caring folks in Seattle and Portland followed suit. I saw the video on twitter. They say the west coast leads the nation on it's future path. Well I guess this is what we have to look forward to if the dumbmasses continue to be led by ignorant stupid fools.
    There are reasons for public decency and cleanliness. Least of which is the spreading of disease.
    see for yourself. video of homeless tent cities in San Francisco - Yahoo Search Results
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    'Q' Ships.....I forgot to mention 'Q' Ships.

    Q-ship - Wikipedia
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    "And, who is my neighbour?" Luke 10:25–37

    I think T.Riley has answered that question, faithfully.

    A neighbour need not neglect their own safety in rendering aid to their neighbour.
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    That is a picture of 95% of the Alaska Native Villages, during the summer.... You can tell.... NO Snow..
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