If you were a trucker,

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by meyah, Feb 19, 2006.

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    and aluinum tubing, 4 pointed caltrops, camoed, dumped off of overheads onto roads, at night, were being found everywhere, would you keep driving?

    If you were a railroad worker, and pcs of heavy angle iron were being welded to the center of RR bridges, everywhere, would you still ride trains?

    If you were big brother, and dogs with PETN collars were diving under limo gastanks, would you still ride in a limo? If poison gas were being pumped into the air intakes of homes, would you still live where and how you do?

    If people were dropping dead of cyanide all over the place, from injections into food at the store, would you buy any food that wasn't in a metal can?

    If you were an oil refinery worker, and somebody kept leaving incendiaries in such refineries, would you look for a different job?

    guns just cover your butt while you let cold, fire, starvation, disease and infighting kill off your enemies. It costs Big Brother 50k a year to keep a jbt on the job. Take 1 million $ from Big Brother, it's the same as killing 20 of his men, cause they ain't working for free, for a year. Take 1 billion $ from him, and it's the same thing as killing 20,000 men. No sniper has ever taken anything like 1000 men, in many years of fighting.

    A stolen plane and 2 cases of flares, in 5 hours or less, would take CA off of the map, economically. 10% of the GNP, guys. many hundreds of billions of $, one man, almost no risk to himself at all. A flare every 2-3 miles, in dry season, and the pine forest will be gone, along with millions of homes and jobs. Poof. And they say that a few can't fight Big brother. :)

    If you were a prison guard, and somebody kept silently shooting such guards, and breaking out inmates, would you want a differen't job? If a dozen inmates are escaping every week, will that cost millions (or billions) of $ in prevention and catching them? 90+ % of prisons have no walls, most have no towers, just guys driving around the fences. Many don't even have a fence at all. If shtf, those inmates are going to boogaloo. So lots and lots of your cops and soldiers will be tied up trying to prevent that.
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    Oh, you are an anarchist. If you found yourself with a .50 cal through the head, would you still do those things?
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    I bet the Feds have a THICK file on you,
  4. melbo

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  5. meyah

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    whatdo I need to look at that for?

    I've heard sheep bleating before.
  6. melbo

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    No personal attacks or you will be banned.
    You are personally attacking some of the members here.
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    Re: whatdo I need to look at that for?

    Put up or shut up, click the link in my sig line!
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  9. E.L.

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    I bet you have, right before you [sheep] [do-it] them.
  10. ghrit

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    Yeah. Right before you set their back legs in your knee boots. [gone]
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