If you were to hunt deer with a .223...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by craneje, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. craneje

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    If you were to hunt deer, antelope, black bear, feral hog, or long pig, (ie game of 100-250 lbs) with a .223, what factory load would you use? If you handload, what bullet and load would you use? Does any one have some real experience in this use?
  2. Vetter

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    I recently started deer hunting last year. I only had one rifle and it was an ar-15. I used a hornady max I think. Deer dropped instantly! Though, it was suggested by my neighbor that I shoot it in the head.......... lol
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  3. BTPost

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    It would depend on your State Statutes..... Many States limit Hunting of Big Game, to 6mm and larger Projectiles... Wouldn't want the local Game Warden to pinch YOU, for hunting with a To Small of Caliber.... ..... YMMV....
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  4. Dogfood

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    I have killed white tail and some good size hogs with factory 55gr soft nose as with any round shot placement is very important.
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  5. Mudinyeri

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    M855 works fine on hogs.
  6. gunbartender

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    speer 70 gr semi spitzer soft points hand loaded over 8208 xbr powder
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  7. Redneck Rebel

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    Rifle hunting pretty much out of the question here in Ohio :(
  8. Cephus

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    .223 not allowed here in WV ,nothing smaller than .224 .You can hunt turkey with them but not deer ,go figure .
    Not to say that it hasn't been done and those that say it has used what they had !!
    Shot placement is the key !!
    Didn't know that about Ohio !!!
  9. gunbartender

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    .223 is actually .224....

    just use 5.56 to be safe;)
  10. rsbhunter

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    deer load if 223/5.56 is legal

    I have a RRA 223/5.56 with a 1-8 twist...i shoot 77 gr. Sierra HPBT bullet with 24.3 gr TAC (Ramshot) powder...1 hole groups @ 100, and good velocity....ALWAYS reduce your load by 10 %, read all the manuals, etc, etc.....If you put it in the right spot, it will do the job....BUT, you must know what twist rate is in your bbl...if it is to slow (1-10 and up), it may not stabilize any heavy (62gr and up) bullet.....Barnes tsx bullets are AWESOME also....rsbhunter
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  11. CraftyMofo

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    Winchester 64 grain PSP. THE choice for deer or zombies.
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  12. Cephus

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    I know that and you know that but they go by what is on the package ,and that says .223 .
    All you would have to do is get caught in the field with and they would take your weapon and fine you $500 dollars and you never be allowed another hunting lic.
  13. Redneck Rebel

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    Yep.. this for deer season:
    Ohio Deer Hunting Regulations

    Don't quote me but IIRC coyote and such can be taken with rifles as the regulations for those animals don't specify otherwise.
  14. Mountainman

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    Just print out some bullet data sheets stating the bullets are .224, carry while hunting and you should be good.
  15. Cephus

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    Went the state sale of confiscated weapons by the DNR and saw more than a few AR's and Mini 14 go for very little money ,that is accept the guns that were borrowed for hunt then the guy that had it when it was taken had to buy it back for pardner !!! LOL
    You can have all papers ya want ,but when the DNR says you're wrong that will be the end of the story . Best to not get in that situation in the first place.
  16. Mountainman

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    I guess logic does not prevail when dealing with any .goob agency.
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  17. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Nothing helps when it comes to the WV rabbit rangers I know alot of them and they are serious. Trout troopers love to take a mans gun and game then make him pay them for doing it.
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  18. wrc223

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    Last year I used a .223 to drop 3 whitetail.
    I use Winchester small rifle primers, Varget powder, and these Sierra Bullets - The Bulletsmiths

    The farthest one got after being hit was 75 yards.

    This year I used the Beowulf.....it was GREAT!
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  19. craneje

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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. It is legal in Georgia to hunt big game with a 223, the regulations state, "Centerfire only, 22 cal or larger with expanding bullets."
    I actually had a different interest (clue: "long pig"), what would be the best anti-personel load for defense use. The military is constrained to ball ammo by the Geneva Conventions; but, I believe expanding bullets are more effective. The best deer load should also be the best anti-personel load. Again, thanks!
  20. ISplatU

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    I know this is late in the game, but I hunt white tail with my AR, and use Fussion bullets.

    I have shot two dear with them. First only ran about 40 yards and droped( shot through the lungs). The second dear did not know it was hit, went right down ( shot through the heart). On both dear the bullet went clean through .
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