If you won the lottery...............

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    I have my tickets for both Mega Millions and Powerball. I have never been in Big Daddy Guns in Gainesville because the have Barnett 50s in stock. I cannot be trusted that close as I want one so bad, along with 2 or 3 pallets of Ma Deuce ammo. That will be 1st purchase, then I'll finish the new house, take a vacation. Let my renters house sit at new house while I have the rental doublewide removed and replaced with 4 bedroom poured concrete home (styrofoam block forms rebar re-enforced), while I am on that fishing vacation.
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    Lot's of interesting ideas. But, if I won that much money I'd do everything I could to make sure it couldn't be traced back to me or my family. Who needs a hundred hands reaching out every day with a sob story why they want your money. As for philanthropy, again through trusted and well paid entities that can't be traced back to me.

    Picasso once said "The life I'd like to live would be as a poor man, but with money". IMHO good advice.
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    I knew a young couple who won one of the first Florida lottos back in the late 1980s. First thing they did was unplug the phone, stop mail delivery and took a month long vacation far from home. They knew every "friend", "family" and charity would be asking for handouts!
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    Ride em' if you got em'
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    What do you mean “or?” Shouldn’t you be visiting hanzo AND @Gator 45/70 AND @tacmotusn? Maybe even all on one trip.
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    Wow! Would be a billionaire for a short while until the uncles get their hands on some. So between fed and state tax, let’s just estimate half gone.

    I would spend only income while trying to grow the corpus back to become a billionaire again. Spend the income. Set it all up so family and future generations can spend the income. Protect the pricipal. Uncle Sam's gonna want another half at death. Sheeesh.

    Income should afford a nice spread to live and thrive. And whatever else. Just don’t be stupid. Don’t tell. Don’t show off.
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    Yup, thats what a good lawyer or few would be for
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    Mega Millions at 2 Billion? Did I hear that right? Nope.. Web page says only 1.6 Billion. That is worth spending $20. Powerball is over 600 Million, also.

    While I do not advocate gambling, somebody has to win it! :D
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    Ok we all go on a trip to see @Bear ok?
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    I'm sure he would like that!
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    I would still be the same...
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    Yep ,,,the same , but with money,,,,
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    I would have to move, I don't live in a state that allows you to claim anonymously. Some states do, some don't.

    Own all my assets in pure trusts, not statutory trusts. Of course you have to 'trust' the people you put in as trustee's because you can't be a trustee of your own trusts.

    Living small is good, big houses and cars just scream 'come take advantage of me' particularly when you are new to handling money. Besides you have to pay property tax and keep up the maintenance on big homes. I can't be bothered to waste money like that.
    I have a bucket list for travel that could take me up to 10 years to finish. So for me, small place to call home and set up the management system for the $$$$ then travel.
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    I'd spend a lot of time and money helping out guys like John. He's been scrounging all the wood to deck the range so wounded warriors in wheel chairs can participate without needing any assistance moving from station to station. What he's done with no money and lots of love is pretty amazing.
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    I asked my son (the high schooler) what he would do if he won the lottery. He said he would give money to me, his Dad and brother then he would finally fix up his XJ jeep the way he wanted. That thing is one big oil leak so I asked why not get a new one in better shape. He said it isn't about the vehicle but about the memories & there are many adventures and memories attached to that jeep. That conversation was gift enough, I don't need to win the lottery. Knowing I didn't raise a greedy, materialist kid was a jackpot for me.
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    I probably won't win... I already won @Brokor 's Kelly kettle...
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    Kelly Kettle.
    You'll like the Kelly Kettle. Makes a fantastic air freshener in the house too. :)
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    Some good advice there... exspecially about waiting to claim your prize till youve had a bit of time to get yer ducks in a row.

    I also would look into setting up a seperate entity (not sure what its called) to arange all you charity & gifts type of things through.
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