ILBE 2 And Hydration Systems

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    I ran across a stupid great deal on a barely used ILBE 2 and have thus joined the ILBE club. Now, I'm looking into hydration systems. I'm a bit late to the hydration system game, especially in military bags. I've looked around, but other than the quick start card there doesn't seem to be any really good documentation on the ILBE when it comes tohydraton.

    A few questions, since I know we have ILBE and FILBE monkeys out there:
    • Is there a specific way that the ILBE hydration system is used with/connected to the pack? I would expect that there is a standard way the military wants the bags packed including hydration. The only thing I do know is that the pack has openings to accommodate the tubes. I don't even know if the system is designed to be carried inside or outside the pack.

    • The FILBE hydration system looks like an improvement over the ILBE WXP system especially when it comes to the carrier itself. I'm not sure how compatible it is to ILBE.
    I'm honestly not even certain I want to go with a hydration system at all, or if I'm going to.stuff water bottles in the mortar pockets.
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    When they call it a "system" it costs more.
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    Ha, I was looking at that very set up just last night, you did score good!
    What we did ( not S.O.P.) was wore our Hydration bladders externally ( easier to access and clean) but we used insulation carriers with them, so the 120 deg weather didn't turn your drinking water into a boiling broth of nastyness!
    The original intent was 2.5 liters in a pouch right behind the LB part ( supposed to be quick to service, clean) and the system could and did integrate with your N.B.C. mask and gear, and left all the room in your pack for your gear! I think it had something to do with balance and ease of access once on the move.
    For practicality, we modified ours to be worn externally for reasons above, partially because the insulated systems had out paced that system, and made it even easier to use and integrate with the rest of the gear! We also had a sort of "Life Straw" built into the supply tube so you could fill directly from a stream or other water supply and have fresh clean water!
    My current system uses a heavy Insulated 3 liter Camel bak that has been modified to integrate with my N.B.C. gear, PLUS, a WWII canteen with cup, and the later Swiss insulated canteen for carrying hot liquid for extended periods! Makes cooking much easier, especially if you don't have MRE heaters or don't want to use them!

    Below, This is the system your set up should have, it's good and should work, but they are hard to service and clean, and getting replacement bladders sucks unless you can find a source for them new! U.S. Mil. MPHS (Multi Purpose Hydration System)

    And the service kit!
    It's my understanding that the Mil. version can be replaced with the Camal Bak Bladder and it interchanges service parts, so there is that!
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    I definitely lucked out on the bag - there are almost no signs it's been used, just a faint sweat stain on the belt,and one of the snaps on the QD shoulder strap was deformed so it won't snap in. That may be why it had so little use.

    I did finally find that the flap on the bag was intended for the hydration system.

    Here are some unused surplus complete systems in Coyote for ~$40 including shipping: USMC TACTICAL WXP Source 3L HYDRATION PACK SYSTEM ILBE Coyote Camelback

    They even have the mouthpiece still sealed. I just bought one so there are 9 left.

    These bladders from Source also fit - mostly identical to the ILBE bladder except for black fittings instead of coyote.Source Tactical wxp 3 Liter Black Hydration Reservoir with Storm Valve Black 616223000507 | eBay

    I also found this 3L Camelbak that looks like it would work - is this similar to your insulated one? 3L Water Bladder Bag Military Hiking Camping Hydration Backpack Camelbak Pack | eBay
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    The bladder of the Camal Bak Yes, the insulator, no! LOL
    Lemme see if I can find a good photo!
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    Here it is, the Camalbak UnBottle Stowaway 100 FL Oz!
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    I like the wider mouth on the Camelbak!
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    Works great. I fill mine with ice and water when I'm out working around the place.
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    It depends on the scenario .
    In my EDC I have 4 bladders that are empty, but in the emergency event I need to go on foot I can find water to fill them first while every one else is running around crazy .
    Also have a sawyer filter so I can deal with water I know nothing about. Obviously when full the bladders will have to be carried out side the EDC bag but that's ok.
    In the event the cause of the problem is an EMP all my electronics will likely be junk so that dead weight is cast off . the exchange of electronics for water is not pain full at all. but my bag will go from 40 lbs to 50 lbs right away.
    If it is a simple hike I don't need a tube to drink in a hurry , I don't mind stopping and surveying the land scape while taking a sip.
    Part of getting in the woods is slowing down. for me any way.
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    ZACKLIES! WE would mix in a couple salt tabs, and an iodine tab, add ice and Tang mix, or some times a powdered tea!
    Now days, i mix in a version of Gatorade and ice! Wife refuses anything but water, but will add the tabs to hers! Go figure!
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