Illegal alien profiling?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tacmotusn, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. tacmotusn

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    At 11am today I just happened to have "The View" on in the background for noise, awaiting the noon news, and overheard a discussion about "Illegal Immigration" and the "Arizona Law."
    It was the cause for this post, as the following jumped into my head and I wanted to yell it at those silly liberal cows on the TV. My apologies to all womenfolk with at least an IQ above 85 with most of their brain cells working.
    All Illegal Immigrants, and Liberals, What is the problem with the police just doing their job? It has nothing to do with race. Here is what I mean.
    Driver # 1 gets pulled over for a legitimate moving violation. The law enforcement officer gets to the car and says, "sir, may I see you driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance." Note: this is standard for most every routine traffic stop!
    Answer from the vehicle: (take your pick), I don't need no stinking license! I don't have my proof of insurance. The vehicle is not mine, I borrowed it from a friend. No habla englis. or some similiar response.
    LEO: Sir, you are in violation of our State's driving laws. Are you a resident of this state? Do you have some form of picture ID? What is your date of birth and social security number? What is your residence address? Do you have any illegal items in the vehicle, such as drugs, open container alcohol, weapons on your person without a CCW permit, etc etc and may I have your permission to search your vehicle.
    Depending on your answers, and many others, that are perfectly normal and routine, in the course of a LEO just doing his job and trying to keep things safe for all of us, no matter how much of a pain in the butt it seems at times, this is not "storm trooper tactics" or racial profiling. You may be temporarily detained while they try to run wants and warrants and ascertain your true identity and residence and if you actually own the vehicle or have the right to be in possession of it. You may also go to jail if you have outstanding unpaid tickets and they think you may not appear due to proir bad acts.
    If in the process you are identified as an illegal alien or illegal immigrant if you prefer, your butt may end up in jail. Guess what? it's worse in Mexico and Canada! I have been detained in both and asked to leave Canada post haste. In Mexico a bribe was requested and, was all that kept me out of jail.
    LEOs of all ilk SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DUE THEIR JOB AND TO ARREST LAW BREAKERS THAT ARE FOUND. They should be polite and use the least amount of force required to accomplish that goal.

    If you have a lead foot or a defective vehicle, all of the above should be common knowledge to you regardless of your race, nationality, gender, or sexual preference. IT IS NOT PROFILING!!!
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    And so, do you think the liberal PS idiots care if the uniform procedures are followed? Anglo-saxons and Italians, Irish, Turks and many others aren't being profiled, law breakers are (and should be.)

    Time to wage war on the idiots, if only it could be done. How do you profile an idiot? (Start by looking for Obama bumper stickers.)
  3. dragonfly

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    I want one of those "T" shirts with GW's pic on it...
    "Do ya miss me yet"?
    Yup, I'm a bigot, a racist, and many other words I can't even spell!
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    Tac, I think your post is verbatim what is in the video of the AZ clip I watched on the same topic.

    Now look what you started!!! :p
  5. tacmotusn

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    Oh well, I have been blamed for alot worse. Strictly untrue of course. My feelings are, if they can't prove it, I didn't do it.[boozingbuddies]I didn't see the AZ video clip as far as I know, but I do know traffic stops intimately!
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