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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by SoCal09, Nov 12, 2009.

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    So I have an Illegal Immigrant discussion topic for an online discussion board for my government class. I would love to hear your thoughts monkeys...

    Immigration reform is a political issue in which the U.S. government continues to seek solutions to issues, such as universal deportation and paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the United States. How do you think the United States government can resolve the illegal immigration/immigrant issues?
  2. ghrit

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    Only two choices, IMO. Enforce existing regulations or loosen them. Guess which I pick.
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  3. Tango3

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    Fairly soon mexican immigrants and their decendants will easily become the "majority" in the southwest. Guess how long it will take for the dems to register each and every nino?

    IMHO: There will be no crackdown. There is no" issue"to resolve.things are progressing nicely..There are too many new democrats to be signed up to vote and receive benefits from Do gooder liberals in the us congress and senate.
  4. Ivan

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    restrictions should be loosened and paths to citizenship made available. there is both demand to enter the country and demand for the labor. the current situation where we only have a hazy idea of who is in the country and immigrants who speak up must fear deportation does nothing but foster abuse and push people to turn to crime.
  5. Brokor

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    [BSf]I call BS. The only "demand" you see to enter our country ILLEGALLY comes from the Liberal whiners and sympathizers who have absolutely NO CLUE about even basic economics and the current state of our welfare system, health care system, and declining job market. FACT ONE: Supporting illegals only empowers those who wish to prey upon them, utilizing their inability to FIGHT for the republic and the liberties which have been squandered away by ignorant, complacent fools.

    FACT TWO: The government itself defends and protects illegals, offering them rights which are typically reserved only for citizens; and further draining our economy with deportation without punishment. I wonder what the percentage of those deported is, who later only return knowing full well that the slap on the wrist will be nothing compared to living in Mexico indefinitely?

    FACT THREE: These illegals (the majority) are living outside our laws, many commit crimes like murder, rape, and kidnapping -not to mention sex trade and hard drug running, and a large percentage (tens of thousands) actually belong to violent, anti-white gangs. You want to make these people citizens? Our own citizens are being scrutinized and imprisoned for protecting their own property and family against hostile illegals. How does this make any sense to you?

    FACT FOUR: Smuggling illegals into America is a BIG business in Mexico; often times these illegals are treated horribly, women are raped, they must face harsh treatment if they want to even come here -and deporting them over and over again only serves to strengthen the illegal documenting and crime rate (against Americans) in Mexico. My point is, that we should hold the Mexican government responsible for retaining these illegals, carefully registering them, and prosecuting them for illegal entry and crimes against others. But, we do not.

    FACT FIVE: Our own government has trained and funded a large number of Mexican Commandos and drug lords (CIA) in Mexico and S. America, who have apparently gone "rogue" -murdering law enforcement officers in the Southwest, and building strong resistance against our own efforts to thwart illegal trafficking and drug smuggling. I know this for a fact not only because we can find these articles online, but because I just happened to be at Fort Benning during one of these training periods. I know that the US Gov't has a large stake in Mexico -and it is yet another Hegelian effect of problem, reaction, solution.

    You can continue to claim the moral high ground as long as you like -the final deciding factor will ultimately be "We, the People" Vs. "La Raza" and "Mecha", and "MS-13". And it will not be pretty. Make NO MISTAKE: this is an invasion, and it is an ACT OF WAR.

    *edit* That being said, I would also like to say that some Mexicans are decent people. A great number have already contributed in a positive way to our country, have taken the time to learn English, and know about our traditions and heritage. Mexico is a part of our proud heritage. This is not to be confused with ILLEGAL immigration and the crime base I spoke about earlier. okay?
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  6. Tango3

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    So illegal immigrants don't kill people, and fill our prisons; National borders and customs laws do? ,Get the (expletive deleted)Outta here!OSB
  7. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    I strongly disagree with your statement.
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  8. ghrit

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    +1. Upon illegal entry, they have already committed a crime, and knowing that, they can continue criminal activities without much fear of anything more than deportation so they can do it again. Unless they get caught in the act of a high level felony, they are going to walk; prosecution for low level crimes is more costly than deportation. The problem is obvious.

    Can't help wondering how they will police things when they become a voting block and overturn what is now in place, even if unenforced rigorously. Probably ignore it all, as they seem to do at home.
  9. Ivan

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    as long as they are getting jobs there is demand. if they werent getting jobs they wouldn't be here.

    yes, merely closing your eyes and pretending that they aren't here and calling it "support" ala liberal policy is shitty and doesn't help anything. of speaking up means you get deported fighting for your rights becomes singularly unattractive. if you meant fight in a more literal sense, people tend to be more willing to fight for the republic and its liberties if you let them enjoy those liberties and participate in the republic.

    id like to know specifically what rights you're refering too if we are going to discuss them. as to cyclic deportation, yeah i think its stupid too.

    yes, poor, desperate, uneducated people often resort to crime. just stuffing them in prison dosent work. youve got to adress the underlying issues. simply cracking down doesn't work.

    furthermore, the drugs should be legal anyway. even just legalizing the soft ones(or even only weed) would eliminate the drug runners income.

    not that i approve, but theres a lot more reason to be anti-white then there is to be anti-*any other "race"*. not that white people are any more assholes then anyone else. we just won more.

    yeah, thats why i think they should just be allowed to walk here. give your name and such at the border post, maybe submit to a pat down and medical examination, and head on through.

    oh yeah. the list of bullshit the US has pulled in mexico and points south is quite long.

    I make no claim to any moral high ground and must roundly reject that any such thing exists.

  10. Brokor

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    They are also ILLEGALS who do not obey our laws, and many become repeat offenders who just keep coming back. Don't forget that part.
    The underlying issue is, that they have been welcomed here by our corrupt government in an attempt to divide us further and strengthen their voting base. If we continue to grant amnesty, the problem only compounds. Even a retard can see this (not saying you are but, if it walks like a duck...).
    Now THIS I completely agree with. [winkthumb]

    The rest of your response is not worth commenting on. We each had a say in the matter.
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    Man, you guys REALLY have to get better at quoting. lol.
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    Samet thought, beat me by two minutes...12:13vs12:15(??)
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    I grew up in Corpus Christi, Tx, which is about 3 hours from the border in southern Texas. The one thing that upset me more then anything was as a child, and even now, just going to a local convenient store can be difficult, because in most cases, you have to know at least a little spanish. Now to me, I feel this is F*ckn stupid. Why should I learn another country's language? Why should Wal-mart and other popular stores translate EVERYTHING in spanish? Should we really make it that much easier for Mexicans to live in our society?

    WE just need some Fricken sharks with lasers...drop em' in the Rio Grande. Problem solved...
  16. Ivan

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    since immigration laws are the ones in question, i believe it is rather irrelevant whether someone is obeying them or not.

    not sure the 'strengthening their voting block' theory holds a lot of water. anyone willing to risk death to get to the US afoot is probably very poor. they are likely to stay that way once they get here. that will correlate them with the democrats to an extent. and yet, Mexico is heavily catholic and full of parishes that are quite conservative doctrine-wise. this will tend to align them with the republican religious wing. about an even split probably if it weren't for a lot of the racist blather that comes out the anti-immigration bloc.

  17. Brokor

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    Keep smoking, Ivan. You got to be stoned of you believe the crap you are tossing around. ;)
  18. Tango3

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    Well there Ivan you totally lost me.. contrary to popular ( Jenene Garafalo/SusanSarandon) beliefs there is no "Republican religious"wing"

    Like hillary's famous "massive right wing conspiracy" going after her cheating husband.(She finally admitted there was no "massive conspiracy ", her husband really was and still is a lout).

    On top of that the anti-immigration block spits "RACIST" blather; can't have an opposing view that's just "racist".

    I just watched "food inc " which explored the food industry..I was becoming inclined to agree you with abuse handed employees in the massive packing plants (or any industry for that matter),; but you know I'm just a "blathering rightwing religious racist".So I can't agree or support your sewage...[own2] I don't think throwing open the borders or citizenship by extortion is the way to go.
  19. Ivan

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    this is a democracy, so yeah laws are debatable.

    huh? of course there is. that's the social half of the whole social conservative/fiscal conservative alliance.

    there certainly is a good deal of racism on the anti- side of the immigration debate. you just need to watch one of Lou Dobbs rants about leperous mexicans infecting america to see that. not to say that there aren't non-racist reasons to be against looser immigration policy.
  20. Brokor

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    Emotions cloud your judgment, Ivan. Are you Mexican?
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