Illegal's Protest Bus Tours America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tacmotusn, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Talk about a slap in the face. Why are LEOs through out the Country allowing this to go unchallenged. Does anyone in a position of authority anywhere in this nation have one single ounce of guts. What a bunch of weak kneed lily livered pussies. Sheriff Joe where are you when you are needed most? I noticed in the article that the tour bus has not been to Arizona, Texas, or Florida. Why do you think that is?
    I don't know about you but this gets my back up. I for one have no problem with a mass round up of illegals in this nation and a mass deportation very soon afterwards. Screw the Mexican Corrupt Government.
    Our true unemployment levels have been at record levels for way too long. Employers need to actually fill their job employee needs with US Citizens. If they have to pay a little more and do some basic training, so be it. If they employ illegals then they should be severely fined and or penalized. Welfare needs to be pared down as does big government. Whole areas of non functioning big government could be completely shutdown with no effect of negative significance to the economy. We need less laws, less regulations, less taxes, less government interference, and a whole lot more common sense and free American know how to run rampant and fix this country. Big Government Sucks Big Time !!!
    Tell me how you feel. Even if you disagree.
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    I agree. If it were up to me, every Illegal caught the FIRST time would be chipped, spend six months in prison, then be released in Southern Mexico.
    Caught again, it's life in prison, no parole. Keep the Corrections employees working..... [winkthumb]

    Our Dictator-In-Chief has decreed that these CRIMINALS be given carte-blanche here in OUR land. Think American illegal 'immigrants' would be treated so kindly in Mexico....!? No, I thought not.
    Another thing I'd do, for those caught running or dealing drugs - it's 'the gallows'. As far as am concerned, that equates to 'attempted murder', and often targets our children. "Hang 'em High!!"
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    About a year ago, an illegal got shipped back to Mexico. He was working for a guy as a delivery driver. The illegal got pulled over and the cop "got an attitude" and arrested him and then he was deported. I think it went more along the lines of the cop pulled him over and the illegal got the attitude and was deported. Either way he is back in Mexico again. They are everywhere. I have heard that it takes so much to get a green card that most never have a chance. I think that is BS of the highest degree. I know two guys that earned theirs through military service. I know one guy that is here on a work visa and he's working on his. It is simple. Do the paperwork. Anything worth anything requires work. I hear people defend them all the time. Don't pick on them, they are hard workers. Well maybe so, then how come they are too lazy to do paperwork? Just my two cents.
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