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    I opened up my sons' school book this morning to help him review for a test. This is what I found in the book. Now for one thing. I didn't learn about Cesar Chavez until I was in high school (1990) and it was a public school, so I got the usual dose of hero worship for Chavez. You know.. "He's helping workers get fair wages and the farmers are bad..blah blah blah. While I figured he was a thug and that the only thing Cesar cared about was Cesar the card carrying Marxist. The guy was nothing more than a charles manson-esque personality. He wouldn't commit the crimes himself..he'd employ that of his simple minded unionistas to do the dirty work for him. So workers who realized that his efforts to force farms to unionize and thus raising the price of much of the countries produce and effectively removing it from the tables of good homes and struggling homes.. they got the **** beat out of them. All the while Chavez claims he was non-violent, but he sure as hell didn't stop them from beating people.

    So here are the pages in my sons' SECOND GRADE book. Further more, he goes to a catholic school. I thought it would be the last bastion of hope.. I guess I was wrong.

    Note the extreme one sided view of Cesar. While factually correct right up to the last sentence, there is a distinct LACK of "the other side of the coin". It may seem rather innocuous. But I submit that this is just the "First of a thousand cuts". It's text book psychology being employed. Bring happy happy thoughts and emotions of empathy to set the tone and then start to tell "something" about the truth but not in all it's ugliness. So it goes something like:
    He did this.. and he was poor and he struggled and poor poor cesar (as if no one suffered like his family did when he was a child) and oh yeah.. he helped organize a [violent] union and we'll leave out the part about the thuggery and cost of food and the forced unionization of farms..". But you know, you can't put THAT in a child's 2nd grade book, right? why did people in Chavez's union beat people up mommy? "Because they wouldn't support his marxist views", "what's a marxist, mommy?" ..

    Am I blowing this out of proportion? maybe a little.. maybe not. I don't know. But I certainly feel that this is subtle progressive tactics to set the tone for "liberal think" as he makes REAL progress through school.
    cesar1. cesar2.
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    2 words, "HOME SCHOOL"!
    Now that you have seen just a glimpse of the truth about the NEA, and the text book manufacturers (I don't call them publishers, because they rewrite history, and manufacture the PC new truth!), what are you going to do about it?
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    Yeah, the primary goal for that dandy gem is to enforce the idea that Mexicans are struggling to become like us, to vote, and work hard. This is what happens when you have so many Latino/Mexicans in the area; they will indoctrinate the children no matter what.

    I don't see much harm in this particular story, but it is clear by the "Think and Share" review at the bottom that they want the kids to remember the important parts I first described. I still cannot condemn them for this method...do you think it would be better than MY OWN method of teaching history? I will give you an idea:

    "An illegal alien is an individual who enters the USA without undergoing the proper routine checks. Often times, only violent criminals try to enter our country this way. In fact, most of these Mexican violent criminals end up raping our women or kidnapping entire families as trade and profit into Mexico to erase their own debts owed to even more violent drug cartel gangs. These cartels prey upon the people, and they make large amounts of money from selling drugs and young women in sexual slave trading. A drug cartel can easily perform a murder in the United States; all that is required is to hold a Mexican's girlfriend or mother hostage, tell him he must cross the border and kill the named target, and wait for it to be done. Even easier than this, they can simply pick up the phone and call any one of their gangs, which number in the hundreds of thousands, to perform the murder themselves. If an illegal is caught for murdering one of our people, they are sent back to Mexico, released, and re-enter our country illegally soon after, starting the violent process all over again. The US Military even trains the Mexican Commando soldiers in our own bases, and these commandos later join the Mexican drug cartels to lead the assault against our own police and military. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been illegally running drugs and sex slaves into the country from Mexico and other regions of South America for decades. The drug business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the government of the United States profits from enslaving its own people, turning law abiding citizens into criminals without rights." -end of history lesson.
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    Notice the fist that Chavez has in the picture on the right? does that update your thought that this is just about mexicans wanting to be like us (I agree, but I thought that this ADDED to the context)? I didn't pick up on that until about 30 seconds ago. Hello second graders. This is your unit 2 on Marxist symbolism.
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    Call me ignorant but who in hell is this guy... I take it this is a regional issue and if so why is this being taught in schools anyways. I say teach about Georgie and Abe and about the battles between 1861-1865...
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    Che is just one example of the many many rewrites in todays so called history books. Public schools quite often have little choice of what text books are available to them, or even being allowed to teach anything except the federal subsidized, state sponsored and politically correct approved curriculum. PTA is a joke participation wise in most cases, and even if their is interest, many school boards have their own agenda and want little or no input that doesn't firmly toe the line of their doctrine. JMHO.
    Do the best you can for your children. Home School. It will be better than most any public school.
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    The worst part is that kids are taught all the crap they DON'T NEED, are socialized into being overly self conscious, low self esteem psychopaths with no identity, and seek out answers in television. Then, at college they learn more stuff they will never use and are forced to take college level math that will never have a purpose in life whatsoever. By the time that's all over, your kid will look just like everybody else, think like everybody else, and act just like everybody else.
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    Hey some of us actually use that "college level math" in our adult lives.
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    If you use advanced calculus, I would be impressed. And baffled. What I am saying is, is that most people don't use it. In fact, so very few ever would, that it should be reserved for specializations only instead of standard requirement.
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    Home schooling does have advantages, though be careful about teaching your child about religion, well specifically Christianity. Might be a trend developing where DCFS/CPS view that as "child abuse".
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    Be impressed, then. I used diff eq on a project. (Had some help from a math wiz, but still --) Repeat it? Not a bloody chance.
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    Do I understand correctly; that it's half of the way through the school year and you've just opened up your second grader's book to see what is being taught? :eek:

    As a parent, you are the first and foremost person responsible for what your child learns. From manners, morals, and ethics to academics. How much time have you spent at the school? What else do you know (or not know) about what he's learning?

    Everything that can be learned will not be taught in any single classroom (home, private or public). It's up to you and - ultimately - your child to pursue education and information that will help him grow and succeed as a productive member of our society.

    If I were afraid of what my child were learning, I would be more attentive to each lesson, more of a physical classroom presence/helper (to see how lessons are presented) and part of the team that makes the curricula choices. Simplified; I'd get involved. :)
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    It's the second half school book. Completely new to me and the kids. So 15 days for this particular book, but I've been working non-stop or lose my job. Was relying on my wife to take over and that didn't work out so well. I had a moment in the morning to look it over. I can assure you, I do check it all.. but I will say that I let my guard down a bit thinking that this is a catholic school and it would be safer. I got burned; shame on me.
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    Teach/influence the children, and in a very few generations, you have all the good little workers/drones you need... and THEY will never question their supposed superiors...
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    Hey, Madison WI has Cesar Chavez middle school and also the original 'Little Red Schoolhouse'....and LRS is not just it's color! Think Mao, Che & Fidel!

    But then again Madison is the San Francisco of the Midwest!
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    This whole movement starts much earlier I think.

    I have two kids; both under three. We read lots of books before bed and I like to read stories with a moral or a parable.

    I ordered most of the classics off of Amazon (i.e., 3 little pigs, Goldilocks, gingerbread man, little red riding hood, the boy who cried wolf). They were all by the same publisher...can't recall which one...definitely not the same books I had as a kid.

    In each story, the lesson has been taken out...now, it's nothing more than a happy-ending story. For example, the ant shares his food with the grass-hopper.

    This probably seems trivial, but these stories just blind kids to the fact that actions have consequences. If everything always turns out all peaches and cream, how does one prepare for failure or negative events.

    Those books now live at the library...I just took them there and left them in the book drop.
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    So I spoke with his teacher about it and she was mortified that he was in the book as well but that it was a decision that the diocese had made in purchasing the book. The recommendation by the diocese was to skip over material like that but that recommendation is obviously not something that the children would know. So I took the diplomatic approach and asked her to raise a concern with the administration. If nothing happens out of it, then I will go personally. At that time I can say that I placed the control in their hands first before they returned the power to me.
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    Yep, I call this the "Disneyfication of Amerika"...... You'll notice a big difference in later Disney movies from the old folk classics. Again, the important (and sometimes violent) lesson of the old folk tales is GONE! In it's place the new age "touchy-feely, let's all get along and sing Koombayah!" message of Socialism.
    And no wonder young people go traipsing into the wilderness and get mauled by the bear or cougar that Disney taught them is just a fuzzy critter who wants love.......

    Hans C. Anderson had his Little Mermaid die in the end from unrequitted love - but then, he never had sequels and products to sell....... :rolleyes:
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