I'm amazed, shocked and worried.. my sons' school book

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    We use these devotionals Building on the Rock Devotional Series (all 5 volumes) - Grace and Truth Books and they are biblical based, moral stories. Each story has 2-3 pages and then some bible verses to discuss

    Last night is was "The Boy Who Gossiped". A young boy gossips about an elderly neighbor and it gets back to that neighbor. The boy felt terrible so he went to the neighbor to apologize and asks what he can do to make amends. The elderly man takes a pillow and hands it to the boy. They climb to the top of a bell tower in a church and the man tells the boy tear open the pillow and empty it into the wind. The boy follows the orders, wondering why he was doing this as the down feathers scattered all over the countryside. The boy then asks if that is it? Nope, the elderly man said now go pick them up and put them back in the pillow. The boy looks down and says, "I will never be able to find all the feathers. It is impossible." Yes, states the elderly man....just like you can never take your words back once spoken. Then we read James 1:3 and had a 20 min discussion. We read these around the table at the end of dinner and the kids alternate which story to read each night.
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    Nice! There is quite a bit of content in any given textbook that is passed over throughout the school year.

    I found that little snippet that you shared to be quite harmless and fairly age-appropriate. It certainly opened up a door for you and yours to have a conversation about it. As students graduate to higher grades, they get more detailed information to digest, and you get more detailed information to rebut :).

    Good for you for being hands-on and taking a stand for what your child is learning. I hope the instructors get back to you in a manner that you're satisfied with.
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    It did seem somewhat harmless and as I mentioned, factually correct up until that last sentence which only provided one side of the story. If both sides were presented I would have been agitated less by this. The good of it is that my 7 year old now understands thuggery ;)
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