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    Hello all! Dan & Sheila here from new. We have a catastrophic computer crash -- we got a
    virus that charges $69 to the person who infected us to get the virus off of the computer.

    Our son is a linux maven and suggested that we change over to linux so we did, loosing our passwords, etc.

    But we're back!!!! Missed this place!

    We have a new tenant here who is building a 16x40 off the grid home and things are gong well for them.

    We were contacted by a TV producer who is planning a reality show about people moving off the grid from start to finish.

    I have not watched TV other than our extensive movie collection but I understand that "reality shows" are their main stay.

    Looks to me that 2011 is going to be a exciting year.

    It's great to be back!

    Dan & Sheila
  2. melbo

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    I wondered where you went to. Good to see you
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