I'm baaaaack! Dang hackers and virus'

Discussion in 'Technical' started by dragonfly, Dec 17, 2011.

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    It's been ( shall we say) REAL? It has NOT been fun in any way shape or form....
    I got a really nasty BUG that has several different names....( "system fix" is only 1 of them!)
    I mean probably there's 32 or more. All the same, "extortion" to remove "SPYWARE" their program found on your system! Hackers!
    I fought, I fumed, I swore, and I threatened....to no avail at all...I managed to get back in via "safe mode"and worked thru a lot of crap, then I managed to get Internet Explorer opened....
    After downloading about 17 different types of "anit-virus programs", I finally found one that really works! Who knew? ( some are NOT allowed to be down loaded!) It's that stinkin' GOOD!
    Now I went to the "STOPzilla" folks and was told I'd have to pay $249.95, but then the good ole boy there made me an offer...Today ONLY, he'd let me have the antivirus software for ONLY $199.99! What a deal huh? He also told me that "IF" I went to "Best Buy", they'd charge me a "bench test fee" of $125.00. Then I'd have to pay around another $250.00 to get the vurus out, AND,,,that they'd also charge me a fee to replace the operating system, around $150.00!
    What a clown! I told him this was a $75.00 USED POS computer and I'd throw it out and buy another used one before he'd sell me anything! ( I hung up before I could hear his response!)
    Anyway, These JERKS that make these things , are getting MUCH better at what they do....This one GOT ME while I was on "Ehow.com", researching a light beam alarm unit!
    Nice huh? It shut down the system restore, the task manager, made itself the administrator and locked me out , then it took out all my desktop icons! Most things including all my favorites were wiped out, along with locking out the entire XP systems files. The hardrive was NOT harmed, (yay!) just had all the startup files and computers files locked and hidden! Sheeesh!
    It's bad....Now seeing as I am NO computer geek/whiz, it took ME a LONG time to get thru all of this junk! The good news is: I have isolated the files that caused the problems with the help of FREEWARE ( no ad-ons!). It repaired 98% of the systems missing desk top icons, fixed the task manager,and almost restored most of my favorites...Now one thing is bad...IT cannot undo the damage ( erasure) of the " systems restore" points. They are all gone!
    So, without a lot more gibberish here ya go: This software REALLY WORKS!!!


    I will be purchasing it in the near future, but it's FREE right now!

    The bugs in hiding:

    Reg Key:
    HKLM\\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy\{a078f691-9c07-4af2-bf43-35e79eecf8b7}

    File: C:

    That's only 2 of many places and codes used ...most have 5-8 at the least!

    BTW: This crap/virus managed to get thru my 2 firewalls, "spyware doctor" could NOT remove it, only find it..
    "Microsoft's security essentials " NEVER even saw it!
    Once it's in, it's a real mess!
    Pull the powerplug, and don't stay online, it does more damage and it can reboot itself repeatedly. ( 5 times in a row!) I had 6 then 9 then 19 infections, while I hammered away on the keyboard trying to kill it!
    But, I'm back !!!
    (ps) they even went and copied the "microsoft security essentials" and put 2012 on it and people think it's an UPDATE! It's baddddddd!
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  2. jungatheart

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    I really hate someone who would put their energy into creating something to screw someone else's life up. They deserve to live in their mother's basement forever.
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  3. Gator 45/70

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    I use Kaspersky...about 89.00 bucks per year...Try it out...
  4. Redneck Rebel

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    I must be sick in the head... I used to remove those fake MSSE and fake AVG's for people just for the fun of it.
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    AVG (paid ver) found and fixed a trojan that got in a couple weeks ago. Came in with a Java script somehow, probably with an HP update. The other stuff I have installed didn't even sniff it.
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  6. radpug

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    Try installing Linux or if you have a cd or DVD drive try out
    A Linux live cd.
    (disclaimer I suggest this while responding from my iPad)
    But I have and do run Linux on my PC, but my PC finally died.
    I had recycle my PC parts to the point it wasn't possible to use them again.
    Right now I am down to the iPad and a original refurb netbook that I got
    Cheap on woot, but it's running xp. Linux will go on it if I every get anther desktop.
  7. BTPost

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    I run a Mac Shop here.... and run ALL my Windoz, in Virtual Machines, so that if they get infected, I just blow them away, and reload from a previous backup, that can be done in background, while I can continue to work. I have win2000, XP, Leopard, and Tiger VMs all available, running on a Snow Leopard underlying OS. When Lion gets to the point that I am forced to move up, I will just move Snow Leopard to a VM, and use Lion as the underlying OS. No Linux, here as I do NOT need to learn a new OS, in my OLD Age, as my Senior Moments are getting closer together, all the time. ..... YMMV.....

    Folks can do the same thing as I do, running Linux as the Underlying OS, and running Windoz, and Versions of OSX in VMs.
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  8. dragonfly

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    A note from another "monkey" right here in the valley:

    You know, in the last ten days I got hit twice with nearly the same thing. First "Vista Home Security 2012," then "Vista Internet Security 2012." First one I was able to do a system restore on. It did disable "safe mode" but was able to just restore from a normal boot in between it popping up with a fake scan and telling me I was infected. Second one just two days ago...it disabled system restore too. I was finally able to get system restore to run by jumping on it before the computer finished loading all the usual crap. Guess I got it started before the virus was able to completely load.

    The only thing in common between the two infections was that I had the Drudge report and Yahoo mail open. I run security essentials, and I'm not impressed with the security provided.
    True enough! I complained to microsoft that their security program was for the birds! This newest version (12/05/11) is a modified nasty!
    Somehow no matter what you may be doing ( facebook, etc.) it gets in!
  9. Conagher

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    Microsoft Security Essentials is a POS and I wouldn't recommmend it to my enemy..............well maybe....:lol:

    What you have to remember is that Anti-virus programs will detect most viruses and worms, but fake AV programs like what has been spoken of in the above posts, are usually Malware/Spyware because the originators of the BS apps, just want you to order their BS software that fixes nothing.

    For real time Malware/Spyware protection, I recommend either the pay for it version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Super Anti Spyware. Both of them work really good.

    One vicious anti-malware and virus nuker too is ComboFix. It has fixed a few computers that were infected heavily with the fake XP Security 2011 Malware app.
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  10. Wild Trapper

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    I'm an old guy, but Melbo converted me to Linux a few years ago. No looking back for me. The only windows computer I use is a netbook, which is also double-booted with Linux Mint 11. If I have to use it to go online, I do it in Linux. My wife has to use windows because of her work, so her machine is the one I have to worry over, the one that I'm always having to clean up. If you don't need windows, just dump it. Linux is not that hard, JMHO. Ha! Not real humble about it.
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  11. Seawolf1090

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    I too need commonality with my 'puter at work, so I run Winders 7 - we are mostly XP at work, but quickly replacing the older machines with new ones. All DELL, all Winders. It's what the State buys us. :rolleyes:

    All this talk of crashing and viruses did spur me on Sunday to do a good back upof all my files. Mostly photos, which go onto DVD. Three disks handles my needs. I backed up my "Favorites" list too.
    I have experienced total system crashes before, and do a complete backup fairly often - DVD's are cheap.
  12. Redneck Rebel

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    Have you used the "Create System Image" feature? It's a nice easy to use feature with W7.
  13. dragonfly

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  14. Seawolf1090

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    Not yet - never could get it to accept my DVD disks.
    I also removed all the danged "Dell Service" package nonsense - it was giving me nearly as much grief as a virus.......
    Luckily the machine works fine with my old Office XP software, though I did have to upgrade to newer editions of some software. I do not like the newer version of Photoshop Elements, but the machine choked on the older one.
  15. carly28043

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    Dragon if you can go in using safe mode there is an easy way to find it. Run the windows search utility. Don't search for the file name. Search for files modified since your problems began. Your looking for a .exe file that you did not install. It is quite often a russian name. Very seldem is it the same as the virus. Don't delete it. Change the name. Use whatever.exe the name doesn't matter as long as you remember what it is. This keeps the virus from being able to run. Now just run your virus and spyware programs. This keeps the virus form blocking the programs. When your done go in and delete the file you renamed. If you can't get into safe mode you can do it in normal mode. You gotta be quick and pull up task manager as soon a windows loads. Then kill the processes as the virus tries to load itself. Then you can run the windows search.
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